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  1. Finally received the outstanding money they owed me! A mod can change this to won if they please I'm gonna go for my YB credit Card charges now but I'll start another thread for that
  2. It happened on a smaller scale to my girlfriend. Barclays put £400 in her account and she thought it was a tax rebate and spent it. Barclays initially demanded full repayment straightaway but we refused on the grounds it was a genuine mistake and we didn't have the cash. Then it was a case of them turning the £400 into an interest free loan and Clare decided that she could afford to repay it in £20/month installments until full repayment. Suppose my advice is that you will have to pay it back but it was their mistake initially so you dictate the terms of how you pay it back.
  3. Well ntl have joined the charges bandwagon - £10 for late payments. I received this months bill which stated I was late paying last months so they have added a tenner to my total bill. I phoned up and told them all about disproportionate charges and asked if they could send me a break down for the actual costs and was told no so I've sent them a slightly modified LPA from the banks section of this forum to ask for my ten pounds back. I'll have to see how it goes! Anyone else been charged by ntl?
  4. Ok thanks, thing is it will be them in the Sh*t if they don't cough up as I wont have served the Notice of Discontinuance and I'll just turn up at Court in Feb and explain what has happened! In fact I think I may phone the Court tomorrow and explain whats gone on and what sort of time scale would they expect for me to start the discontinuance proceedings? Then rely the information to YB/Cdale
  5. Hello, sorry I've not posted in a while! Very busy Xmas etc etc... Anyway, has anyone got the Clydesdale Legal Services Phone number? They are playing up.. again! I settled - they send me half the amount stating they have already issued a previous cheque. They did, it's the one I sent back last September when they offered me half. I sent them a letter (2weeks ago) telling them as much but I want to phone them to see whats going on - soooooo glad I kept hold of the Notice of Discontinuance.
  6. I think your well within your rights to be wary. Afew of us have been offered and accepted full settlements but not recieved any money yet. I think YB have realised most people would settle for full (or fullish) amounts due to the time of year but are gonna drag their heals in actually coughing up.
  7. Because Janzer: That would be the simple common sense answer! We all know YB like to drag things out as long as possible and to take the scenic route whenever possible. To Nogga - This is only a guess but I reckon they could hold out until the court date you were given. They'll have to pay it eventually though as you have a copy of the acceptance letter. So basically don't worry about not getting it - but plan for it coming after xmas rather than before.
  8. I don't know mate to be honest. I think if they haven't paid up by next week will send them a letter reminding them I still have the Discontinuence Notice and I agreed to settle over 2 weeks ago expecting prompt payment etc etc... and I may have to rethink as it doesn't appear they are going to honour their side of the agreement. Dunno how much good it will do but worth a shot. Glad I kept hold of the discontinuance notice though. I think it would be good to advise for all to keep hold of it if YB send it with a Acceptance Letter.
  9. Well its been over a week and still no money off them. I ended up doing as you advised Caro, signed the acceptence letter but added my own letter saying "on advice, I will retain the Discontinuance Notice until the funds are in my account". Their deadline for me to accept was the 12th so hopefully after tomorrow they might actually put the funds in my account!
  10. I was thinking that myself actually Caro because I'm sure on the documents from the Court it says the claiment has to give notice if proceedings are to be stopped. Has anything dodgy happened to other people when they settled and let the bank take care of the notice of discontinuance
  11. Yeah I think I will do that. Well chuffed its been settled just before christmas! Just got to sign the agreement letter and discontinuence document and its done and dusted! Thanks to PJ, Thailand, Caro, Rascal and the others who have helped me out since August It must be a good sign if YB were willing to settle 2 months before they had to! Its the YB credit card next which is the real biggie!
  12. GREAT NEWS!!!! YB have offered to settle full amount claimed plus court costs This is totally unexpected because my court date isn't even due til Feb. What I need to know is how do I word a letter back saying I'm willing to settle but I calculate they owe me another £25 (charge they added after court action started) and £15 (cost of special delivery letters sent). Thanks loads Lee
  13. Sorry for dumping this question here but I couldn't find the MorganStanley forum. The other week I decided to go for the charges added to my MorganStanley creditcard. It was only 40quid and I thought it would cause to many headaches running it along with my YB claim. Any they have replied to my LPA with: There have been two £20 late fees applied since your account was opened...... we intend to credit your account with the sum of £16.00. This amount represents the sum of the difference between all charges applied to your account and the £12 charge we have now implemented. Do I have to accept this or can I send a modified LBA saying that I will not accept this offer unless you can provide me with a disclosure of the actual cost of charges. If you cannot I expect full repayment of £40 within 14 days or I'll be taking this to court etc etc...
  14. I have my Court Date: 16/02/2007 Seems like such a long time away! I have to provide to Court & YB by the 22/12/06 with: a) any written statements of evidence of any witness whose evidence will be relied upon - this does not affect me b) copies of documents relied upon - for this am I sending all bank statements, schedule of charges and all communication with YB (apart from letters starting: Without prejudice)? Do I need anything else??
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