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  1. Thank you, will get writing...
  2. Do i write to them or call them? Thanks!
  3. Another bill i cannot pay for £175, now being passed to debt collection agency.... Drowning..... help!!
  4. Could you please advise me what to do about a £382 bill from Eon which i cannot afford to pay. Direct debit cancelled when i was made redundant before Xmas. Am now working but cannot afford more than about a £5 a month! Do i send them details of income and expenditure and an offer to pay? Am in serious trouble here...
  5. Hi Zobs, I am scared to just ignore this as they're asking for £314 by the 12th April!! It was issued in Northampton, which is miles away from me. I am going to the CAB as soon as poss to seek their help. Sent SAR months ago, and got fobbed off with a copy agreement.. Thanks for your comments!!
  6. should i phone the court and explain the situation? i cant get to Northampton for gods sake... transfer to a local court maybe??
  7. oh help....75 quid??? i havent got that..
  8. did not receive a claim form so no didnt do anything!
  9. Not sure where to post...apologies. Have received a CCJ from Northampton County Court... Link Financial are now expecting £314.oo a month. First payment due on 14th April. Total debt £6318.24. What on earth do i do now??? Panicking ever so slightly.. Any advice/help greatly appreciated. Jan
  10. Not sure if im in the right place or not. I have now got a CCJ issued from Northampton County Court. I did not receive a claim form. They are asking for £314 a month for a debt initially from Sainsburys credit card...total debt £6,318.24 owing!! What on earth do i do????? Panic setting in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jan
  11. Just awaiting payment on Friday. Have checked the website and im entitled to 6 weeks redundancy pay (as i was told) also one months salary as payment in lieu of notice plus 2 days underpaid for September. Not sure whether the PILON is taxable, will just have to wait and see what arrives in the bank?! Hopefully the pay clerk has been busy reading up on it all this week. Told me on the phone that 'ive never done one of these before'... thats instilled a huge amount of confidence!! Will post again when i receive all relevant info.
  12. Oh sorry...that was with it! 7 pages of reconstituted version of agreement, and a copy of current terms and conditions?!
  13. Reply from Sainsburys... SAINSBURYS.doc
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