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  1. I rang the SE customer services who gave me the number for their revenue protection dept. Phoned up, my unpaid fare hadn't been passed forward so I was able to pay £50 and end the matter. £50 hurts my pocket big time, but taken to court would hurt so much worse. Huge thank you one and all I actually feel ecstatic to have given £50 to the train company haha
  2. Stigy, thanks for your replying to me here and on MSE, it's nice to know people want to help. As for the whole summons thing, since they didn't know where I actually lived, how could they have issued one? My understanding of that situation is that if you're never issued a summons you can't be tried, but then the people at my old address could've just thrown it straight in the bin without opening it. Is a summons deemed to be served in such a case? I have no idea, I did tell them I didn't live there, although whether the ticket inspector would've passed this information on is impossible to
  3. I got caught at Waterloo East about 6 months ago without a ticket, I'd paid for my ticket, I just couldn't find it. I did actually have the receipt part of the ticket, but that didn't seem to be enough for the inspectors. So I paid them £10 (which was all I had on me, easily enough to cover my ticket) and gave them my details - this is where it gets complicated, I technically wasn't living anywhere at the time, I just had a sofa at a friend's house I slept on (I didn't tell them this because if they started sending letters there his mother would probably have had a fit). So in response to my v
  4. Just to add some perspective, when Nationwide withdrew the overdraft on my current account (this was before I started asking for charges back btw) they gave me 5 days to pay back £370. Like, wtf? I could pull £370 out of my behind in five days I wouldn't be in debt. They were helpful when I phoned up and made some arrangements with me, but the letter didn't say that I could do that. Five days! The *******sorry had to edit that....but I know how you feel.
  5. Well if they do close my account I'll just try to open a new one and find out...
  6. Can't I just open another if they close it? How would they stop me? I actually like my branch's staff.
  7. I've got a mate to do it 3rd August 2006
  8. Just got a letter back from Sarah Watson as a response to my preliminary letter. Said some things about terms and conditions, that I could use their internal complaints proceedure or moan to the Financial Ombudsman. It was a well written letter but it didn't look as if she'd taken the time to actually look at my account (if she had she would have seen that if I hadn't been fined the first time I would have avoided about £550 of subsequent fines). So now it's time to send a letter before action. Gonna have to edit the LBA in the template section as there are some bits that don't apply
  9. Hello! I was just reading through the preliminary letter and it referred to a schedule of charges. I looked through the FAQ and tried google but I couldn't find an answer as to what it was. I'm guessing it must be something pretty simple as I can't find it, but I've never heard the phrase until now. So yeah, can someone please tell me what one is and how I would go about making one, because Nationwide have taken £548 from my account and I very much want it back.
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