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  1. Sorry I didn't mean I cacelled the contract, I meant I cancelled the phone So if I say the phone fell out my pocket when I sat down you think they'll definitely replace it?
  2. Looking for a bit of advice... I had my phone stolen on Saturday evening at a music festival. I was sitting down on the grass & it was there on minute & when I turned round it had gone. Now I cancelled the contract with Vodafone Saturday night, I phoned up the police & got a crime reference number on Sunday morning Now I am getting worried (I worry a lot lol) that somehow the insurance company (Premier Plan) are gonna try & squirm out of paying up for a new phone?? Anybody got ANY tips about making a claim with the bastards??? Thanks!!
  3. How do I know whether I have been DEFAULTED???
  4. RESULT!!! I just got a cheque for 2K in the post!!!! It says in the letter "As previously stated, acceptance by you of this goodwill payment will be in full and final settlement of your claim against our client and strictly on the basis that you write to the Court withdrawing your claim" The cheque has to be paid into my current account too... Is there anything else I should know/do??? Thanks for all your help, I will be making a contribution to this site next week
  5. Cobbetts were supposed to produce their AQ by 23rd Dec, phoned up the courts & they said the judge will tell them to produce by next week... Has this happened to anyone else???
  6. The courts due date for AQ is today, I have received nothing from Cobbetts (I presume the court hasn't either) What should I do now?? Thanks
  7. Are you sure it is actually the court requesting this or just Cobbetts? This is one of Cobbetts dirty tricks...
  8. I am seriously surprised that the banks are allowed to get away with these charges, if they do truely believe they are legal then they should prove it - IN COURT NOT waste the courts time when their time/resources can be spent convicting murderers, rapists, burglars, drug dealers etc etc etc This makes me abolutely LIVID to be honest, their blatant greed is not only affecting the poorest of people but the WHOLE population if you agree the courts time is being wasted
  9. yeah deffo gonna watch that, 'Money Programmes' are always really well done
  10. How much are you claiming for?? (without interest)
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