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  1. Hi, a letter has been forwarded to my husband from our old address. It is a notice of county court proceedings for a utility company. This relates to 2003 (ish) When he owned a pub with another gentlemen (who is now bankrupt!) My husband is unsure exactly how this debt has come about as he didnt deal with the utilities and we are basically wondering if this is indeed a case that will go to court if he doesn't pay the amount outstanding (£425) Any help would be very much appreciated! Regards Vicci [ATTACH=CONFIG]46748[/ATTACH]
  2. My little boy (4) telling me he has a tube from his heart to mine feeding me love
  3. Hi there, thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I apologise for my late reply I have had problems with my internet access I took a year off on maternity, so haven't received any wages for the last 3 months. Thanks again. Vicky
  4. Hello there, if anyone can help me on this one I would really appreciate it. I am due to go back to work at the end of this month after being on maternity leave. I have recently had quite a bad car accident which has left me temporarily in a wheelchair and know I wont be well enough to go back on my start date (I am being cared for by my husband as I am unable to do simple tasks atm) I obviously hadn't planned to be off sick from work so financially im trying to keep our heads above the water! My manager has told me that the best way for me financially to do this would be for me to pu
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