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  1. Hi Thanks for your reply The original overdrawn amount was £90 - he didn't have any overdraft on the account - i think it must have been a direct debit Wescot have mentioned Lloyds TSB at the top of the letter they sent with an account number Thanks
  2. Hi Just wondered if there was anything I could do about my husbands debt. About 5 years ago he had a current account with Lloyds TSB - I don't know the reason why but he went overdrawn by £90.00 We have just received a letter from Wescot stating he owes £3115 for this debt. Is there anything we can do to reduce this amount or just pay it off bit by bit. Thanks
  3. Hi all Just an update on the above. I sent off the letters and got replies - Halifax Debt - got reply at the end of September stating the debt had been passed back to HSBC and I should receive a reply from them Barclaycard debt - I received a letter stating the info i needed had been requested from another collection company and as soon as I receive the info I need to pay off all the money owed (this was the 11 October) Since then I have not received any letters or calls from either company!! Does this mean I don't need to do anything more (to be honest I was just
  4. Found the templates and will post them off tomorrow Thanks again
  5. Thanks drop47 I wouldn't know where to start with the PPI claim but will definitely look into it. Will the collection agencies have the original agreement as the debts have been passed over to a few since they were with the halifax & barclaycard
  6. Thanks for the replies Yes they did have PPI on them but after speaking to a couple of the PPI Claims companies they said any refund would just be taken off the debt and I would have to pay the PPI claims companies for the collection so I have not started any claims. What is a CCA??
  7. Hi I'm new to this so I apologise if I'm posting in the wrong place. I have 2 outstanding unsecured debts - one originally from the halifax and one was a barclaycard - I started to struggle to repay the debts in 2004 in 2005 I started a re-payment plan with both companies. I got married in 2007 but the debts are solely mine and nothing to do with my husband. I made the repayments with both companies until I started on Maternity leave in 2010 and could not afford to continue with the payments. After returning to work in May this year i have lost my job and h
  8. Just

    Just V LLoyds

    Hi Barty Thanks for your reply - I sent the first claim letter to LLoys who replied with a junk mail letter not answering my claim at all - i then re-sent a letter off this forum and i have just received the reply regarding the OFT case. I will now send off my court letter, but having read the links you have supplied i think i will have to wait till next year until anything is sorted. Thanks for your help
  9. Just

    Just V LLoyds

    Hi I have just received a ltter back from Lloyds after i made my claim. They say they will not look into the details until the OFT court case has been processed - this is not due to commence until Christmas!! Do i now wait until Christmas before chasing this up? My problem is that each month they take charges it means i don't have enough for all my monthly direct debits and it is getting out of hand - i find i have no money at all left at the beginning of the month. I don't know what to do - i am getting desperate Thanks
  10. Hi All LLoyds TSB have just advised that the number of days to reply to my letter is 40 and not 14 as stated in the forum - is this correct?? Thanks Just
  11. Hi Cliffgorse I have just started to try and claim chrages back from the Halifax but they have asked for a £5 charge for my statements is this right do you know??? Thanks Just
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