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  1. I had previously had success with Ombudsman and credit card charges but their position seems to have changed. Has anyone had success with MBNA and taking them to court for credit card charges as I could not find any threads
  2. I had same experience with Ombudsman and thought I might be better going to court but your experience suggests otherwise
  3. 100mel

    New POC for MBNA

    I was trying to reach the link posted here ie. POC for MBNA credit card charges claim. I click on the link above and I get this Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. You may not have sufficient posts to permit you to carry out your intended action
  4. how did this go? I am in the same position
  5. 100mel

    New POC for MBNA

    this link tells me that I do not have access even though I am logged in. I really needed to view this
  6. I now propose to file a court claim for recovery of the charges. Don't want to make an idiot of myself in the procedure so am asking for guidance on MCOL procedure as I have never done this before
  7. My Barclaycard terms and conditions are dated 08/11 which is when Barclaycard took over my Egg account. I have a number of t & c's relating to the Egg account but these are undated from 2008 - 2011
  8. I am just about to do it having received the letter from FOS today. However, I suspect that they will either ignore the LBA or rebuff me so I will need to follow through on court claim as and when
  9. Thanks for this. Are there any particular POC I should use with MBNA? I assume that it is best to do N1 rather than moneyclaim online?
  10. I have an amount of default charges relating to an Amazon card for late payment ( 1 day) - formerly Bank of America now sold to MBNA. They have refused any refund. I made a c omplaint to FOS. They responded and did not accept my complaint on the basis that MBNA had advised FOS that between 2005 - 2009 the average cost of default was £12 and that their judgement was based on MBNA's pre estimate of the cost. Is this correct? Grateful for any advice as to what to do next here? Is a court claim a possibility? My charges relate to 2012 thanks
  11. I have found Egg t & c - these are undated - there are several of them as the card was replaced on a number of occasions owing to fraud alert. I then received a Barclaycard set of terms and conditions in approx november 2011 when they bought egg and it became a barclaycard world mastercard so which set of t & c's do I refer to. I am assuming that the court claim has to be issued against Barclaycard with their t & c's - however the period of charges covers both Egg and Barclaycard
  12. Having read some of the stickies I am becoming more and more confused as to getting POC correct - sticky refers to 2007 terms. The Barclaycard in question for these charges was formerly an Egg card so presumably I have to find those terms and conditions. Also I read reference to Kleinwort Benson and another case - do I need to mention these. Appreciate some guidance as confusion is going to make things incorrect Hoping someone can point me in right direction
  13. I have written to Barclaycard and LBA but looks like I will need to issue claim in court. Are there any suitable POC for this type of claim against Barclaycard
  14. Thanks for this - struggling to find compound interest spreadsheet though - link I found in one of stickies didn't seem to work
  15. Can you point me in the direction of any POC relevant to credit card penalty charges so I can get claiming. I will get my LBA off to Barclaycard
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