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  1. Thanks for linking my latest post to my original tale of woe, reminded me of the crap I went through with them previously. Will now keep updating with any further movements!
  2. I had a complaint against BOS rejected in 2008 and was not expecting anymore involvement with the reclaiming process, but my daughter has now received her 4th cheque from Lloyds regarding O/D charges she wracked up over 10yrs ago, whilst at Uni. The correspondence came out of the blue, they had trashed her Credit File she was not happy, but had not complained. The communication came from the Customer Solutions Team in Cardiff, anyone had a similar success? In the meantime I have resurrected my claim, I'll see how it goes!
  3. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  4. I see that they are being taken over by Shell, hope their customer service improves!!
  5. They must be struggling to give any power company this award, but come on, First Utility?????? Shows the sorry state that the industry is in.
  6. Interesting group on Facebook, read it before you switch:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/firstutilityrippedmeoff/
  7. Are you getting anywhere with these muppets? I have just gone back to Ombudsman so I'll see how they wriggle out of this one.
  8. Letter no longer there, maybe enticed to remove it (LOL)
  9. I wish you all the best with your contacts " Make First Utility Listen", I have already been through their Executive Complaints Team and direct e-mailing Ian McCaig, problem is one team does not speak to the other team and harrasment continues. Keep us updated on your journey, I have already given them a list of my charges for time, e-mails, waiting on phone calls being answered and also letters, just need to add it up when proceeding to Small Claims.
  10. Well we are now a further 2 years on, despite telling them that all communication should now be in writing, I have had no bills, no requests for meter readings and no reminders. I paid 2K to them May 2015 and have heard nothing since, apart from a reminder from a debt company December 2016, I raised an "account in dispute" letter and so the correspondence started flowing, the letter was acknowledged and their reply was actually sent to the wrong address!!!! I have sent them a photograph of the meters and an updated bill has arrived, i am now due them £7,200.00 approx, along with the £2K I have paid them my usage is in the region of £9K for the 5 years, a figure I was expecting. I can pay this debt, but should I do it and move to Small Claims for compensation for them being a crap company? Energy Ombudsman is just a waste of time. Any thoughts from anyone?
  11. Back to the start again with Santander/Cahoot regarding a flexi loan with a £9K limit. Santander/cahoot had trashed my CRA files with an entry for £12103. and a default date July 2011, I have complained to ICO and they upheld my complaint and Santander/Cahoot had breached DPA by putting incorrect entries on my CRA files, default will now be removed. I checked my Credit reference File this morning and Santander have once again stuck up their ugly head, £12302. and a default date of 22/06/2011, so they are still reporting and adding interest onto a £9K debt that was the balance when the original default was issued. I have reported back to ICO, but I really want to take this further, where to now, FCA, FOS ??? Can anyone advise?
  12. ICO sorted mine out, default date incorrect and interest added after default, also failed to notify all CRA's. Thread below this one.
  13. Hi BankFodder, I was doing an Equity Release (Lifetime Mortgage) based on 50% value of my property, this would enable me to clear off a secured loan (firstplus) and also clear some other debts, leaving us with about 20K, but able to live in the house whilst only paying interest on the Lifetime Mortgage. My IFA asked me about 2 months ago to print off Noddle Credit Reports, he said at that time the only blemish was the Santander loan, I then started to get this default removed. The Santander unsecured loan disappeared from Noddle so we then thought it was safe to apply for the finance, this was not the case as the company use Experian. The difference between the 2 CRA's is unbelievable, No defaults on one and 2 on Experian along with an incorrect balance on a closed account. disputes lodged but advised to contact the companies. Balance on closed account (Capital One) will be zero within days, Barclaycard disappeared as it is statute barred and only outstanding one is Santander. I do not know if I can re-apply, credit score on Noddle has jumped considerably, Experian score still static, do not know if part of the fault is with Experian, but that is the story.
  14. I recently checked my Credit Reference File and saw that a default was on my account for a Cahoot flexi loan, the default was incorrect in that the last payment date and default date were some 18 months apart and the original debt was incurring interest, making the amount outstanding an additional £4 K. I approached Santander on 2 occasions and they refused to remove the default, so I then moved on to the ICO, who upheld my complaint and instructed Santander to put things right. The debt would be statute barred and should thus disappear, this happened on my Noddle file but still was showing on my Experian file, this has prevented me from a re-financing deal due to adverse credit being shown. I got back to the ICO and once again they contacted Santander, who stated they had removed one but had forgotten about the other CRA's, to say I am annoyed is an understatement Is there any way to get compensation for this as I see ICO cannot penalise them?
  15. Well success through the ICO, Santander have notified me that default date will change to June 2010, therefore will disappear from CRA file in June
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