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  2. My hubby has two disclosures (one for work and one for football training) (we're in Scotland) and both have driving offences on. It may be different in England, I don't know, there both enhanced aswell.
  3. I wouldn't touch it (although I can imagine how tempting it is!!). The Bank will eventually realise their mistake and take the money back out as fast as it appeared!!
  4. Hi, try here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/halifax-bank-bank-scotland/74979-halifax-bank-scotland-contact.html
  5. I had exactly the same letter today, its another stalling tactic. I telephoned them and they said they will re-evaluate my claim but can't say how long that will take. Its up to you but I would send the LBA.
  6. Hi all, had my final response (a week early by all accounts:) ) from the Halifax to day they would not refund changes etc etc. I telephoned and straight away was told they would re-evalute the claim. Fair enough I said but there was again no timescale. Has anyone else had their claim re-evaluated and if so how long did they wait?? In the meantime I will be filling in the form for the FSO. Thanks Sarah
  7. Depends where you live mswenger or where you intend to claim from. If its MCOL and your claiming in England then go for it, if its Scotland it might be worth giving the Ombudsman a go.
  8. It sounds to me that the accounts has been closed. I had two old accounts that I got statements for that I had never officially closed and they said something similar on the statements and by that time they were closed. You need to open a parachute account asap.
  9. This is DEFINITELY the time for the FOS, it might take a wee while longer but it will be worth the wait to get your money. If the FOS fails (which I haven't heard of yet) then you can still take court action, could you not do MCOL?
  10. Yes you do need the final response from the Bank, they may still offer you the full amount.
  11. You could try using the Financial Ombudsman once you've had your final offer/correspondence from the Bank. Failing that could you not do MCOL and use the Bank's english address, you will need a corresondence address in England for this, I'm pretty certain that their limit is a lot higher than the £750 limit in Scotland
  12. You would have to break it down into small claims of £750. Or you could use Summary Cause which allows £1,500 to be claimed. I would be careful though some Scottish courts have been throwing out second and third claims. The advice seems to be using the FSO for large claims in Scotland. You could use Moneyclaim though and use the Bank's English address but from what I can gather you need a correspondence address to use in England for this.
  13. Quite a few people have had successful second claims, I'm a bit wary now though because I know that some Courts (scottish) are returning second claims stating it's an abuse of the Court process, I haven't heard of anyone with Halifax losing a second claim.
  14. I have three or four accounts with the Halifax and I've kept them all separate, it just seems easier to deal with that way.
  15. I'm in a similar position to you. I split my court claim because I live in Scotland and wanted to do Small Claims. I started the procedure again for the second lot of charges and I got exactly the same letter as you. I've forwarded mine to the Ombudsman, but failing a response from them I'll take it to Court.
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