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  1. Hi again Well I got a call from Julie Kyle at DG on mondayto say that I had to put the fact that I wanted payment to be to myself in writing so told her that I have done this and included it with my acceptance and that they should receive it that day as posted on Friday. Tuesady I get a letter from the lovely Colin Langdale offering me £685 - I take this was in response to my original letter way back in october!!! They obviously don't know what they are doing as they have failed to notice that they have also offered me over £1000! On Wednesday I get a letter from the court informing me that HSBC failed to submit their AQ and if they dont by the 21st then they will throw out there defence and I can file for Judgement! I just find it all really quite funny how useless they are getting - you would have thought they would just pay up on the first letter now as they should realise that we aint gonna go away if they ignore us and it would save them a hell of a lot of time and money! I am still awaiting my payment - I did state in my letter that I wanted payment made directly to myself in form of cheque in next seven days but this is DG I am dealing with so not holding my breath Will keep you posted on further developments! Bex:p
  2. Thanks netty I have sent them a letter stating that I accept there offer on condition that it is paid via cheque within next 7-10 days otherwise I will be continuing my court claim and they will have to pay for my legal advice and representation. I did try phoning woman who sent letter but suprise suprise I got answer phone and asd yet no call back! Will keep you all posted on what happens Bex
  3. OH MY GOD - You aint gonna believe this - just as I pressed the post button the post man arrived with a letter from DG!!! They are offering me full payment but want to offset it against my debt with Metropolitan collection services! Thing is that the account i have claimed for was closed and it was another account that has been passed over to metropolitan so can i insist that I get payment in form of cheque - for a start the fact that they took these charges caused me to run up massive debts with other companies which i would rather pay than pay HSBC!!! They can wait for there money - i have had to wait long enough! Many thanks Bex
  4. Hi everyone I am getting really sick of reading thread after thread on here of people saying how they are receiving offers etc and what di I get - BIG FAT NOTHING!! I am beginging to wonder if I have done something wrong! I issued my court claim 1st Dec and HSBC have defended and I have since had to file my AQ - I am claiming less than £1500 so didn't have to pay therefore I am not a priority to them! I have sent emails, phoned them and all I have had back was a answerphone message from Julie Kyle saying that HSBC are dealing with it and I should hear something within the week - this was two weeks ago! I have also tried emailing HSBC customer relations and have had a reply yesterday saying that they have forwarded it to the relevant department! Has anyone got any suggestions on what I can do now? I am really getting fed up with it all now and sometimes wish I had never started! All my friends that I have told about it have got there money and are on to there second or third claims!!! Thanks for reading my ramblings!! Bex:-x
  5. Hi there My Husband managed to spin our car on thurday making a complete mess of it and leaving it with a blown tyre so he was unable to move it. The police attended the scene as it was a busy main road and he was sideways accross it and got a recovery operator out to recover it. When we wnet to recover our car the next day they informed us that on top of the £105 statutory removal fee we would also have to pay £40 for the use of a winch! From my understanding thay shouldn't be able to do this! I have found this Frequently Asked Questions and from what I can tell they must release the car upon paymant of the £105 and that the insurance company may decided to pay more if they want to. Also in the letter we got from the garage it states "as an Appointed Recovery Operator we may have additional cost incurred in recovering your vehicle into a position where it could be removed." Which implies that they will charge more if it was say down an inbankment and they had to use a hi-ab etc to drag it out but our car was at the side of the road and simply needed put on the back of the wagon! They were also trying to charge me a storage charge as it had been there overnight but from what i can tell it doesn't come into effect till noon the day after it was recovered ie Friday. Any help would be greatfully accepted as this whole matter is costing me enough money without garages trying to rip us off! Bex P.S. Its also quite funny how they could deliver it to our home address for £30 using the winch when it costs £40 for use of the winch????
  6. Well hello again I am really starting to get sick of the waiting now - I have heard absolutely NOTHING at all from DG - I have read on here about people being in the same position - even the AQ due the same day being paid now! I have tried sending my schedule of charges via email and rining and leaving a message but am getting no response - any suggestons what else i can do? I am a bit worried that my case wont be a priority as it falls under the limit for paying the AQ fee so they dont need to pay up before this date! The AQ is due in on 22nd - next Monday!!!!! I really don't want to have to take this case much further as I have VERY little spare time as it is! Any suggestions much appreciated!! Bex:p
  7. I take it they filed your defence on 22nd Dec? Think it may have been an "all hands on deck" type thing before christmas when they realised how many deadlines were due over christmas!
  8. Kate Eaves is the Legal Executive that signed the defence submitted by DG. Thought she should be the one who is dealing with my claim. Bex:-)
  9. I have just tried emailing kate by guessing that her email might be her name at hsbc.com as suggested in the contact details thread and so far have not had it returned by server as unable to deliver??? Do you think i may have found a way of contacting her or am i just getting my hopes up? Bex Oh and thanks for that No - might try it if i dont get any response from email!
  10. Well its me again! I tried ringing but only number i could find was for debbie woman and could only get her voicemail! Didn't particually fancy speaking to her anyway after what you lot have said! Does anyone have a different number for dg? I want to speak to someone called kate eaves as that is who submitted the defence so i take it she is dealing with my case? I would really like to get this sorted asap as cant really afford £100 to file AQ as car went bang other day and need to buy new one to get to work!!!! Why me??????? Bex:-)
  11. Hi Smiley - Will try rining them later - will wait for the post to come - it don't get here till about 1pm as I live in the sticks! You never know I might have a letter from DG!!!!!!!!! Ha ha not likely! Don't know why I bother even getting hopeful when the post comes! Will get ring after lunch - you never know they may be slightly less hostile when they have been fed!! Let me know if you actauly get a call back - I won't bother holding my breath though! Bex:-)
  12. Hi I read your post and my heart sank - I was thinking of phoning DG this afternoon as my AQ is due in on 22nd! I don't think I want to bother now! I think they are just getting severly snowed under with claims and at the end of the day DG is HSBC's Debt collection section - I don't think they actally know what they are doing! I also have the same situation as you in that I told my friend about it a good two months after starting my claim and she got £900 from Barclays before christmas and i am having to fight with HSBC for this long and its looking like it wont be over anytime soon! I sometimes wonder why I bothered starting in the first place as it has been nothing but hassle and I can't see me ever getting anything back - but I suppose thats what they want me to do and that is why they drag it on an on - hoping we will get sick and bog off! I have read n here many times that they uaually pay up before you have to put in the AQ but I have not had one single letter from DG. All I have had is the usual fob off letter fron HSBC and the laughable defence from the court! Think we just both need to stick to our guns and get as much money out of them as poss. Just think when you take the AQ to the court that thats another £100 added to THEIR bill!!!!!!! If they want to waste more money then let them! Good luck!! Bex:-)
  13. superstottie

    Hsbc Acct

    Hi VGL I am in the process of taking HSBC to court for £1050. I HAD an account with them several years ago and am claiming back charges applied to that account before it was closed and sold several times to several debt collection companies as I refused to take the managed loan! Its your money - go get it!! Good luck Bex:)
  14. Me again Was wondering if anyone might know if I could get more time to file my AQ - its just that if i phone DG and they say they wish it to go to court then I only have till 22nd to file it. The defence was received by court on 22nd Dec and they forwarded it to me same day - but they didn't post it till 2nd Jan - according to post mark on envelope - so I have lost about 10 days due to them not posting it before xmas! I dont see that its fair on me that they are useless and cant post stuff out the same day as they produce it! It means that I have got just over two weeks to sort out my AQ and get it back to them! Many thanks again Bex:p
  15. Hi again Well I started the court process and they had until 28th Dec to defend - which they did via fax on 22nd! It was the standard defence that I have seen in posts on here many times over - load of twoddle basically! What I was wondering is does anyone think it is worth phoning DG tomorrow - I have until 22nd Jan to file my AQ. I was thinking of ringing them and saying that I received there standard waffle defence that isn't even right for me as they say that my "account IS governed by the Defendants personal and /or business banking terms and conditions," - I dont have an account anymore and they don't even know if its personal or business! But wondered if I ring them it might bump me to top of pile and get me money back sooner! Will say that if they require a further copy of my breakdown of charges then I will fax it to them and I expect the cheque to be sent out within seven days as there defence would never stand up in court and I don't beleive that they really intend to defend my claim and that they are abusing the court system to bide more time. Was thinking of also saying that if it was to proceed to court then I would be seeking legal advice and representation, the cost of which would be added to my claim when I won! Any advice greatly appreciated!!! Ta Bex:)
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