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  1. Heya everyone, I sent the first letter off on the 9th October (2nd class) and they replied yesterday (23rd) saying that they acknowledge my letter and will take a course of action within 7 days. Now this is over the 14 day limit I said in my letter, so from the helpful advice of some of the folk in the Chatroom I'm gonna go ahead and send them a LBA. Will keep ya posted! Sion
  2. Heya everyone, I didn't know where to post this so I hope in this section it's appropriate! I'm sending an LBA to my bank and noticed that the template in the library doesn't have a [date] reminder... just thought it would be worth adding in case someone forgot to put the date on the letter and give the bank an open window Cheers, Sion
  3. Read the step-by-step and do it the data protection way. Ooh and read the step-by-step
  4. Heya everyone, This forum looks like a crackin source of support for everyone trying to get their charges! I'm a 20yr old student just finished my first year and I've been stung £100 in the last 2 weeks for going my overdraft limit. So I'm (and my parents lol are) a bit ****ed off about that! Also they stung me many a times on my gap year... I think the worst one was £30 for going in the red 6p bah. Anyways. I sent a letter on the 21st of August for my banking and got a reply today with a letter dated the 29th saying "I can confirm that arrangements will be made for the information to be provided within 40 days of the date of this letter". Now, if I'm correct they have 40 days from when they received my letter? Is there anything I should do right now... like sending them a letter saying that I expect them to do it before my 40 days otherwise they'll be breaching the DPA? I can afford to wait the extra week... but is it a good idea to show who's boss a bit? Cheers, Sion
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