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  1. This is one VERY happy lady. And rightly so. Ken.
  2. Good luck Wendy. I remember you starting yours,and thought it would have been settled by now.Maybe it's because it's a larger amount? Ken.
  3. Cheque banked at Nat West,just so as I could see the look on their faces. Ken.
  4. What a feeling. I'll try my Halifax account,and see what they say. Ken.
  5. Good luck Glenn. I seem to recall I wrote off the £10 fee,and looked at the long term aim.I'm not sure if anyone has claimed back the £10,but I'm sure someone will put me right. If it gives you any heart,feel free to look at my thread amongst others: Quinn v Nat West. Ken.
  6. Congratulations Scarletrose. I'm guessing we received our cheques about the same time. I too,can't believe I've taken on a corporate organisation,and won. See my thread. Ken.
  7. Quinn v Nat West is now another success story. Ken.
  8. I've won A rather fat cheque arrived via Royal Mail special delivery this morning for....... £1425.42 Of course the only stipulation,is that I deposit it into the account I am claiming against,as after 20 years,we still have it.But as long as I have the cash,I'm more than happy. A donation to the running of this site will be sent in due course,and I'd like to thank everyone who posted and kept me going with advice.And to all the others who are going throughout the process at the moment,the only thing I can say is to keep going. Ken.
  9. Don't worry,I don't intend to. Every day they delay,means my final total goes up,but what I can't understand,is why people who have claimed after my original date,have been paid out,yet they still haven't offered my full amount yet,even though an initial offer was made. Ken.
  10. I've been waiting since August 2006,and am still fighting them for an amount not too dissimilar to yours. I wish they'd get their finger out,and pay up,but well done for getting there. Mine's a Guinness........................ Ken.
  11. Thought I'd just give Cobbetts a bell,and they confirmed they have received my rejection letter,but are now awaiting further instructions from their client. I did inform them that the judge now has the papers,and that a date for court is imminent. Talk about dragging their heels on a further offer though,however,I was asked what figure I would settle at,to which I replied,'The full amount claimed of course!!!!' Ken.
  12. Further update: I too,am now having the problem of opening the spreadsheets. Try Vampiresses's link instead. IIRC,you can then keep your information on a website,instead of your hard drive. Ken.
  13. At the moment,it would seem the site is extremely slow,so it may be that it's timing out. Do persist,and it will open the page you desire.I have just clicked on my own link,and it did open eventually. And I apologise on getting your gender wrong,but make no apologies in summising (sp?) your age. Ken.
  14. I think what your looking for young man,is here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/6964-spreadsheet-interest.html Ken.
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