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  1. Dear dx100uk Thank you very much indeed for your mail. I have noted points made for next time.
  2. Hi I hope I can still send this response to you without going to you and your team only Sorry I did not mention that I did ask them for all the information before I started this and all I got were copies of invoices and no contract or a copy of their terms and condition I also asked them for all the information they exchanged with Tesco Mobile, text messages, letters, etc but they did not send these either I would not have started this claim if the information I have now were as detailed as their defence Also, are y ou ableto help with a draft Without Prejudice letter
  3. Hi One of the point you made was indeed valid I should have come to you first I was not made aware of their user guidelines before now I am now sure what to do now that you are aware of all the issues What would be the next step? Is there anyway I can salvage this case? What should I expect next from MCCOL? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated I am okay with the pessimistic view and honesty; one learns from ones error and to do better next time I am in bits and hope you can assist anyway you can Thank youso very much indeed
  4. Dear Bank Fodder I was not even aware what the terms of my contract were until I got the correct/complete details with their defense I recall that I did use the phone once or 2ce in 2016 and in March 2017 I then contact them to check the details on my accout and why it was still live I was then told that I had to call and cancel the account else it would remain live If I knew that I would have called and cancel the account. When I asked for a copy of a signed contract, etc or reminder notification that was sent out that my acount had to be cancelled by me,
  5. Dear Bank Fodder In that case, here are the said docs as requested I have not attached the Terms and Condition which I have only just seen for the first time today, with their defense; I have been asking for this for ages and despite sending letters to me they failed to send the terms and conditions until now; It was not even attached to their letter of 24 Jan where they were trying to settle out of court; I am not sure why.. Do you want me to send them (schedule 1) and schedule 2? Thanks guys for all your great help. Again, I ho
  6. Dear BankFodder Just noticed that the name of the service provider is on one of the pages I have already scanned ready to send to you Do I start all over again to avoid identifier as requested?
  7. So sorry what would be an identifier and give away apart from Names and Numbers? which I have redacted Thank you so very much indeed
  8. Hi Can I send my POC and the Defense which will give details of the claim/value Would that be ok? Just 1 question, when you said straight dealing, what does it mean so that I can further clarify, please Thank youso very much indeed RP
  9. Dear Site Team Many thanks indeed for your prompt respnse. I have been so nervous that I may have bitten more than I can chew even though I now know its the right to pursue this. Might I ask if it is possible to send the docs you need from me via a safer email address or do youthink its ok to send with your next reply? So sorry as I have not slept much! I wanted to send the attachments they sent with their defense, which are my contractual obligation which I only received on 31 Jan. Suffice to say that if these were sent when I asked
  10. I need help with MCCOL Defense has been received agained EE for an unfair terms of contract Initial reaction from them was to offer a partial out of court settlement which I rejected I send a counter offer to settle No response to that letter But a Defense has been sent Has anyone been in this situation before and what to do enxt. please Thanks
  11. Hi

    I have just started MCCOL against E. 

    Not sure about all the details regarding your case

    1. But can anyone else help about mobile phone cotract and the unfair contract terms?
    2. They made a partial offer to settle which was too low
    3. I made a counter offer for them to settle
    4. This was rejected and a defense has been sent
    5. Did anyone have a similar experience?
  12. I have a similar case. Judgement was passed against my landlord. This was because they did not response to the initial paperwork sent to them by the courts They have applied for judgement to be sent aside I have received a paper from the court that my case has bee transferred to a local county court For some reason I worry that they will win They have not bothered to contact me. What now?
  13. Hi Many thanks indeed for your response. Below is some detail re what happened Operative sent by my landlord;s repair agent I did complaint when he first came to my about his aggressive conduct and They sent him back without prior warning I did not let him in He then kicked my door my hand was on the other side of the door for used was so strong caused injury on my right hand ame on his way out shoulder injury as I has my hand on the door of my home Saw my GP quickly had treatment in hospital
  14. Hi Many thanks indeed for your post Just sent a response but thought I should do so again Solicitor messed up my casse and dumped it but asked that I sue for negligene CNF was sent to operatives not landlord Now I want to take on Landlord and Operatives myself Can you help with a template Pre Protocol letter for PI? Do you know where I can fine a template? Should I send to landlord and operatives at same time? thank you so much
  15. Hi Ancy Many thanks indeed for your great help I want to take on my landlord and their operatives myself Sadly the solicitor messed up my case and concluded that I had no case but that I can go after my landlord for negligence Do I need to send a Pre Action Protocol letter to them? Do you have a template I can use?
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