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    This topic was closed on 03/05/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Done some more checking on creditscorematters and rewardsnow, they are all part of the same company that was highlighted in the Daily Mirror under the name high-street max, its part of the adaptive affinty group, this in turn is owned by Verture inc " Adaptive Affinity is part of *American firm Vertrue Inc and in the States its reputation, is far from being a "legitimate business" - is of a firm awaiting sentence after being convicted of consumer fraud. It was prosecuted by the attorney general of Iowa, Tom Miller, who accused Vertrue of "deceptive" tactics that "obscured" the fact that customers were signing up to a subscription service. "Many customers don't look for a charge because they never provided a credit card number to purchase trial membership," he said. "But Vertrue companies already have the credit card number from the 'partner' business that the consumer called in the first place." Vertrue claims that just half a per cent of customers complain. It can all be read on the site at the following link http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/investigations/2010/09/online-shopping-firm-highstree.html admin please remove if i have posted this link against the forum rules
  3. This is such a good company that they have got their very own e-petition running, that is certainly the sort of reputation that any good company would want. I suggest everyone that has been duped by them to go along and register on the e-petition for rewardsnow and hopefully between us we can stop this [problem] before it goes on for much longer. This company rewardsnow are hitting the people at the bottom of the ladder, the sorts of people that find it hard to obtain credit and the people that are struggling to live and their credit score has become an important part of their life, it has even become a choice for some to obtain a credit report before they apy their bills and heating and food. Sign the petition against rewardsnow and lets stop this company I have just found out that rewardsnow has an actual e-petition running, which can be found on the e-petitions site, you only need to search rewardsnow and you can register on the e-petition for this company i am not sure if i am allowed to post the address on here but if not please can admin can remove http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/17209
  4. I have just found out that rewardsnow has an actual e-petition running, which can be found on the e-petitions site, you only need to search rewardsnow and you can register on the e-petition for this company i am not sure if i am allowed to post the adress on here but if not please can admin nremove http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/17209
  5. this is a view from further back and the only signage i can see is the sign to the left that states bus lane cameras, it also does not seem to be showing any direction.
  6. Please can some one have a look at the junction of western road and montpelier road in brighton, i am not sure the signage or road markings are legal. i have enclosed pictures of the junction from google earth street map and would like a second opinion. I have also enclosed a hidden document within the B&H website area that show the bus lane restriction is only on one side of the street. I would be interested in hearing your comments and how i should appeal my ticket. Many thanks busenforcement.pdf
  7. I am a private hire driver and collected a disabled elderly passenger from the local store. I stopped as close to her flat as i could to enable me to unload her shopping and help her up the stairs. I have sent them the printed job ticket for proof that i was working. Unfortunately the elderly customer lives right alongside the bus stop which in turn is at the end os a zig zag marked area. I pulled to the end of the bust stop which was as close as possible to her home and far enough to allow the buses to still stop safely. The bus drivers woudl be able to see my rear vehicle signage and know that i was a private hire vehicle. I was away from the vehicle for approx 2 minutes. The enforcement officer was just taking the pictures as i returned to the vehicle. He has also accused me of being aggressive and confrontational when it is more than my job is worth.. I have worked very hard to get my licence and would not risk losing my life for something so stupid. I wonder if someone could look at my scans and see if i have and chances of winning a further appeal. The rejected informal appeal letter states that i was abusive "towards them", there was only one enforcement officer and no more. I think they may be trying to fabricate between them for their own evidence. Thanks in advance
  8. I requested a pin number change on our smart divert system last monday 21st April 2008. I was given a BT reference number. 9689653566. I was informed that the job would be complete in 48 hours and i would receive an email when complete. On wednesday no email arrived so i waited until Thursday. i contacted BT local business department and i was informed by a young lady that she would sort it out and email me when complete. Monday 28th April in the morning the requested pin number change had not occured, I then went to use the smart divert system at 16:40 yesterday afternoon to hear a message that the service was not available. So i presumed that the pin number had been changed. I tried again with the requested pin number and still no service available. i immediately phoned BT and was told the pin number was changed and the job was complete and closed down. I informed them that the system was not working. They carried out a line test and informed there was a fault. I then spent a further 2 hours trying to get some one to resolve my problem, All the chap in faults wanted to do is charge me out of hours call out fee to fix the fault on my line. A fault which i never had previously to the pin number change. I was left with they would fix it by 5pm today. Tuesday 29th April. I received a text message at 07:23 this morning to inform me they were working on the fault, at 11am this morning still no line working. At 11:32 a text message to say that the faults were fixed arrived. STILL NO LINE WORKING. I have now spent since 11:40 trying to get someone to fix our problem and get our smart divert working again. We only access our system by Smart Divert and never use the phone socket directly. The actual socket is at a remote location to satisfy the legal LIcensing laws surrounding taxi and private hire business. At the moment my business is losing about £430.00 per day. this line has been off now since approximately 16:30 yesterday afternoon. Latest............ At 18:30 today still no working line and still no smart divert. We have had no calls since yesterday at 17:00 and it does not look likely that we will be back on tonight. BT have even informed me that they have actually had a cease request on our Smart Divert. This i do not understand. How the hell can a simple pin number change request lead to a taxi company having no incoming line for in excess of 24 hours. I am now at the end of my tether and am about to give up entirely.
  9. many thanks. the loan was taken out for 10 years, i am now selling due to ill health, so i have only had the loan for 2 years, with the ppi i have only needed it for 2 years so surely i must be able to claim a discount for the last 8 years not needed,
  10. In 2004 I Took A Loan From Igroup Servicing, Advance Amount Was £9000 Optional Protection Insurance £1584 Amount Of Credit £10554 Broker Fee £900 Loan £11484 It Was Secured On The House. Last Year I Had A Heart Attack And Claimed On The Ppi. That Was Fine But They Pay 30 Days In Arrears And Of Course I Incurred Charges All The Way Through Every Month Because They Pay In Arrears And Not On Time, I Have Now Had A Stroke And Am Selling My Property In The Next 2 Weeks, Everything Is Going Through And I Have Got A Redemption Figure That Is More Than The Original Amount, They Are Going To Charge Me 6 Months Interest For Early Settlement. It Looks Like To Me That There Is Interest On The Original Figure Over Thhe Term Of The Loan On The Broker Fee And The Ppi. If I Redeem This Early Should My Loan Amount Go Down Because The Need To No Longer Have The Ppi Or The Broker Fee, My Interest Rate Is 12.75% Per Annum Fixed For One Month And At A Rate Then Of 8.5% Per Annum Over The Bank Rate Of The Bank Of England. Please Can Anyone Advise Me Whether They Are Chharging Me Interest On Broker Fee And Ppi Or Not And Should My Loan Redemtion Should Be More Or Less Than The Original Figure Due To The Sale And Paying Off The Loan
  11. we did do this, they tell me they cant do anything only by instruction by fit for all, and fit for all tell i can only inform credit resolution services that there is a mistake, we have had no membership since february and it was all paid monthly to the end, they havent even had the decency to write to us at all to tell us they thing there is a debt building up in any way, i cannot believe it.
  12. joined a joint membership with this gym last year in march after my heart attack, we paid 78.00 on the day of induction to start a joint membership and then we paid 63.00 every month for 11 months to the end of the year, by direct debit, my wife canceled the account in february this year in writing as requested to do so, we recieved a letter by return thanking us for the membership and should we wish to rejoin please dont hesitate to do so, out of the blue this week we recieved a letter from credit resolution services demanding payment for 340.00, for this gym after tackling them about this matter all they can is apologise if theres been a mistake and we should conact credit resolution services and inforn thhem there is a mistake, my first question is we have had no letters that we owed any money whatsoever and secondly we have had no membership since february this year, i am livid a compnay can do this out of the blue with no paperwork to support any of this, they havent even got a record that we had a joint membership or that we paid every month. could we use a data subject access request to support anything we would need to defend against this debt or should we just let it take it course and go to court to prove a point
  13. Interesting thing happened to me today. i set up my call recording facility and made a phone call to a DCA. i informed him that this call MAY be recorded and he immediately replied that he does not give his permission and now has to end the call. With that he put the phone down. I ask myself a couple of questions here, Why is it they can record us but we cant record them. Secondly if they can refuse the call can we do the same, Thirdly i thought it was my data, they act as though it is their data, I am getting to a point whereby every contract i will get in the future will be under my terms and conditions, it is my data not theirs. What if we said we do not give permission to record the call where would we stand, any opinions would be gratefully receive
  14. 1. The Vodafone airtime agreement is not a regulated product and therefore we are not obliged to provide any documentation in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974. ( Sent me the £1 PO back ) If that is the case how come they give your details to a CREDIT REFERENCE AGENCY, they state in their own word they are not regulated by the consumer credit act, they then surely have no right to process your credit reference data, without your permission
  15. i have just been informed by AK that they do not and cannot get hold of a copy of the agreement, under the cca and statutory £1.00 fee letter template, not sure where to go from here but no agreement no debt
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