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  1. Update so far .. .. its now been 12 plus 2 days since sending for my CCA , and nothing arrived in the post apart from Rob Way saying they are working on it. Next step I presume is now defence to the court to put the debt into dispute? any pointers as what to put into the defence would be appreciated thanks
  2. Hi, sending CCA to Robinson Way was told they are dealing with it , is that right thing to do? also AOS sent off , all registered post. The court never said anything about the ref No and password not working, but were very helpful in letting me know what was on it, which in her words was, they haven't put anything on here that can help identify what the claim is for.
  3. Hi sorry for late reply ... . phone court who told me to phone solicitor who told me to phone Robinson Way .. .. who said they dont know who the debt was with or when it went into default all they could tell me was it might of been from around 2009 im suspecting later than that and could be statute barred now !! Should i now send Robinson way a CCA and tell the courts not guilty? Thanks in advance
  4. i'll try my best , but my problem is that it won't recognise the claim No or password to allow me to see who i owe the money to.
  5. Strange .... tried logging onto moneyclaim.gov but it keeps saying wrong claim no or password? could this be a hoax letter?
  6. Thanks for the reply, will log on and see what this is about now, haven't a clue who they are or what the money is for they say I owe !
  7. Hi just needing a bit of advice here please and maybe a little help. Today just received what looks like a County Court Letter from Claimant Hoist Portfolio Holding Ltd , I do not know who they are or what the sum of money they are asking for is. Im thinking it might be a statute barred debt but not sure, question is . ... will I jeopardise a statute barred debt by logging onto the court claim. Any guidence would be gratefully appreciated. Regards Malc
  8. Hi, i sent the above letter to them back in october and havent heard a dicky bird from them....yet, do you think they will still persue or do you think they have run scared?! oh, and in the meantime i got another ticket which i didnt even open and stuck it on the parking attendents door! i havent heard anything for that and that was back in november!
  9. Thanks sidewinder, i'll give that a go and see what happens.
  10. Hi got this letter in the post today, should i now send a letter asking for their proof that i was the driver. or should i carry on ignoring them? one thing i have noticed Roxburghe's name seems to have been dropped and East Kent NHS Trust are noe the named client, does this make any difference as to where i stand thanks for anymore help.
  11. Thankyou, hubby will write to them and we'll see what happens. I might just add that the attendent isnt even in uniform and ive never seen him with a camera, so i should think them finding evidence would be very slim! I just find it wrong that i'm paying in advance for a permit to park at my place of work and i'm not guranteed a parking space then they have the cheek to send my hubby the fine! Are DVLA in the wrong by giving out the details to a private parking company, would that be in breach of the Data protection act?
  12. Thankyou so much for your help, its greatly appreciated, i'll keep you posted on any updates.
  13. Hi, i hope somebody can help! I work for the NHS as an ambulance driver at my local hospital, i pay £53 per year for a parking permit. When i turned up at 9.45am for a 10am start i could not find a parking space anywhere, not even in the visitors car park, by this time i was running 10 minutes late for my shift so i reluctantly parked on double yellow lines at the bottom of our over flow staff car park with the intentions of going back later on in the day to move it, the car wasnt obstructing or blocking any other road user. Of course when i eventually got the time to go and move it i'd got
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