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  1. I am about to start a claim for someone else. There aren't many charges but is it possible to claim for debit interest as they are in their overdraft most of the time?
  2. Where can I find the survey?
  3. Well my services would not come free of course!!
  4. Thank you. I have just donated as I wouldn't have been able to do it without this site. Now everyone wants me to do theirs. I could be onto a winner here!! I'll look for the survey now.
  5. Ok, it didn't take much but you've convinced me. I will start again on Monday. I'm really glad I finally got it all back anyway, it's like the savings account that I never knew I had.
  6. I have just won my battle with Natwest. I won £4,683.23. They said in their letter that it is only an offer of goodwill and they are only settling as the legal costs will far outweigh the amount of my claim - Whatever!! Anyway i got my money. Good luck to the rest of you!!
  7. I just won £4683.23. They have charged me £204 since. I really can't be bothered to put in another claim. This one took long enough!!
  8. My case was also heard that day. I could not attend. I called the court and they told me that the bank are to settle with me but I have head nothing from them as yet. Do I contact them now or wait?
  9. I had a court date for 27th march. I did not turn up but Natwest did apparently. I called the court and they told me that the case had ruled in my favour and Natwest are to settle with me. I have not heard anything from them yet bearing in mind it was only on Tuesday. Should I be patient and wait a little longer? If not, who should I call?
  10. Well this is the third court for me. I can't remember the court it started at, it was then moved to Lambeth County Court which is nearer for me and it has now been transferred to the Mercantile court. Where ever that is!!
  11. I have now received a letter from the court saying that my case has been transferred to another court. Is this normal?
  12. It has been 1 month since my AQ deadline and I have not heard a thing. Does anyone know how much longer this will take? I also haven't heard anything from the court re: date for hearing??
  13. Hello Emma That's what I was thinking. I've read some more threads and have seen a few people have received exactly the same thing. Thanks
  14. I am in the same position as you. Received AQ from Cobbetts today saying exactly the same thing. I think it's just another delay / scare tactic. I sent mine special delivery so i know they received it. I am going to call them and fax them a copy and then call them again for confirmation that they have received it. I didn't send them a copy of my AQ either. Didn't think i needed to.
  15. Hello Sean Just read your thread. I received an AQ from Cobbetts today also saying that they have not received a reply from me to their request for further information etc. Im sure i sent it special delivery as well. I'll call them and fax it on Monday. Let me know how you get on. Good Luck
  16. I have received from Cobbetts today a copy of their AQ. In the other information section it says "Case management directions cannot be proposed until the claimant serves a reply to the request for further information which was due on 5th Jnuary 2007. In light of this, the defendant may amend its defence or apply to strike out." What does this mean? As I have replied to their request for further information??
  17. Many thanks for that. My letter and scehdule is now on itw way to Cobbetts. Time to do the AQ. By the way - No offence about the parachute ac.
  18. Thanks for the help Paul I have now prepared my cpr letter. My claim is for £4429.35 incl interest. With court fees it adds up to £4649.35. The court fees are not included in my schedule of charges. Does this matter? or do i have to include it in the letter somewhere? Do I also send the text from my particulars of claim?
  19. I have received a request for further information from Cobbetts. This is what they are requesting. 2.1 in relation to each charge please identify (a) the date when the charge was charged; (b) the amount of the same; and © the reason (s) given for the charging of the same. 2.2 in relation to each charge, please clarify the following: (a) is it the case of the Claimant the same should not have been charged? (b) if yes; please explain why the claimant contends that the same should not have been charged? © if no; is it the case of the claimant that the same should not have been charged in this amount? (d) if yes; please explain why the claimant contends that the same should not have been charged in this amount and identify the sum the claimant contends should have been charged. (e) if no; please state the claimants case. 3. in your claim you state that “[the defendant’s] charges are a disproportionate penalty and thus unenforceable as they are contrary to common law” 4. Please provide the following particulars in support of your claim: 4.1 Please specify the clause(s) pursuant to which the charges where applied; 4.2 Please specify whether the charges applied were due to a breach of contract by the claimant; 4.3 Please identify in each case the particular breach of contract (by reference to appropriate term(s) of the contract) that the charge related to. 5. in your claim you state that charges are “invalid under the unfair (contracts) Terms Act 1977 s.4 and Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 Para.8 and Sch.2(1)(e)” and “unreasonable within the meaning of Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 S.15”. 6. Please specify all of the facts relied on by the claimant in support of the contentions in paragraph 5 above, and in particular please identify the contractual provision(s) that the claimant alleges are invalid by reference to UCAT/the Regulations. I know the first bit is the schedule of charges. What else do I have to send?
  20. Good luck with your large amounts of money on their way to you all. My claim is 4.5k and I thought that was a lot. I filed my claim on the 20th November. Served on the 22nd. They acknowledged the claim on Friday 1st December. They now have until 20th December. Hopefully they will just pay up!! Doubt it though.
  21. We appear to ne at the same stage. My request was acknowledged on Friday 1st December. Do I give them 28 days from that date?
  22. Thanks ever so much. You've been a great help. I have now successfully filed my claim. Time to wait again!!
  23. Yes, that is charges including the 8%. Is that correct?
  24. Ok, I think I am there now. e.g My charges add up to £4,429.35 x 0.00022 = £0.97. So I charge them £0.97 per day until they pay up?
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