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  1. just spoke to a nice lady at woolwich who is going to get the other statements out to me asap but do i now carry on with the information i have or do i wait still for the other statements? any help appreciated kizzy xxx
  2. received statements and list of charges today but only nov + dec 2000 + jan 01 then big gap until may 03 can anyone help what do i do now please to get my other statements thanks kizzy xxx
  3. a friend of mine has just been declared bankrupt and i was wondering if she could still claim her charges can anyone help please? thanks kizzy xxx
  4. letter received this morning and cheque returned statements are in course of preparation wooooo hooooo let the games begin lol still really really nervous kizzy xxx
  5. sorry am just in a bit of a panic that im going to get it all wrong kizzy xxx
  6. does anyone have an opinion on this please? kizzy xxx
  7. hi liz after reading this forum i would have to say if i was in your position i would take it all the way as why should they keep any of your money taken unlawfully especially as using the mothods described in faq most people seem to have won by settling out of court "go for it" is my opinion. i have just sent off my SAR and am looking forward to adding up all those £30's they have charged me. good luck to everyone currently fighting kizzy xxx
  8. just a quick question about this microfishe thingy (which i have no idea what it is but an excuse not to send whole 6 years statements) if they only say give you 3 years statements do you think it would be acceptable to estimate (eg double it) because they will not supply you with the info you need? thanks kizzy xxx
  9. thank you michael and amanda great help thanks xxx
  10. can i just ask a quick question, how long does it usually take for woolwich to send statements please? kizzy xxx
  11. thank you michael for showing me where to find things and thanks to the mods for putting them there kizzy xxx
  12. hi i started a thread in another section and think it was the wrong place now. sorry to the mods if it causes hassle i didnt realise!!! i sent my data protection letter yesterday and i'm getting kinda worried if im doing the right thing although i think my new bank is telling me yes lol i dont get the 8% interst thing except that ya add it at court claim stage, but s that 8% of all charges or only for stuff you have paid nterest on? also .....i know im going on a bit but these bundles everyone is talking about.......what is contained within please, i have read the faq which was really help
  13. hi me again been reading up every waking moment but, i cant seem to get my head around the interest thingy i have had a look at 1 spreadsheet (may well have been looking at the wrong one) but it lists £10 stuff and im really not quite sure what this is all about i have read a few threads and people are saying they are using a spreadsheet when they send their prelim letter and im really confused (not that its hard to confuse me) also the 8% interest....is that 8% of the total amount? or just if they have charged you interest because of charges? any advice welcome please kizzy xxx
  14. thank you, as i said i have been reading and re-reading and really thought it was a good idea until i actually posted the letter lol maybe i'm just a scaredy cat lol i am determined to do this and win but other people who i have spoke to have not been so optimistic or encouraging i will let you guys know where i'm at as soon as things pop through my door so you can help me as although i have read step by step instructions and been through most threads i still feel like i'm a fish out of water lol thank you xxx
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