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  1. I sent a CCA request to Aktiv Kapital on the 26th January and have heard nothing as yet. I am just going to sit back and see what happens. mickeybroom
  2. Haven't been on for a while. Barlcaycard went very quiet for months then suddenly a couple of weeks ago, I had a letter from Aktiv Finance saying they had bought the debt and they wanted the money immediately. They included a deed of assignment letter, so I am not sure what to do next. I assume I should now make a CCA request to THEM, which takes me right back to the beginning of this sorry tale. Any thoughts anyone. mickeybroom
  3. HI All Still getting cryptic phone calls from CSL. "You must speak to us urgently etc., etc.," My wife takes the messages and then ignores them. At least they are not at the harassment stage yet!!! I don't know how long they intend to carry on with this charade, but my last letter see (above post) should jolt them up a bit. I am not bothered at all, as this could go on for years at this rate. Funny thing though, there was no visit as per was threatened. Will these muppets never see sense? mickeybroom
  4. UPDATE Apart from the usual daily phone call and numerous threatograms, things ahve been quiet. However today I received a letter from Power2 contact (who are Credit solutions) stating that because I will not speak to them they are sending someone within the next 72 hours to collect their money. This is my reply sent together with a copy of a previous letter denying them a visit without an appointment. Please find enclosed a copy of a letter sent to you on 3rd March 2008 which clearly states my position in this matter. You chose to ignore my letter previously, but rest assur
  5. Hi dpick That was my next move. I just wanted to see what their answer would be to my inital enquiry but now they have sent such a snotty letter, I will be going the CCA route and see what that brings up. maggiebroom
  6. The above should be posyed by maggiebroom. My mistake.
  7. This is my reply to Fashion Worlds iffy letter. Thank you for your very informative letter dated 17th March 2008. I would like to make it clear that I do not wish to claim back Peace of Mind payments made up until my retirement in 2002. I am questioning the payments made since that date. Your T&C’s clearly state under Exceptions: 5. unemployment after the insured customer has attained normal retirement age at the insured customer’s place of work. I had to take medical retirement in 2003 and since that date have had no employment. I now rely on the state pension, a
  8. After the threatogram (see posting 29) I have put this letter together I am in receipt of your letter dated 17th march 2008. I fail to understand why this matter concerns you. Barclaycard have continuously failed to produce a properly executed Consumer Credit Agreement, and as such are in breach of OFT guidelines in connection with pursuing the alleged debt. This account is in SERIOUS DISPUTE, and I received no notification that this matter has been passed over to you. Should Barclaycard, or yourselves, insist on this course of action, and initiate court proceedings, they and you
  9. Anyone any advice on the above please?? Sorry again this should be from maggiebrom
  10. Update Another threatogram from CSL Notice of legal proceedings etc, CCJ, Court costs, possessions being seized, and attchment of earnings. :o 7 Days or else Do they not read their post? I have now sent two letters telling them the account is in serious dispute and why haven't Barclaycard produced a valid CCA. Ignorance is bliss they say. Well CSL Mercers and Barcaycard must be extremely blissful as they are certainly ignorant. Another one to ignore I presume. mickeybroom
  11. Another call for Interim Justitia last night Hubby answered the phone and politley told them that I would not talk to them over the phone and that everything should go in writing. After a bit of banter with hubby who then asked them if they understood english, he was told that they would start increasing the calls from today. I have been down that road before with Capital One and they got no change either, but I am furious that they think they can browbeat me this way. I have had no information from Snatch West that they were passing the account over to a DCA and therefore I
  12. Update Another card from Mercers saying phone immediately. In red this time. Saucy sods!! That too will be ignored. mickeybroom
  13. Honey5 You have made me look again at the docs Barclaycard sent and I think you are right. Further investigation is needed, meanwhile I shall just sit tight and see what happens. And no I will not call you thick as you may have stumbled on a good point, so thanks. Hi Slick132 I shall indeed be sending the letter from Curleyben. Its a goodun' and yes I have already established that Mercers are a department of Barclaycard. They don't concern me at all, and they have stopped phoning as well. Oh the bliss of silence. mickeybroom
  14. Just an afterthought. Last year I sent a CCA request to Monument and have never heard another word. The only letters I have had have been from Barclaycard, Mercers and Scotcall, and now Credit Solutions Ltd. Providian have disappeared into the murky past and sunk without trace. mickeybroom
  15. I have not been on line for a while as over Christmas we had a very sad death in the family and everything went out of the window. However, we have still had the occasional letter from Mercers threatening all sorts, none of which came true. The phone calls have stopped though, which is a good thing. Yesterday I got another letter from Mercers saying I must pay within 7 days or else.:o Not worried about that at all, and then today I got a letter from Credit Solutions Ltd. Are these people a legitimate DCA or are they just another collection dept of Barclaycard. This is a FO
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