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  1. Hi there, I hope you don't mind me joining your thread. I have found some of these messages relating to online claim etc really useful. I want to read through the Barclays forum as you suggested 'the wife and i' but I am not sure how I find a forum as such!! Sorry if this is obvious. I have clciked on search then typed in 'Barclays' in search forum and got all the threads with this topic but scanning over the first 7 pages i could not see any with the title 'won' or 'settled in full'. Am I looking in the wrong place. Thanks! JC
  2. Can I ask whether anyone else has received their statements and believe the changes may have been removed? I asked for all my statements dating back to the date I opened my account (not including the ones I have already) and there are no charges on them. To investigate this further I have asked that they send a few months worth that I know have charges on and have copies at home so I can compare. Unless I am going mad I am pretty sure I had been charged on numerous occasions over the 2 year period they sent statements for but there is nothing - I am very suspicious and would like to know if an
  3. Just so you know I received all my statements from my bank within days of requesting them even though they went back 6 years and the account had been closed for 6 months. I called head office when I came across obstruction (i.e. they weren't getting to me any time fast and said the letter hadn't arrived blah blah) and learnt that your statements can be ordered from any branch (!!) - well they could at least for Lloyds. None of the staff seemed to realise they could do this but when I pushed it one of the lady's behind the customer service counter figured it out. It took her half an hour to wor
  4. Tried to find info on the small claims court procedures on this iste but cant - a bit clueless, maybe Im looking in the wrong places. Can anyone giveme a link to how to deal with this step....
  5. hello, This site has been amazing, thanks for all the advice so far. I have sent my first letter to nat west to which they said that the fees were just etc etc and therefore to take it to court if i wished. then I sent my 'letter before action' to which i received an almost identical letter saying to send any court proceeding to their head office. My worry is that they are inviting me to take them to court. The pointers listed on this site said they would bge liklet to either ignore my letter or offer me a partial refund. I suppoose the letter was sent registered so they cant claim
  6. Hi Moffie, it does seem like you are at the same stage as me - LBA? From the sounds of it this is your next step, Natwest have responded to you saying that they haven't done anything wrong and that they are correct to deduct the monies etc etc as they did with me. Since they have responded you can now proceed with the LBA. I think it is only if you don't hear anything back from them you have to wait 14 days before you move to the next step.... so I think you are good to go to the next stage as I will do. Good luck and keep me updated as to how you do!! Jen
  7. hey, thanks Jeep. I have spent today chasing. They claim they sent them out weeks ago but that is not true as I have't received them so I have put another request in. I am also trying to get statements from lloyds as have a closed a/c with them where I received loads of charges. They are proving even harder to pin down but am keeping at it. Thanks for your advise, seems you are doing well and the Halifax actually pay up.. hope I do as well as you!
  8. Hey all, Just a quick question. I have requested my statements from halifax and am waiting patiently. You have to give them 40 days to reply, that's what it says in the letter legally anyway. However it seems (reading the threads) that fairly frequently after the 40 days period they have misplace these letters and you have to wait again. Is it worth checking they received the request and are infact posting the statements? What has everyone else done, waited or checked beforehand? Thanks everyone
  9. Hey all, Natwest have been pretty quick up till now getting back to me - seems they are getting the swing of it. Have had the letter back to the first request saying "sorry you are unhappy, blah, but we think these charges are justified". I now need to send the SBA but wanted to check the step by step instructions before I sent it over to amke sure I was attaching all the correct stuff.... and I can't find it. It seems to have disappeared from its original location on the site. Can anyone direct me to it pls..!!
  10. Hi, Can anyone give me the correct address you should send your correspondance to for Natwest. I am just about to send the prelim request for payment and am not sure which is the official registered address... Thanks!
  11. Hi all, Great reading all your stuff and knowing that everyone is taking on the fat cats. Just reading through the steps and am at step two where I am sending the premininary letter with breakdown of charges. When I downloaded the spreadsheet from the site it said that I am stongly advised to attached a schedule to my claim with the courts. By schedule does this mean the spreadsheet - just checking the language. AlsoI imagine the claim with the courts happens at a later stage if the bank is still holding out but again I would attach a breakdown to them too... does it sound like I am under
  12. Interesting to hear all you guys about Natwest. I am just about to follow suit and put a claim into natwest for all the nasty charges over the years - it comes to quite a sum! I have just put all the charges in a speardsheet I found on the site and it says I should send this breakdown to the bank with my request of charges. HOWEVER, it also says that I am stongly advised to attached a schedule to your claim with the courts. Sorry if I seem silly asking this but what does it mean when it says schedule - what schedule? And I don't think I am at the point where I put a claim in to the courts yet
  13. Hi, When I click on the link to take me to the data protection letter template at the top of the page it says the following: Send this request including the £10 fee to the address which your bank has registered with the Data Protection Commissioner as the address of the Data Controller:- http://www.esd.informationcommission...esd/search.asp When I click on this link to find out the address my bank is registered to I go to a 'data protection public register' page that asks me for a registration number - this is where i got stuck. I wasn't sure where to get this info from. Howe
  14. Hey, thanks for your quick reply. I will get onto it now. Have a good evening.
  15. Hey, Right think I have worked out how to post my thred now! Been trying for ages! My question is concerning the consumer act letter - I am with the Halifax and would like confront them on charges made over the years to my account. I understand that my first step is thwe consumer act letter to get copies of all my statements. However, it says to send it to... and provides a link. When you clikc on this link it asks you for a registration number - what is this and how do I properly submit this letter. I assumed it was directly to the bank but now i don't think it is. Thanks for your h
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