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  1. Can anyone please enlighten me as to what the current situation is re CCA-ing creditors? I have 3 companies which I was planning to take on but am unsure now.
  2. Hi Che, Thanks for the reply. I take on board your comments re getting paid twice. Would my client have a case though for getting the time off unpaid, upto the 40% stated by ACAS and would his employers be able to refuse this? Regards, Daley
  3. Hi, One of my clients is getting made redundant. His place of work is closing down at the end of September and he is currently in his notice period. Now, according to ACAS, employees in this situation are allowed 'reasonable time off, up to 40% of the working week, on full pay' to look for other work, attend interviews/training etc to help them find alternative employment. My client currently has a self employed role which he does alongside his soon-to-be-no-longer employed position. He has only been able to do bits and bobs of self-employed work due to his employed position committm
  4. I have an annualised hours contract which is based on an average of 44 hours per week. Some weeks I am required to work more, some weeks less and hours worked over/under the 44 are credited/debtited to a running total. My contract clearly states that:- 'Your hourly rate of pay is as shown on your payslip and your weekly rate of pay will consist of an average payment of 44 hours'. A couple of weeks ago, my company announced that due to a lack of work they were cutting everyones contract to 40 hours, and also their pay. They did not consult with us or give us any option. Nothing has be
  5. Hi, I have been overpaid my holiday entitlement for last year by 20 hours. I did not take any extra time off, was just paid it in error. It happened mainly at Christmas last year and I genuinely did not notice. Where do I stand now with regards to having to pay it back?
  6. So........, if you buy something from China but they don't send it out, where do you stand then?
  7. Hi all, I started my claim a couple of months back and all seemed well. I sent off for my statements, which arrived with a few days to spare. I then sent off my prelim approach, to which I recieved a letter after about 10 days acknowledging my claim and saying they were dealing with it. But today I`ve recieved one which starts out by basically saying that their charges are fair, and that I was aware of them when I opened the account. It also points out that its my fault I incurred them. It then goes on to mention my origional letter, (which I quoted from this website), saying they d
  8. Hi, I recently sent out my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to Lloyds (Aug 28) but have since then received a letter stating that they`ve returned 2 more standing orders, for which they are charging me £65, and intend to take this from my account this monday (Oct 2) I was origionally gonna let them do this, knowing Id started proceedings to claim it all back anyway, but my circumstances have changed slightly and I need the extra money. Im planning on phoning someone and asking them not to take this fee, and also mentioning Im claiming all previous penalties back too. Does anyone know who
  9. But would it affect the "clean" persons rating if they went to get a personal loan, for example?
  10. Hi, can anyone please explain, or point me in the direction of some info, as to what the implications of getting a joint mortgage with someone on an IVA are? The IVA would be paid off as part of the mortgage, but would the "clean" persons credit rating be adversley affected? Thanks in advance.
  11. Ok, that sounds more promising, cheers guys! I think I`ll phone the IVA company and tell them what Im planning.
  12. I think you need at least 3 creditors before you can enter into an IVA.
  13. NatWest seem happy enough with what Im currently paying them through my IVA, which is about £175pm, instead of the origional repayments of about £300pm. I could probably claim back a decent sum of money that they`ve over-charged me in the past....but wouldn`t want to do so if it means they`ll either insist I start making the full payments, or worse still demand the lot? Id prefer to know before I started any proceedings as I dont want to anger them!
  14. Does anyone know anymore on this subject please?
  15. Anyone have any thougts/advice on this please?
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