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  1. thanks, but i am still confused as to where i send the final lba letter as i originally wrote to for amounts to bradford, pam speed replied i replied with amount to her, then just recieved letter from banking serv team from another person, do i write to pam speed???? it is this last bit that is confusing. i have £1039.43 in charges that i am not letting abbey get away with
  2. well done, i am in process of trying to get my money back. i gave them 14 days and they replied saying it was my fault i was overdrawn, but i am a bit stuck as to where do i send this final letter before action as i wrote to pam speed (bradford) recieved a reply from a different office!!! lost please help
  3. hi all, recieved my list of charges and sent out first letter with list of charges, gave them 14 days, i did not count w.ends and recieved a reply to the date. in the letter recieved on 22 jan abbey are now saying that "i'm sorry you are unhapy with the charges and i understand you would like these refunded. I can confirm the charges were applied correctly, as you had insufficient available funds at the time...blah,blah,blah i have drafted a final letter before court action but do i send it??and also this last letter came from a different department, last one i wrote to pam speed who do i send next one too if any??? please help:eek:
  4. hi thanks everyone for your support. i have read through the step by step but i think i have read too much that my eyes hurt!!! i will do whatever it takes to get my money back, it is the principle of the thing.
  5. Abbey did not respond anymore to my request for statments. i must admit i did give up for about 8 weeks. however last sat 18/11/2006 i put my request in writing with a cheque for £10 and sent it recorded, which i have since checked online to see that they have recieved it. this time i am going to see it all the way through. i will definately need all the advice and encouragement i can get, so i hope there are willing people out there who can help me :-|
  6. i telephoned them with my data request back in early aug, i got 1 years through in 4 weeks, but when i rang to ask for others they became hostile and i gave up. however, i sent out a letter this time with the request plus my £10 cheque, did this by recorded letter on sat 18/11/2006. so i will have to see what hapens this time:-|
  7. hi everyone, i rang abbey to request details of all charges on 25th aug 2006. i have recieved approx 2 weeks ago this years bank statements. however this morning 29th sept i rang abbey to for an update re:previous 5 year statements were, the girl was very abrupt when i told her what i was ringing for, don't they make you mad!!! well anyway i realise time is running out for the 40 day deadline and i don't know what to do. 1. shall i start again and this time write with the request. 2. shall i just carry on and wait like the girl said 5-7 days till others come? and if i do nothing what happens when i want to claim my money back ,can they now ignore it? please help me someone:smile:
  8. hi everyone, this is my first time so bear with me. i was facinatated reading the links for bank charges that i today rang abbey requesting my last 6 years banks charges and transactions, i was cut off first time!!! the guy i spoke to said that i would be charged £10, i now wonder if i should also put my request in writing, can anyone help please?
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