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  1. HI All Here are the papers scanned in ( I've only included the first page and the defense page) let me know if there is anything on there that shouldn't be. Thanks for all your support and advice! Kelly
  2. ok thank you, how do I ask the site team for help? I've taken a photo of the particulars and will attempt to upload it now , I've already registered on the fight back forum so will give them ago too! A couple of people have said there is a reference to my partners name ... just to clarify my partner and I are not married so his name should not be able to be connected to this thread ( unless I'm missing something? ) Many Thanks Kelly
  3. Ok I've managed to access the moneyclaim online site and all the claim number and passwords are correct with my case showing on the system, So I guess it's real ! I intend to defend the whole claim but wondered what the best approach would be? Many Thanks Kelly
  4. Hi Kiptower, Thanks for replying, well they look like real court papers and yes it does have a Claim No. for the northampton court which I can pay ( should I wish ) on the Moneyclaim website . I have just tried to log on with the claim number and password they provided but have been locked out for 2 hours as I either entered it incorrectly or they are not valid?? It has a court seal but I'm looking at it now that it could not be the real thing! I haven't got access to a scanner at the moment. I've looked on Google as to what it should look like but couldn't see anything. Do you kn
  5. Hi all CCJ now been issued !! Since the last post in mid july I haven't heard anything until a couple of days ago and have now been sent a CCJ. Can anyone help as to what I should include in my defense? I have had no contact with them so far and as mentioned before the "fine " is still in my partners name and therefore the CCJ is also. Thank you ! Kelly
  6. Hi I've received another letter - "FINAL WARNING PRIOR TO COURT ACTION" requesting £120 within 7 days. Just wanted to check I should just still ignore them and not send them a letter from the templates? thank you ! Kelly
  7. Thank you very much for your reply and I have removed the document ( it was quite late when I added it- very silly ) . One other thing that I forgot to mention, the official keeper of my car is my partner so I do not want to risk anything to his name but am happy to see what happens if it's in my name. Should I at least tell them to change it into my name? Thank you again.
  8. Hello All, I've Managed to get 2 fines for parking in my college Car park, I have a permit but had forgotten to display the permit. On one of the days they had the barriers up so to enter you had to use your id card which put me off needing to display the permit. After reading the advice from the forum I did not pay anything and the first contact I have from them is "FINAL WARNING PRIOR TO COURT ACTION" ( see attached) letters and saying I need to pay £120 ( each) within 7 days. I do not think it is fair to charge students when they have a parking permit which can easily be sorte
  9. Hi All Here is my claim number for this case if you would like to use it as evidence for your own. 7QZ01370 If you like any more information just PM me. Good luck Kelly
  10. Hi all Just to update you , I submitted my request for Judgement today (form N225) at Reading County Court. Although I was told serveral times that this was at the bottom of the original " notice of Issue " form, it was not. I eventually downloaded it from the local court website. Now I wait for this to be processed by the court. ( approx 5 days). They said I should give the Bank 28 days to respond?? Not sure I will be that patient though. Kelly Total Claim: £ 3265.01
  11. Thank's everyone for your support , and to BankFodder for his advice ! Just need to apply for Judgement now at the courts, I'll keep you posted. Kelly
  12. Hello, I have been waiting for my case to be given a date for the court hearing against Natwest but instead today received a letter from the court stating the following: Before DISTRICT JUDGE *****( NAME OF JUDGE) sitting at Reading County Court............ Upon receipt of parties' the allocation Questionaires WITHOUT NOTICE IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. Defense struck out as an abuse of process. 2. Claimant may enter judgement for the outstanding balance of the claim and court fees and interest. Does anyone know what I need to do next to " enter judgement"?
  13. Hi all, Thank you all for the replies, i will look into your suggestions and let you know how I get on..... Kelly xx
  14. Help me! I have just discovered (after being refused credit again!!) that I have a very bad credit score according to Experian. However, I have a good job, always paid my bills, my biggest crime is using...but not exceeding my overdraft of £400!...sometimes! It appears it is bad for the following reasons: 1) My twin who has not lived at this address for 8 years has defaulted and has a bad score (i thought this should not go against my score after the address/credit score regulation change in 2004) 2) My other brother (who I used own my house with untill last month) has a large
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