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  1. I bought it last summer, brand new from the Aprilia main dealer in London
  2. Hi All, Im looking for some advice, I had an accident on my scooter 5 weeks ago today which was caused when I the left hand grip came off in my hand as came down the kerb to join the road, I wasnt riding quickly or erratically but I lost control and ended up hitting the kerb on the other side of the road, it wasnt a high speed impact, infact it was almost humorous as to how slow the crash was, but my scooter was damaged and unridable. Obviously I examined the hand grip and there was no obvious way it was fixed to the handlebar, it wasnt glued, nor held on with screws and nothing had brok
  3. Over the 10 years charges amount to approx £2600, for the last 6 its approx £1600, so what do you think my best course of action is?, go for the last 10 or not?
  4. So I have sent of my initial letter requesting information with a cheque for £10, as per the template. After a couple of weeks they sent a response asking for £5 statement fee, this was ambiguous as to if this was a fee per statement or for the lot, I responded that I had paid and that they had to provide the information requested. 41 days after I sent my original letter I received 1 big statement dating back 10 years. If I look to recover all charges for the 10 years will this invalidate my claim when I make it, or should I be not quite so eager and just claim for the last 6, and if I am
  5. Recently on a night out in canary wharf I had my scooter towed by a private company, canary wharf being private land. I was able to recover it at a cost of £180, I had parked there for 3 hours until I noticed that it had been taken. My scooter was parked off the road, next to a fence, not causing an obstruction. The reason that they gave was that it had been left unattended, and that there are signs as you enter canary wharf giving warning. Obviously when I parked I had not seen any signs other than one on the railing saying that anything locked to them would be removed. The follo
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