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  1. Thanks Tilly. I phoned the court to make sure of the date and it is the 29 August. However, they said I may not receive an allocation questionnaire/my case may be affected whilst the High Court case: "OFT vs Banks" is still in being decided upon!? I think I am safe because my claim is for credit card charges not overdraft fees, (but I'm not sure how many people are aware of this too?!?) Regarding my worries about POCs: I think my arguments will still stand even though I used a different POC because it all concerns the same thing. The one I used was just written by a different pers
  2. I filed my N1 into the courts and used a random particulars of claim that I found on this site that looked a little more robust than the simple one that was linked to via the step-by-step instructions. I can't find the exact copy I used but I think it was written by a solicitor for a Lloyds TSB Client and she posted it up! It had all the relevant information in and I changed it to suit my particular case. However, I have just noticed that there is an actual Halifax POC that I should have used. Halifax have acknowledged my claim and are intending to defend it in full. It says on my
  3. Hi guys. Long time no post. I received £900 for both my bank accounts.... which went on paying some debt I had accumulated in the last four years! But the credit card people have refused to budge on their £400 offer, so I have now filed my court claim. In total (with interest added) it amounted to £999.53 so my court fees were £80.00 but only just!!! Sorry I haven't been keeping you all informed, I have had a few personal issues to deal with... Today I received a Notice of Issue from the court stating that: But I also received a Notice that Acknowledgement of Service
  4. send a copy of the N1 claim form to Halifax and tell them that "I am about to file the court claim, pay me now, or I will file it immediately?!?!?" Basically....the deadline day for pursuing court action was today but I don't have the £120 to pay the court fees. Is the above idea any good, I have tlready told them that I would pursue a court claim without further notice, so am I just going to have to wait? It's a little frustrating because they have already offered me around 66 % of my total claim and I have declined...I want the full amount NOW:mad:!!! My friend thinks I shoul
  5. Hi DS. Thanks for the advice - unfortunately, the contracts that they sent out had "Full and Final Settlement" written on top of them, so I [foolishly?] sent them back ripped in half, to reinforce the fact that I did not accept their offer...should I have drawn up my own contracts or something? They had not already paid me into my account, so I thought this was the best thing to do!!!! Have I f*cked up a little?
  6. Hello lovely people at CAG! I haven't been on this site for a while but TODAY IS THE DEADLINE for when I'm meant to issue my County Court claim! I received a letter from Halifax referring to my Bank Accounts offering £784.00. For both of these accounts I'm owed a total of £979.70 so that's the offer was around 80 % the full amount. I came close to accepting but realised the deadline was one day away. For the Credit Card, I was offered £400 instead of 810.15, which was totally unacceptable. So in total the offer I was given was around 66 % of what I was asking for - in my opinion
  7. Thanks flirty. Havin had a bit more of a read and lookin through the A-Z Index (link in my signature), I have found a rejection letter and altered it a little and will send it back to Chris Munday at Card Services in the FREEPOST envelope provided (even though my claim is actually against Halifax plc) and claim back the £810.15 separately. I have to send it tomorrow (from work) because I don't have a printer at home! Template rejection letters can be found here! I ended up sending their contract back to them in "an appropriate state as to emphasise my non-acceptance of their of
  8. Yesterday I received a reply in reference to my Credit Card, so that's claims for all three accounts now underway. They offered me £400 - I have charges amounting to £800 and calculated interest of £10.15 - so that's about 1/2 way. This is unacceptable. A copy of the letter is below: I'm wondering if there was some sort of standard refusal letter - there's an acceptance form with the letter which I'm unsure whether to sign. It is entitled "In Full and Final Settlement" I accept £400... - I don't want to send this off because that would confirm it is all done! Another funny
  9. After 9 days wait, I've finally received a reply from Halifax but something tells me they didn't actually read my last letter: I'm just wondering where to go from here, I have given them my terms already - pay back my charges in 14 days or I'm taking court action! I can see this is a stalling letter so is it still advisable to stick to my actions - ie sending out the LBA on 28 February (5 days time)? Or... They mention that they received the letter on 19th February 2007 - does that mean I add on 5 days? Or.... Do I have to just wait for them to respond under their
  10. I've decided to fob off the contractual interest claim simply because I don't really have time to waste and I have been sat with my statements for a while now. I may pursue it with my other accounts. I ended up sending a combined claim for all my accounts and adjusting my Prelim letter appropriately - I also included a few phrases from the BBC news website's template letters. Bit peeved that I didn't take them on at a contractual rate but I'll be happy if I get all this back - keep you posted.
  11. Great Lucid, Thanks for the update - I'll keep my eyes peeled! Gez
  12. Ahhh Westy . I'll give you a shout next time! Well, I'm not religious but I'm praying to be successful in my struggle to get my money back! And with this spreadsheet business tying my (as well as everyone else's) head in knots...I'm glad to have the Spreadsheet King on myside in doing so:-D!
  13. Cheers for the help Lucid - sorry if I come come across patronising (not my intention)... I understand this - that's why I have used Vampiress' advanced credit card spreadsheet. Correct me if i'm wrong but I think I'm lucky because I have never done any balance transfers nor have i used my credit card to withdraw cash, all my transactions have purely been purchases! therefore all the interest I've previously paid is a result of all the purchases (and charges) so mine should therefore be a little easier to work out (I think!). I also know this, I was going through th
  14. Hello all, Yo bill, who's Westy? I ended up drinkin all his pints too...once i realised he wasn't coming:). By the way, Gezuwit stems from my name - Gerard/Gez (so the G's soft). Thank's Mindzai for the offer, I'll PM u immediately! I haven't actually started off my thread yet, I'll start one off though. It just seems like my queries are mainly related to this contractual interest business! So...Natwest, havin a look at your thread I couldn't really work out how to go about making Vampiress' spreadsheet compound the interest (sorry for being a dumb-ass!!) I've also seen i
  15. Hello. I am currently at the Prelim letter stage after receiving all my statements, but i'm wanting to claim back all my charges along with any interest that the bank has earned off my money and I am going to apply contractual interst on all of this. My previous posts related to this have been on this thread: Why is no one claiming the contractual rate of interest???. I have three accounts - 2 bank accounts and one credit card and they are all with Halifax. So I will hopefully get my own back in due course! Any help, opinions or advice is welcomed!:grin:
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