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  1. Thanks determindator. didn't realise you were allowed to do that.
  2. At the end of January I put in a claim for DLA (still getting that here in Northern Ireland). I mentioned that to my GP. She said that in my case it would be unlikely I would get it but she would fill in her part for me. About 4 weeks ago my support worker rang DLA to find out what the hold up was, only to be told that My GP had not sent the information they required. About 2 weeks ago I had an appointment with my GP and mentioned this. She said she would fax the details through to DLA. I rang DLA yesterday and they still had received nothing. And when I rang the surgery this afternoon, I asked the receptionist if she could check to see if anything had been done in relation to this. She said and said she would remind my GP. Has anyone else had this problem or is this a common thing that it may be because the GP is busy.
  3. Thanks for your input antone. As I already mentioned the money has not come through yet. And I see no reason why they couldn't have allowed me the cost of the bus fare home (£6) I did receive a little help from a local charity yesterday. Had it not been for my support worker I would not have been aware of this. Reading the information on the link provided above. The advisor should have been able to point me in the direction of other help. But when I asked where else I could go for help he couldn't answer me. I was in need of immediate help and the promise of a payment the following day could hardly be considered to alleviate the immediate need. I am on medication for depression and the whole episode has been very stressful and I feel as if I'm only starting to settle a bit now.
  4. Indeed, never thought that I should have pointed out I was in NI. I think the way they treat people needs to be reformed never mind the welfare system. It shouldn't be down to charities to do the governments job. In fact one charity is currently gathering information on the scale of the problem to present to the government. And even if my money does come through. I won't let the matter drop
  5. Northern Ireland might be different because no one has told me that. Just checked nidirect and they still give information on applying for a crisis loan
  6. Hi all. been a long time since I needed to post here I tried a search but couldn't find anything like my story. I have also posted this in the CAG facebook page because as I state at the end I want as many people as possible to know about this. Hi folks. I would like to ask has anyone ever been denied a crisis loan or know anyone that has. I'm between payments at the minute. My SSP has run out and am waiting for my ESA to come through. My money ran out at the weekend and my electricity and food ran out yesterday.. Went to my local SSO to get a crisis loan. The guy dealing with me rang the ESA office and told me that they had all they needed and no reason why a payment couldn't be put in my account today. Therefore I was refused a loan. They wouldn't even give me the price of a bus ticket home. Today at lunch time there was no payment in my account. Rang esa to be told there was nothing to say a payment had been authorised. He said he sent through an email to authorise an interim payment but said it would take 4 hours to be sorted. Because of the time I rang at meant no payment until tomorrow. Obviously that's unacceptable so rang the benefits enquiry line. The lady there said she couldn't help but told me to get back to esa and ask to speak to a supervisor. Did that and was told I couldn't be transferred but I would get a call from one before the end of the day. I didn't believe that so rang BEL again. This time the person told me he would transfer me to esa. Instead I was put through to JSA. I was told there that there should be no reason why esa couldn't transfer me to a supervisor. In desperation I rang my MP. As of 4.55 neither me or my MP has had no response from ESA. They have no idea the stress this has put me under. Luckily I don't have any children needing fed but regardless of that this is an unacceptable situation. I spoke to a charity worker who told me this is not a unique case and even mentioned that a family with 4 young children were denied a loan. Sorry this has been a long story but even though I was given some food I am furious I have been treated this way and want as many people as possible to know about this. I'm even thinking of going to the papers....national if needs be!! Is this normal practice or even accepable.
  7. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet or not. While being directed to another site I decided to do a little browsing and searching and came across this from Jackie Baillie of the Labour party in scotland So discredited has the process become that even Atos is pulling out of carrying out the assessments for the UK Government and has indicated clearly that it is because of attacks on staff and the reputational damage that it has suffered. The helpful briefing from Inclusion Scotland states: “the Work Capability Assessment is unfit for purpose regardless of who is contracted to carry it out.” I point out as gently as I can to the Scottish National Party the hypocrisy of its back benchers lodging motion after motion heaping condemnation on Atos, when we heard not a word when NHS Lanarkshire and Salus made a profit by helping Atos to deliver the very assessments that are so abhorred. That is another case of people saying one thing in public and another in private. The full debate can be found here. Just page down a couple of times http://www.theyworkforyou.com/sp/?id=2014-03-04.4.0&s=atos#g4.12 Elsewhere on that site I found out that atos are looking to be able to access medical records!!
  8. At past disciplinaries I have mentioned that I am being treated for depression. Unfortunately I didn't point out that it was a disability as I didn't think it was necessary to point that out.
  9. Hi all. Maybe I am being a bit over concerned here. A while back someone advised that I should seek a referral to Occi Health. Given that I have been on anti-D's for over 3 years now. I spoke to the employers nurse a few days later and mentioned this to her. She said she would mention it and asked for my permission to contact my gp for my notes, which I granted. Turns out my gp hasn't been contacted by my employer. On Monday I had a disciplinary for missing 3 days since January. In 2012 I missed 18 days in total (sick certificates have no bearing on whether or not you get a warning). Firstly they don't seem interested in helping to try reduce your absence, only reminding you that you need to turn up for work. Secondly, at the end of the meeting I mentioned the issue of my notes from the gp to the HR officer present. Her reply was, "You want us to see your notes?" Sounded to me like she was trying to make out I was doing something wrong. My concern is that by trying to avoid recognising that I am being treated for depression and therefore have a disability. Then they don't have to treat me as such. Whether that would mean more leniancy in regards discipline or whatever. Does this also mean that the duty of care they are so keen to talk about doesn't really exist! That is the impression I get. Thanks in advance for any help. Even if it's only to say I have nothing to be concerned about.
  10. Thanks for that Lily. And hope things are going ok for you. Despite my supervisor saying he would try to sort the error I made before the department manager would see it, I was called to HR to give my version of what happened. Spoke to the nurse on Thursday about OH referral. Gave permission for HR to contact my gp. Emmzzi in relation to you comment that you saw nothing to suggest that this is a good employer. Since the beginning of the year (since we got our pay rise) they have been deducting points from the production bonus of anyone who goes to the toilet.....or leave the line/workstation as they call it. And as these scores are only updated once a month. You are down money for all that time should you only need to use the toilet once. And worse yet. A female colleague has told me that when it comes to their 'time of the month' they are to let a supervisor know. There has been plenty of hearsay about this but I have seen no formal notification. Though apparently a notice had been pinned to the notice board. Also, despite me and another workmate having to go to the wages department about our pay falling below minimum wage. I found out last week that they are still allowing this to happen. To equal NMW our production bonus needs to be over £42. One guy told me last week he is only getting a bonus of about £30. As far as I know there should be measures in place to prevent this happening.
  11. TBH I wouldn't know the legal stance on that. But it could be construed as harassment. And I would definitely tell ofsted
  12. And also, what if he decides to drop my depression into his daily chit chat
  13. Thanks for that Lilythepink. And good to hear you're getting somewhere. I suppose I have never mentioned it to my supervisor for fear of it affecting any chance I may have of being trained up for other jobs (although that's unlikely to happen anyway). Or being put to even more demeaning or mundane tasks than I am now. I have however mentioned the fact that I am on anti depressants when in the disciplinary hearings I had. And at least one period of sickness last year the certificate was for acute stress. This however doesn't stop you being disciplined for absence.
  14. You're not wrong there Emmzzi . We get a production bonus!!! on top of our hourly rate (£1 less than NMW). When doing monthly appraisals (which are never face to face despite promises that that would happen at least once every 3 months) supervisors can raise or lower your bonus on things such as reliability attitude etc. But one thing I do know is that you cannot be cut to such an extent that you fall below NMW. And me and another colleague had to bring this up with the wages department around September-October last year. The clerk only went back six weeks (some weeks were just about ok in that period but that would have been due to the production output. I mislaid all my payslips when moving home earlier last year. But still believe there where many other times when I fell below NMW. Sometimes I am still tempted to give HMRC a call. Emmzzi they know very well they can just lift the phone and call the recruitment agency and get any number of workers (mostly migrant) so don't give a hoot.
  15. I think the nurse should be in this thursday so I will ask to see her and ask about it
  16. Unfoortunately I don't have the same faith in my employer. In the incident in 2010. The HR manager said she would arrange a meeting between me herself and the supervisor in question at that time. A couple of days later the supervisor came and just said 'could I have your assistance for a few minutes please' and promptly led me in the direction of the office. This gave several people the impression I had done something wrong and was being disciplined. In the meeting The HR manager had an A4 notepad in front of her. The supervisor told me to sit down (which I knew right away gave him the upper hand psychologically). The meeting started ok with him apologising if he had caused me any distress. But within a matter of a couple of minutes the whole thing was turned on it's head and it was all about me and the task I was doing at the time. I was doing the job the way he showed me but the meeting concluded with him saying that if he caught me not doing the job properly then I would be disciplined. I thought that was the end of the matter and had sorted things out. But that's when the things like following me to the clock machine, constantly checking to see if I was where I was supposed to be (intimidation in other words) etc. started. I went a couple of days later to HR to ask for a copy of the notes. She said she didn't make any though she was writing all the time we were in the meeting (she's not doing her job properly then). I mentioned the intimidation to the HR manager but she just said the supervisors have a right to check up on employees. One other thing. How can it be right in an appraisal meeting for a supervisor to bring up alleged mistakes that are supposed to have been made well over 10 years ago.
  17. Is that more than just seeing the nurse when she visits. I do see the nurse from time to time. Although even though she says she will see me in 4 weeks. It could be several months unless I request to see her myself.
  18. Yes Lilythepink. These sort of things destroy your confidence. At an appraisal meeting in 2010. The supervisor I had cause to complain about then, made me out to be the worst worker in the factory. And if other people don't have confidence in you then how are you supposed to have confidence in yourself. @stu007 I have had a look at the DAW bill. Had I known about it in 2010 I think I would have took further action against the supervisor I was having problems with then. I will come back and read those other items when I get the chance.
  19. Thanks for the prompt reply Emmzzi. As you could tell from my post I too know it will do me no good making a complaint. I still feel at a disadvantage from the last time I complained about a supervisor in 2010. I'm not sure if the depression is bad enough to be considered a disability. I have been on tablets for over three years now. There are many times I felt like just turning round and coming home again. I have just started an OU course to try and better myself but that's going to take years to complete. It's a shame they can get away with treating people like this because they know people wouldn't dare complain.
  20. Hi all. Firstly I would like to send my condolences to the colleagues and friends of Martin Kay. I am after a little help with regard to dignity and respect at work. On Thursday I made a bit of a mistake and my supervisor confronted me about it a short time later. But rather than take me to one side and have a quiet word. He proceeded to talk about it in a raised voice. Beside me was one workmate working at the same machine I was. About 20-30 yards away was another work colleague. This colleague heard the commotion and came and stood beside us to hear what was going on. At lunchtime this guy was telling other people want went on. I know this because he was standing beside me when spreading the news. As a result I got some 'stick' about the incident. I think it was bad enough that the supervisor confronted me in this way This isn't the first time I had problems with one of the supervisors. But that time I made a complaint but that ended up being to my detriment i.e. despite there being CCTV he followed me to the clock machine to watch me clocking out. Another day he called me to the office to justify why I clocked out at a certain time one day (the first time I had to do this in 13 years). As you can tell, relationships with the supervisors are starting to break down. And that can only have a negative affect on my employment with the company. I feel it would again 'not be in my best interest' to complain but can't allow this sort of thing to go on. I am already on tablets for depression and have had a couple of periods of absence in the last 12 months as a result. For which I have had 2 verbal warnings. Thanks in advance for any help you can give
  21. I do hope there is nothing malicious or false. I do believe it is the warnings that have done the harm. Nevertheless I did suggest it would be a good idea to have a word with her union rep. I haven't heard from her today. But it does look like she'll just have to accept that she is now jobless. Thanks again for the advice
  22. she has just told me she was told when she rang to find out something else. And the manager is to send her a letter. I think it is the warnings that have done the harm. Thanks for the help anyway
  23. Does she have the right to know what is in the reference?
  24. I have a friend who has worked as a nurse in a care home for the past 20 years. Recently conditions and moral in the home started to deteriorate. She recently (about two months ago) ended up been disciplined for use of her mobile phone during working hours (she works part time by the way). She was given a written warning for this (a bit harsh I thought) She was also disciplined for something else can't remember what it was now. I think they may not be relevant anyway. As a result of this and how conditions are at the home, she went off sick due to stress. While off she came across a similar job closer to her home. She filled out her CV and applied for the job (all done online). The home phoned her the next day to arrange an interview. It went well and she told me it was just a matter of waiting for the necessary checks to be done. She has already handed in her notice with her current employer. I got a message from my friend this evening to say that the new place wrote to her current manager who has apparently given an unsatisfactory reference. So therefore the job has fallen through. Am I not right in thinking that an employer is not allowed to give a bad reference?
  25. Got it kinda sorted. The wages clerk is correcting the figures and worked out I'm owed £29. Supervisors are supposed to have a face to face meeting with each of us at least every three months or sooner if we have been marked up or down. I asked my supervisor 2 weeks ago for an appraisal and I'm still waiting. Meanwhile others that I work with have had theirs. And if I go to HR about it the supervisor is unhappy about it then so that doesn't help matters. I did this back in April 2010 and the supervisors remarks were very cutting to say the least. I have had no meeting since that time until March (I think) this year. Emmzzi believe me I cannot wait to get out of the dump. Thanks for your help by the way.
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