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  1. Hi there, I have had the same experience as you. I applied for a loan on Monday and then read some reviews about the company on the web. I rang them back the same day and told them I wanted to cancel, to which they replied it's all been cancelled and no fees would be taken. However one week later, they took £59 out of my account. I got in touch with the Office of Fair Trading who told me to write to them telling them they broke the law for misrepresentation. I stated the facts in my letter along with given them 2 weeks to refund my money otherwise they i'll take them to court. I got a
  2. Hi Jackie, Many thanks for your response. Will do. Regards. Skeeloj.
  3. I have a monument account and because of the interest and late payment fees this has caused my balance to double and go overlimit for which they keep charging me. I have been offered £265 from £530 that I am claiming. I am refusing their offer and taking them to court, I got nohing to lose except the court fees. Will gladly take that chance. Skeeloj.
  4. Hi, I have done all the other stuff against Citicards in that I am now at the stage where they have made me an offer of £208. I am claiming £470 in total including interest (£60 is interest). I am going to send a letter saying I refuse this amount and am proceeding with a court case. Is this the right course of action or should I take the £208. I am more than willing to go to court. Thanks for your advice
  5. Hi there, Have received an offer from Capital one of £112 saying that they have reduced all charges applied on my account to £12 from £20. I was originally claiming £260.00 plus £42.62 in interest, total £302.62. Should I proceed with court action? Any advice would appreciated. Many thanks. Skeeloj.
  6. Latest update... Halifax after telling me my claim was incorrect and was only for £202 or something have admitted that it is £787 and are offering me £209. I have declined their offer by telephone and told them that I would be proceeding with court action. MCOL issued on 4 Nov. They have until 25 Nov to respond. On MCOL it says claim acknowledged.
  7. Ok will do. Have started one for Halifax. Will try and find the other forums and post in there. Many thanks. Skeeloj.
  8. Many thanks for your advice. I will do that. Regards. Skeeloj
  9. Hi there, I submitted my MCOL today and had to withdraw it because I had made an error putting in my account number under the particulars of claim bit. I often wonder things happen for a reason. Yesterday 17 Oct, I got a letter from Halifax saying that they didn't receive my LBA letter of the 12 September and only received my second LBA letter (I referred to my letter of 12 Sept. in this letter) and that they are now looking into my complaint. On 18 Oct (today), I got another letter saying that the figure of £602 is incorrect and they make it £292 in charges and I was given wrong
  10. Thanks very much. One last question (for now and sorry for all the questions). My credit cards have not responded to me as yet. I have only issued the 1st LBA to them. Is the next step I send another LBA giving them another 14 days and after that, start court proceedings. Thanks Shaz. Skeeloj.
  11. Thanks for this. It's gonna cost me £80 according the link and I was wondering if I can claim the money back off the Halifax and do I include this in my total amount tha tI am claiming back. Thanks. SKeeloj
  12. Hey Shaz, Thanks a great deal. Really appreciate all your help I know your not stalking lol. Can I ask, do you know how much court fees cost and do I have to pay it at the time of issuing my claim? Thanks.
  13. Hi all, Have been using the site for a while but putting all my questions and updates in one general thread. Have been advised by the really helpful people on here to start a new thread in the forum that I am claiming back from e.g. Capital One. Current Position: I am currently paying off my balance through a solicitors firm as Capital One took me to court and won. However, if I get my charges back, then it will cut my bill from about £600 to £300. Statements received, sent LBA letter to Capital One who have until 12/10/06 to respond. Am hoping there will be a letter
  14. Hi there, Have been using a different thread, but have now been advised to post a new thread in this forum as I am claiming back charges from Halifax. Current Position: Received statements, am claiming back £602 in charges from Halifax. I have issued 2 LBAs to Halifax which they have until today to respond. If I get home and there is no letter from them, I will be starting my court proceedings tomorrow. Wish me luck and thanks to excellent people on this site who's help so far has been amazing. Once again, thanks to all for your advice and support. Will keep you posted
  15. Hi does anyone know if I can move my thread to the Halifax forum or do I need to start a new thread. Also, Halifax and my other credit cards have until today to respond to my requests. If they don't respond do I start court proceedings online? Halifax been sent 2 LBA letters and I haven't had any response Monument - 1 LBA letter sent, with no response CapitalOne - 1 LBA letter sent, no response Citi Cards - 1 LBA letter sent, said can take 4 to 6 weeks to investigate. Please advise what I should do next. Many thanks. Skeeloj.
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