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  1. maybe a little late but here is my two penny's worth. with reference to cooldrums he says..... There is no such thing as faulty software. way back before I had a cd player on my puter I purchased a game form pc world that came on two 1.44mb disc's.... disc A and disc B.. the information on disc B was the same as disc A. I returned the game to pc world the same day. After being accused of re-writing disc B. and being told I didn't know what I was doing/talking about, they refused a refund but did give me another copy of the game. Again the same fault (ffs) I took it back (again) refused a refund (again) was given another copy which I refused to take until they checked the contents of boths disc's (not wanting to be accused of coping disc A to disc B again). OH surprise it was the same as the other two copies......I got a refund since that day I have never purchased ANY software from PC WORLD.
  2. Hi all, As you can see I'm a newbie here, I was given the website link by another member (Thanks Mark). I have spent several days (and nights) looking at posts and reading with amazment at the amount people are claiming for (and getting back). Now here is hoping that someone out there can help me with my problem.. I have a 12year old morgage with the Alliance & Leicester. Due to work reasons I have incurred some charges (despite going to them and explaining my circumstances). I was wondering if I could get these back? If so do I need to ask them for my morgage statments (£10 charge for each one ) for the last six year's to work out what they owe. I have not seen any posts (yet) relating to morgage charges.... Thanks in advance Stewy0_uk P.S please don't point out spelling mistakes lol
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