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  1. Has anyone had any success claining back ppi from the yorkshire bank? Any info will be a big help.
  2. I have received a letter from yorkshire bank stating that they are going to defend my claim against them, And I will no longer hear from them, all further contact will be through theyre soliciters.. Please can somebody give mesome advice!!
  3. I have spent the last two evenings filling out my two N1 county court claims. The majority of this time was spent working out the interest that I can claim back under the section 69 county courts act. Has anyone else done the same. If so please let me know what happened. Cheers. Ross
  4. How do I make my court claim?
  5. I have sent my two LBA letters for my two existing accounts and have received a (I regret I am unable to agree a refund on this occasion) letter for both LBA...What do I do now?
  6. I work away a lot and I have been trying to claim back my charges from a&l. I have sent the first two letters and been knocked back. But I have been away for three weeks and now I am back I am ready to send my third letter but I am at least two weeks over my time scale.Is this going to be a problem or not. Or shall I carry on regardless with the letter.
  7. Im in unchartered territory here, could do with a little advice from anyone who is, or has been up to the stage I am at claiming MY money back!! Any hints or tips will be much obliged...Thank you Ross
  8. Ross


    Hi finally I have recieved some feedback from a Mr R Hughes of the A&L its not good but its a start..Basically I have been informed that the (oft) were not actually reffering to unfair charges by banks, but by credit card companies (also vampires but not as devious!!). As yet the (oft) have not entered into any discussions with the banking industry regarding current accounts, Therefore I am unable to agree with your request for a refund....Should that position change in the future, Then A&L will participate as appropriate. I am now moving on to the next stage of pursuing MY money..Wish me luck!!
  9. Hello consumer group Im new to this but am looking forwards to corresponding with people in a similar situation as me!
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