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  1. Please can a Mod change my thread to ****** Won ******* Eventually got my partner to call Barclays and when they heard they were going to be in court within the week the settled there and then. They offered about £120 less than I was expecting, but my partner just took it and ran. I have just donated and completed the survey, Thanks to all the very patient people who took time to give me advice and guide me through this Doing this is really simple and if anybody could have cocked it up I could, so every body should go for it!
  2. I'm going to contact Krysta today, don't know if I have the bottle to do it by phone. Can somebody help me with what I should say in an e-mail ? Cheers Nik
  3. my partner has two accounts which I'm claiming for, Barclays are going to defend and I'm waiting for the AQ. I have this horrible feeling that I have gone wrong..... one of the charges Ive claimed for dates from late sept 2000, although when I started this process it was technically within the 6 years. However I also have claimed for some in December 2006 and could add some more from January etc. Is this OK or have I gone over the 6 year rule? Could somebody put my mind at rest please or tell me the best way to rectify it Cheers Nik
  4. Right Guys, I've just had my partmers claim acknowledged, Barclays now have about 18 days to file a defence. If I claim back 6 years from my first letter, I will miss out on about 120 worth of charges, that have been recently charged. Can I contact Mcol and Barclays to change the schedule of charges or do I just have to go with it? Any advice really appreciated
  5. Guys, I now have one claim over the six year threshold (it was'nt when I started) and I'm waiting for the Allocation Questionairre. Is this OK? If not how would I go about changing this, getting a bit twitchy now, as my partner has put all her faith in me and I don't want to c**k it up Cheers Nik
  6. Just received the Acknowledgement of service today and it seems that Adrian St John will be defending the claim. I am now just putting the finishing touches to my court bundle and I notice that my claim which has dragged on due to work commitments has now one charge dating back to 10th 2000 and I've sent the list of charges. Does this predjudice my claim in any way? I started the claim process back in September 2006. Any help would be greatly appreciated?
  7. Hey Guy's I filed with mcol yesterday and know I must send a copy of my charges to the bank but to whom must I send them? Also where do I send the documents to the court? Thanks in advance Nik
  8. Hey Guys, I've eventaully got round to filing at MCOL, I know I have to send a copy of my schedule of charges to the bank, but to whom do I send them? Also I send a copy to the court but which one? Thanks in advance Nik CAN A MOD PLEASE DELETE THIS POST PLEASE Thanks:D
  9. Just in the process of filling in the on line forms and my partner has highlighted that she has been charged 6 times since we started the process of claiming back these charges. Am I able to now add these to the spreadsheet and the MCOL or do I just stick with the previous figures? I have read it somewhere but I can't remember for the life of me Cheers Nik
  10. Will be on to it tomorrow! Thanks for the fast response!
  11. I sent the LBA on 20-10-06 and received a reply offering half of what I was asking for. My personal life contrived to stop me following this up until last week, where I slightly adapted the rejection of settlement letter and gave them another 14 days to reply. They have replyed today saying that they will not pay up. Am I able to file against them now or do I have to wait the 14 days Thanks in advance Nik
  12. Right guy's, I've been very busy at work lately, but good old outlook has been pinging up all sorts of deadlines and this is what I've done so far: 25/9 Statements Arrived 2/10 Sent Prelim Letter 5/10 received usual rubbish that they can't manage my timescale from Mike Brophy 18/10 Sending LBA tommorrow I hope this is correct Cheers NIKNAK
  13. Hi Guys, Just got the statements through and spent a rather exciting Saturday with the highlighter;) I'm now about to send my preliminary letter, can I claim for both accounts on the same letter or must I do it seperately. Cheers:grin:
  14. Today I received a DATA PROTECTION ACT letter from Peter Townsend Manager Barclays Data Protection (Knutsford Cheshire). It contained the usual flannel that the bank is ' under no obligation ' and that it will not 'comment about internal policies and procedures'. He did return my cheque and say that copies of my statements will be with me in a few weeks (they have 2). Got the highlighters primed and ready!!!!! Come and get it!!!
  15. My partner contacted Barclays by phone last week to complain about the vicious circle of mutiple charges she had been caught up in, this pretty much prompted us into action. Today she received a goodwill gesture for £90 and was told that the complaint file would be open for the next 8 weeks. Do we: A. Proceed as normal - I intend to post the Subject Access Request today B. Proceed as normal - and rebuff their £90 gesture of good will C. Will accepting the £90 predjudice our action in any way? Any help would be greatly appreciated:grin: Cheers Niknak
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