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  1. Sorry, I should have said that there is no known employer. He claims to be too ill to work but is never at home!
  2. About 18 months ago I took an ex-partner to court to recover money that I had lent him during our relationship. He admitted the debt, made an offer of payment and judgement was entered. He kept up the agreed payments (with one "blip") until he had paid just over half of the order, then decided he couldn't afford it any more. He hasn't made a payment since January. I applied for a Warrant of Control which was issued but I have now had a letter from the Court stating that the Warrant has been returned as the bailiff has been unable to meet with the debtor. I know he still lives at the address given but just does not answer the door to unexpected callers. What is my next course of action? It seems that he is laughing at me and the Court and I just don't know what to do next. The original claim was for approximately £1100 and the outstanding balance is £470. Thanks
  3. Well that's that then. The judge allowed the set aside in spite of our best efforts:mad: I'm waiting to see the full order in the morning but she has ordered Cobbetts to file their defence by 4pm on 15th November and us to respond to their Part 18 request by 29th November. We're going to be looking for some serious help now so watch this space
  4. I would like to say Hi to everyone on this site, My husband and I are on a mission to get our money back from NatWest. We have sent the first two letters and now we embark on the dark journey to the courts. We are just about to put our case into court for refund of our bank charges £9000 approx, plus the payments made on my loan over the last three years £5300 (my loan was only for £5800 and I still have 2 years to go!!) So I hope we can also be successful as other on this site have been. Wish us luck:-o
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