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  1. Hi the shadow i think i will go for the whole charges and interest where do i start. thanks for the fast reply. Andy
  2. Hi there i have just recieved my SAR back from crap1 and have just gne through my charges from 03-10-01 to 25-01-09 can i claim all these back? The charges are listed as overlimit fee, Annual fee,late payment fee, the charges go from 18,20, to 12 pounds can i clain these amounts back and what interest should i apply and how do i do that? Also what letter template do i next use? I know these are all newbie thing and i have been searching and reading but i just get more confused:? my charges total 644 pounds Thanks Andy
  3. Hi there i have two loans one with Black Horse unsecured and one with paragon personal finance secured. heres are the links to both credit agrements can some one please help me im trying to get them as unenforcable loans just need somone to look at the agreement to see if i have a case and the path i should follow page 1 http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/l...lackHorse1.jpg page 2 Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket Page 1 http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/l...ragonside1.jpg Page 2 Image hosting, free photo sharing & vid
  4. thanks now doing my letters is there a list of bank addresses any were that i need to send these to?
  5. thanks silverfox1961 im on the case now doing my first letter:D as for the subject access is there a template letter for that and any fee i need to send? i have searched but not found one im not very good at this but im learning.
  6. OK where to start? here goes Credit cards Capital one 1)I have no original agreement from what i have read on this forum i need to send for an original signed agreement. 2)Will they want a fee for this? 3)Is there a standard letter i must send? Barclaycard Same as above but i will be claiming my ppi back as well will this have any affect on trying to claim it as an unenforceable agreements? Loans Black Horse ltd 1)I have the original loan agreement here should i still send for an original off them to see what they have got and compare.
  7. Thanks for that i will send it of in the next couple of days and go from there.:) Thanks Andy
  8. ok i will get the ball rolling and wright a letter to them canceling my ppi and ask for a breakdown on my loan. See what happens from there are there any standard letters that i may use? Thanks for all your help so far Andy
  9. Hi hellhasnofury yes the loan has 7 years left to run. Time to cancel me thinks:D if we was'nt so desperate at the time for the money we would have never taken the loan out but that what these companys thrive on. So what do i do first cancel the policy and see what they take off the loan. When do i send the misold polecy leter? or if you could list what order i should do thing in. Thanks Andy
  10. Hi there hellhasnofury thanks for the reply. Her goes this is all the info i have. Yes i have a credit agreement with paragon this it what is says or as listed A Cash loan amount £15,000.00 B Payment protection premium £4,050.00 loan amount C Total Amount of credit (A+B) £19,050.00 D monthly rate of interest 0.9450% E APR 11.9% F number of monthly payments 120 G monthly repayment £266.09 Further down it say total price for the insurance premium with interest will be £6,788.53 if rates do not change. do you nee
  11. Hi to every one i've been reading this forum for ages and my head is spinning as what to do next or first should i say. Me and my wife took out a secured loan with Paragon and got PPI with it as we understood if we did not take it there would be no loan. Also we had to payup front so had to get a bigger loan. Loan amount £15000 added to the loan PPI loan amount £4050 11.9% apr at the time taking it out 20/04/2005 total loan £19050 this was joint loan but single cover plan. Do we have a case and what is the first thing we should do. Thanks Andy
  12. Hi there to everyone just joined. What a realy good site now to start reading.
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