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  1. they are a debt collection agency hope that helps you, I wouldn't contact them by phone do everything by letter.
  2. could you please post the particulars of claim you have received, also have you acknowledged the claim as this will give you 28 days to file a defence.
  3. thanks for sharing your experience it will help others who are also dealing with this company.
  4. Hi there, Have a read through this, letter N should be the one you need http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/20758-creditors-dcas-letter-templates.html Hope this helps Mrsc
  5. Hi Vincentfan, Sorry to see you are going through the hell of Divorce me too,I have no contact with my stbx as he too would have tried to bully me, I changed my email address it makes it so much easier (for me anyway) not to get the harassment from him. He also doesn't know where I live now. Not sure if you know about this website but has so much information and support UK Divorce Support Community - Over 20,000 members Keep your chin up you will get through this.
  6. Hi there, they are part of the shop direct group Littlewoods,marshall ward,lx direct. I would send a SAR to them to see just how much charges have been added to the account, they may also be applying payment protection insurance. I successfully claimed back all charges (twice) and PPI from Littlewoods, it can be done just they take forever. NDR is just part of Littlewoods. I hope that helps
  7. I was also with tesco home phone but only for calls, the line rental went to BT are you sure you pay line rental to Tesco or just the calls?
  8. this is the address I sent all correspondence to RCI Financial Services Egale House 78 St Albans Road Watford Hertfordshire WD17 1AF I hope that helps you
  9. Agree with you there BigBudgie was going to say the same thing myself regarding the smaller sites.
  10. Hi berrylover, Yes you can claim back the charges from Littlewoods NDR/Littlewoods are one in the same Send SAR to Littlewoods what they send you is reams of paper, and it will take a while to decipher it all, but if I can do it so can you. Good luck
  11. Have a read here What to do when someone dies : Directgov - Government, citizens and rights
  12. Not 100% sure but I think the first thing to do would be to contact the local benefit office, I am sure they will keep her right on what she could apply for there is also a website you could try Entitledto Hope this helps I am sure someone more clued up on these things will be along soon. Good luck:-)
  13. sorry didn't get back on until now ( major connection problems) have you checked out the web site entitledto it lets you check which benefits you can receive. I am just going through the process myself so not altogether clued up on benefits etc. I would just carry on with the payments that you can afford I will try and find some more info for you. Another thought have you tried getting in touch with your MP they may well be able to help.
  14. Sorry don't know the background, but just a suggestion, have you checked to see if you would get a rebate on the council tax. I would also write to them with an I/E attached with your offer, after all they can't have what you haven't got.
  15. yes it is possible to do it yourself, I agree why pay someone for something you can do yourself. The first time I did it I downloaded information from National Debt Line. I hope this helps
  16. well done, good to see a bit of good news for a change:D
  17. They do not like to make it easy do they, I was the same took a while to decipher it all, but got there in the end:D
  18. Littlewoods can and do take forever to send information, I reported them to the Information Commisioner for non compliance, that got them moving and I got the info I required. Good luck
  19. Hi Forgottenone, If I was you, just my opinion mind I would just hang up the phone don't talk to them. And do as Harrythe hawk suggests read some of the post regarding phone calls and how others deal with them you might just find one you like, if not some will give you a laugh just when you need it most. Good luck:)
  20. They wont allow a link to the site ladidi, it's not anything you are doing wrong. lol
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