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  1. Didn't realise you're in court tommorrow - GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND You'll be fine, be cool and remember this type of court is for the general public like us and they do allow for that and help you as much as they can. Let us know how you get on. Will be thinking of you! Heard on the radio this evening on the way home that Lloyds had reduced their charges - wish i'd have known that at 2 pm this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yep, they turned up - Barrister Terrence Finn from Spaulding, nice enough chap. Was allowed in with my Hubby, was asked if we objected to another couple attending the hearing at the same time; also claiming charges back from Lloyds - neither party objected so we where all seen together. The judge mentioned that most cases where being stayed automatically and that in our cases it was only a matter of courtesy we where seen because a court date had been allocated. The outcome: Stayed The judge ordered that on conclusion of the high court case that we be notified of the outcome within 28 days. The judge did mention that he had delt with many of these cases and that recently but hadn't seen the Human Rights paragraph in the stay letter before - they took it seriously but decided that the time scale was not a problem. I guess we just wait now.
  3. Erm, not too sure what PM is ............. i understand what you're saying about staying in Barclays "gang";) I do wonder if you could help me, just this once, regarding Lloyds - their solicitor has sent my husband (i'm overseaing this one) & the court a letter requesting stay. My dilema is this: Do i send the "stay" letter on this site to the solicitor and the court? Court date 10th Sept, thank you Dar£n
  4. thanks for your reply - should i sent the "objection to stay" letter, from this site, to the court and to SC&M?? I could fax it to said parties today.
  5. Good morning folks, not sure whether i should've started new thread - am normally on Barclays - I'm overseeing this Lloyds account for my Husband. Having said that please don't think i'm good at this i'm not, i couldn't do this without you, your help and support, as ever, is soooooo much appreciated. So, what do i do now Received letter from SC&M on Saturday 30th requesting from the court a "stay" until the resolution of the banks proceedings with the OFT. They've asked me to confirm in writing to them and the court whether or not i am in agreement to the stay. Have been in court twice last month with Barclays - the result was a stay. Is this a blanket stay :? should i go to court or not?
  6. hi all, Barclays applied for a stay and got it. The judge was great - guided me through this the whole time, God bless her. Barclays rep mentioned the high court hearing should be heard in Jan 08???? We'll see. Thanks again for your continued support on this site.
  7. Thank you! Yes I've got it. Thanks for being there, see you later.
  8. Hello Am in court again today - 2 pm - think Barclays will be requesting a stay, and think the judge will give it to them. Will let you all know
  9. Hey, thanks to all who have offered words of encouragement and support, it means an awful lot bbch60 the judge bought up the matter of costs but only costs that had been incurred on the day of attending court i.e loss of earnings, child care etc Good Luck my friend you'll be ok liztish01 You will be fine, if i can do it anyone can do it. Read the bit on my thread from Dar£n it is very encouraging and spot on. I just took my bundle and the bit saintly 1 supplied re: Stay, that was all i needed. The judge leads the way, i hardly said anything. Honestly, you'll be fine & wonder what all the fuss was about afterwards. Good Luck
  10. I'm sorry but i have to pop out for an hr or so, will be back ASAP p.s i imagined you all behind me - i worked a treat
  11. phew! Hi, the judge was GREAT (a woman, girl power!) I was VERY NERVOUS, I asked the usher how i should address the judge, Marm or Judge, she prefers Judge she told me. Chris Lowe was the barrister from Nottingham representing Barclays, he was an alright chap, he addressed the Judge as marm even tho he'd heard me speaking to the usher. He was looking for me as soon as i arrived and wanted to speak to me before we went in. Basically he was saying he would be asking for a stay and to which i replied i was not happy with, and as he gave me some notes to read i gave him the stay letter that saintly 1 had kindly passed on to me. We agreed the judge would decide what the best course of action would be! He said he'd been in a rush and had just got out of court & his head itched from having his wig on, bless, was this to intimidate me or friendly chit chat???? So, Barclays rep said he wanted to wait 21 days ish until Barclays had guidence from the High Court refering to a test case pending. The judge refered to the stay letter the whole time, and said she didn't understand the 21 day time limit, surely it would be longer - Barclays rep had to make a phone call. We went out and went back in again................... the order was that the case was adjourned for 21 days and would then be back on on the first available date for a stay to be granted after that. She was VERY sympathetic towards me, asked me what costs i'd incurred and for them to be paid, Barclays agreeded without any hesitation. We decided (me and the Judge) to cross out the clause in the stay letter that said that any charges incurred now would not be charged because if this case in the high court wins i could end up paying a lump sum if charges had built up - everything else Barclays agreed to. Chris Lowe said on leaving that we could meet again - Gosh, i hope not!!!!!! Do you think i did ok then????????????????
  12. Hi Peter Thanks for that, i've written it down and understand - the p.s. didn't fill me with confidence but hey what have i got to loose - am going for it!!! I going now, here i am going, ok off to court i go ....... bye, ....... bye;-) See you all later..... In about am hr i should think. TTFN
  13. Will let you know in a couple of hrs - due in court at 2 pm!
  14. Thank you, printed one off and will add it to my bundle.
  15. In court tomorrow, do you think its too late to phone the litigation team to try and settle is it worth a try? Am i doing the thread right, mine seems to be the only one with an arrow on it :o !
  16. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, believe me they go along way. I'm gonna be all over this site for the next 24 hrs - well, could be longer - i've got Lloyds court case looming next mth. Tomorrow I'm going to imagine you all stood behind me, I'll let you know how i get on. Thanks once again for your support.
  17. thanks, will start preparing tomorrow. Not sure i feel up to this.
  18. I'm due in court on Friday 3rd August. I need help, I thought they'd settle at the last minute - i claimed charges back from another account earlier this yr & they settled a wk before we where due in court. I am very worried now, i've been hoping something would come in the post. It looks like i'll have to go. I'm not sure if i posted my litigation details - can someone check. I need help with posting threads etc., i'm rubbish at it. I've sent off bundles ages ago. I delt with Dino last time he was really great. Please help me if you can.
  19. THANK YOU. FOR YOU ADVICE AND ENCOURAGEMENT at this stage it means soooooo much. Halifax, i'm takin you to court for the full amount you've taken off me!
  20. Hi Halifax credit card have offered me £50 of the £98 i'm claiming back - the remainder is made up of 4 x £12 = £48 + £50 = £98 Total They are saying the £12 charges are ok and i dont have a right to claim these back, is this right?:-| Thank you.
  21. Hi has anyone made a claim against Bank of Ireland Mortgages? Am at the stage of taking them to court - 1st and 2nd letter hasen't done any good. Their most rescent letter states that the courts would expect that both parties have been seen to resolve the matter and asks me to contact them. Does anyone think this will do any good? Shall i start court proceedings? Am i able to claim my money back from a mortgage company??? Any advise would be welcome. Many thanks.
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