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  1. Yes I signed on the premesis - I can't believe I made such a rash decision on the spot! I think part of it was that I got carried away with the kids getting excited etc. No a cooling off period wasn't mentioned at all!
  2. Thanks for your reply - It doesn't really involve credit, as it is simply DD payments. There is nothing in the contract either. It looks like I have made a real boob and will have to live with it! Thanks anyway
  3. Thanks - i will try! why does it not say anything about this on the paperwork they gave me?
  4. hello - I need some advice! I did a stupid thing and signed up for an expensive gym last week - I won't burden you with the reasons why!! I am in debt and trying to pay it off and although I appear to have a good income I would be much better using this money to repay debt and walking to excercise - Anyway - I joined last week and signed something to say I was commiting to a years minimum subscription - there is nothing on the agreement to say I have a cooling off period - does anyone know if i have a cooling off period for this type of agreement - the company is David LLoyd Any advice
  5. Got cheque on monday for £4991.20!!! banked and waiting to clear - it's £100 less than thefull claim. Would love to be celebrating but my daughter is in hospital.
  6. Had a letter back from legal dept. saying they are arranging payment but won't issue cheque until they recieve Notice of Discontinuance. Should I send it or hold onto it? If I send it and don't recieve payment how would I prove this to the court?
  7. We've had a long think about this. We have decided to accept thier offer. Our original claim was for £4777.85. They have offered £4661 plus £250 costs. The difference being they have taken the claim from 6 years back from 3rd Oct and the original claim was 6 years back from August 3rd. They have sent us a notice of discontinuance which they wantus to sign and send with our acceptance - We have written andexplained that we will return this directly to MCOL when we get the money.
  8. You are right. The interest on the MCOL is wrong. Is it possible to ammend the claim at this stage - or will we look like complete idiots? My OH is pushing to accept the offer as he thinks it is not worth the hassle. I would keep going out of principle but he dosn't see it like that. The debate has been hot in our house tonight!! Will post again tomorrow when we have decided what to do.
  9. Managed to sort out spreadsheets - I don't quite know what I had done but I have put the data onto new spreadsheets and got a much more reasonable figure for the interest - £1155.50. I don't know what my next step should be. I realise they owe me this but as the process is so slow and drawn out I just don't know whether to hold out or accept thier offer. My OH thinks we should accept - but part of me wants to go for the interest out of principle. Any thoughts folks?
  10. I need to look at the spreadshhet again - all I did was enter the dates and figures and this is waht it calculated. But maybe I have made a mistake cos it does seem very high. Unfortunately the spreadsheets are on a memory stick that my daughter borrowed and hasn't returned yet - so I can't do anything till i get this back!
  11. I did exactly the same as you. My SAR went to the main office in Scotland - but I sent everything else to the branch so you should be OK
  12. I know! I haven't decided what to do yet. I don't think anyone has got thier interest back yet so it would probably take another few months at least but the money would be very handy.
  13. Don't panic - sit tight. YB seem to be waiting til the last minute to send thier defence - they are also making some offers at this point of varying amounts. You just have to wait and do nothing for 28 days - you are nowhere near the point of standing up in court - as yet I don't think any one has had to do this yet.
  14. They didn't send a cheque as such - just a letter to sign and return to them before thay will send a cheque with a letter of discontinuance that I'm also supposed to return to them before they send a cheque. Even if they accept the offer I will not be sending the discontinuance before I get the money in my hand.
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