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  1. Hi Kelas I took Natwest & Capital 1 on at the same time and managed it no problem. The main difficulty lies in being able to afford the MCOL submisions if you're taking a number of idiots to court at the same time. Best of luck Wolfie
  2. Hi Max Don't worry, there haven't been any successes for the banks cos they haven't taken anyone to court that I know of - they'll capitulate eventually if you follow the advice on this site at each stage of your claim(s). Good luck Wolfie
  3. Many congrats - you and me both ! Well done Wolfie
  4. Sorry - missed your last bit - I opened a 'smile' account right at the beginning of my claim and have since had my alary etc... paid into it - I'm going to close natwest down once my cheque's cleared and the money has been transfrred to a more ethical bank. Good luck W
  5. Hi They'll probably acknowledge at the 11th hour and then submit their AQ at the same point on the clock - after this, i waited approx 2 weeks but won today ! Good luck - you'll get there soon Regards Wolfie
  6. Hi My claim went the same way - and I've just won ! Keep going, you'll get there soon. Best Wolfie
  7. Hi all Started my claims in July - stuck to the guidance from the site at each step. Capital 1 fell very quickly (survey completed and donaion made some time ago) but this was the one I wanted: Just heard from Cobbetts this morning - capitulation complete ! Payment in full received and NO non-disclosure clause ("cos of potential/prohibitive court costs, our clients have to take a commercial approach to these claims" (no sh*t sherlock). Next up survey and donation - just wanted to add my thanks to everybody elses for all of the superb assistance from the site. Can a moderator move this to the successes section when they have a mo' please ? Thanks Good luck to all Ian
  8. Hi Tony I received exactly the same letter - stick to your deadlines - 7 days and counting ! Best of luck Wolfie
  9. Hi - I got the same Section G blurb - no repsonse from moi but Micahel Browne gave the following advice if you can be bothered wasting another stamp: Dear Sir, I write in response to the recently submitted Defence and Request for Further Information you submitted to XXXXXX Court, relating to my claim (claim number – XXXXXXXX) against your client XXXXXXX Bank I understand you have asked for a detailed schedule individually listing all charges debited to my bank account. I have of course provided a schedule of the charges and believe this is sufficient for your clients to exactly understand the details of my case. Please find an additional copy enclosed. Particularly, as your clients have always been fully aware of all charges they have made to my account and indeed, my calculations have been taken directly from information they have supplied me. I suggest you obtain a schedule from your clients as to their confirmation of the charges they have made (and interest thereon). I believe both yourselves and Nat West have been supplied with all of the details necessary to move this claim forwards. I am aware that the Court can order certain and further information from both parties, you appear to have attempted to obtain this information suggesting I am under strict obligations to obey your requests rather than the Courts. With this in mind, I see no reason why I should be sending you any further information relating to this case. It is the Court that decides whether or not any further information is required, not yourselves. Where the Court orders such detailed information, I shall request reciprocal documentation from your clients detailing those same charges and interest to which I am reclaiming along with evidence to confirm the exact costs to which your clients have been subjected and from which they have added profit margins to arrive at the eventual charge made to my accounts for each and every charge. If you feel it other than an abuse of the process to request for further information in the manner you requested it, I have no difficulty in making a reciprocal request. On the advice of other claimants, whose claims are in identical circumstances to mine and who have been passed on to you by Nat West, I will be sending a copy of this letter to the Court. I will also be sending them copies of the letters, which clearly show the schedule of charges and details that you claim I have not yet supplied. I consider that upon allocation this case will be referred to the Small Claims Track; accordingly I consider your CPR Part 18 request to be irrelevant as Part 18 would not apply. I shall not be responding to your requests. I shall of course respond to the order of the Court leaving the matters to be settled by the court Yours sincerely, Good luck Wolfie
  10. Hi When i completed my schedule of charges against Cap 1, it was late payment and over limit charges - they're just about to cough up so good luck ! Wolfie
  11. Hi - this is the address I've used for everything and I'm going through MCOL etc.. at the no' so it should work for every stage. Best of luck - we're all gonna win ! Regads Wolfie NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK PLC 135 BISHOPSGATE LONDON EC2M 3UR
  12. Hi I had the same form Natwest but stuck with the tried and tested ways of the site - give them the full 14 days is best Regards Wolfie
  13. Hi - this is the address I've used for everything and I'm going through MCOL etc.. at the no' so it should work for every stage. Best of luck - we're all gonna win ! Regads Wolfie NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK PLC 135 BISHOPSGATE LONDON EC2M 3UR
  14. Hi Alex Capital 1 will fold no problem - I've just taken them to Tooting for a ride! Good luck Wolfie
  15. Way to go TB ! Not those who inflict, but those who endure the most will win. Many congrats Wolfie
  16. Hi - yeah, 6 years it is - you can try for more but will be taking a chance. My understanding is that the interest on the charges should only be calculated it/when natwest don't respond favourably to your request for payment in full i.e. at the point of filing through the small claims court - the site provides a spreadsheet that will calulate the interest on your charges over the 6 year period. Good lick Regards Wolfie
  17. Hi Marian Take it one step at a time so start by looking at the FAQ section of this site and then get yourself a copy of the Subject Access Request letter template - use this to request copies of your bank statements for the past 6 years - then have a good look around the threads posted in relation to your bank(s) and follow the step by step guide - you'll win make no mistake about that ! Good luck Regards Wolfie
  18. Hi Don't forget to claim the statement fee back when you put your charges together - good luck ! Regards Wolfie
  19. Hi Hulkster The very best of luck but, for future reference, a first class stamp will do the trick ! I did the same at one point but it will prove costly and the purpose of this exercise is to get your rightful earnings back - which you WILL if you follow the site's advice. Take care Regards Wolfie
  20. Hi Miki I can assure you that they will not respond to the 'manual interventions' issue contained in the initial DPA template letter (request for copy statements) so just keep in there and don't lose faith in the site's model approach ! Regards Wolfie
  21. Hi Have a look at the FAQ section, have a good read around the threads which relate to your particular bank(s) and then start by downloading the Data Protection Act request template for 6 years worth of statements - send it off, sit back and smoke a big fat cigar ! Regards Wolfie
  22. Nice one lar - see below for the link I think you're lookin' for http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/surveyresults.php Regards Wolfie
  23. .........or, some people have used this address and got to the same point - good luck ! Mr Alex Lyons Data Protection Manager Retail Regulatory Risk 2nd Floor Business House B GOGARBUREN P.O.Box 1000 EDINBURGH EH12 1HQ Regards Wolfie
  24. Hi Mat I had the same problem but, as usual, the natwest staff member is spot on re the AG charges - I also had a lot of £20's worth at regular intervals but they all had dates next to them and when I checked they referred to 'unarranged borrowing fees' (i.e. over the agreed OD limit) and hence, I deemed them as unlawful charges and claimed 'em ! They ususally appeared underneath or close to 'interest' charges on my statement - hope this helps. Regards Wolfie
  25. Hi Smicker Yeah - same here, I was short 2 years and 2 months-worth from the first batch of statements but shot off another letter and received them pronto so keep goin' Regards Wolfie
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