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  1. I am, got my good walking boots on. It does seem to be quite a time consuming process and with four young boys to keep under control just hope i dont get lost on the way. But if there is one thing i am good at its shouting LOUDLY. What would your first move be.
  2. We are all now in a rented flat on the other side of town, our local housing authority said we had made ourselves intentionally homeless by not paying the mortgage so would not help. Our mortgage was with mortgages plc. The house is still up for sale £114,950.00 and just stood empty since 3rd August (the day we left) yes it was a district Judge. I have all the paperwork from them including the thirty odd eviction orders we received off them, and people say that mortgage companys dont really want to evict you, ours did.
  3. Unbelievable but true. My partner, four children and myself were thrown out of our home of eleven years because of ludicrous charges being added to our mortgage account. We could no longer afford the mortgage repayments so decided to sell our home and rent back. The full and final figure we got from our mortgage company was £89,000.00, we had an agreed sale for £100,000.00. We had to go to court to postpone another eviction order only to find the outstanding amount had risen to £101,100.00 and the judge refused to postpone it. Your Out.
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