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  1. A little advice please. The jokers seems to have resurfaced on the same matter. And now claim to have sent me a CCA, and phone every day. As part of this settlement I have a letter from Sarah Lambert (the CEO of MKDP) which says Dear Boyfalldown Ref - Court Case We are in receipt of your claim form in which you have requested MKDP LLP cease processing your data, delete your information from any third party system and remove the default registered on your credit file. I can confirm that all of the above requests were actioned on (date) Pleas accept my apologies for any
  2. The compliance manager is Lucy Brown. Her email address is [email protected] Just saying.
  3. OK - a little update. The defaults are now gone from my credit file (all agencies) and MKDP have nice complaints with the ICO and the OFT about them. All it took was a CPR part 8 claim requesting a court order that they comply with the data protection act or produce documentation supporting their right to carry on processing this data. I took this route because I was 100% confident that they could produce neither a CCA agreement (correct or otherwise) or a default notice and I thought this would probably be the quickest way. I did make it very clear in my poc they could not produce a
  4. maybe worth checking your credit files. MKDP seem to have a habit of adding defaults out of spite
  5. don't take this as gospel. Mortgage debts become SB after 12 years so don't send an SB, but the council of mortgage lenders has stated they won't take enforcement action unless they start it before a debt is 6 years old. I wouldn't of thought they'd be able to get a CCJ (may be wrong though)
  6. A short update. I sent a written complain to the jokers, and also to the CRA's about this. As expected I got the standard 'Our subscribers issue, not up to us' response from the CRA's. Anyway jokers responded that it relates to a Welcome finance account which I've never had, and that they would obtain paperwork by today. More importantly they have made no effort to contact me before adding the default and claim they "would" have converted an existing Welcome account to their ownership with the CRAs Anyway - I've sent of complaints to the ICO and the OFT about their behaviour. My f
  7. I had a different complaints manager Chris Cox Deputy Claims Team Manager Direct Line: 01908 821975 Switchboard: 01908 830001
  8. I may well be way off the mark here, but from what you've said I get the impression you were paying the judgement for a fair time. Just to point out if you've been paying this for 4 years, with the lump you gave as well then you'd have more then paid the debt off. Ask the jokers for a statement
  9. I've not checked noodle.co.uk yet, will do this afternoon. Theres no chat function for Equifax, but I have put in a complaint about them carrying this account
  10. Thanks Richard. dx this is what they've added on my report. I notice they've dated the update 23 Feb, but they actually did it last week, and my updates from Equifax show this
  11. nope - I only noticed it because Exquifax sent me an email telling me about a new credit account on my file.
  12. none at all I'm afraid. Even though the default is dated Sept 2009, they registered it, and the account with the CRAs last Tuesday, so I don't think in can be just a name change. I'd sent them a prove it exisits letter well over a year ago and heard nothing back, so assumed (wrongly) the'd gone awat
  13. I've noticed these jokers have registered a default with the CRA's for an account I have no knowledge of. They registered the default with a date of September 2009 which is before they had a consumer credit licence, so I'm rather assuming there is a complaint to the OFT right there. Default was registered last week, nearly three years after the default date. I also went back through my records and found the jokers had written to me in Feb 2011, and I'd replied with a prove it letter shortly afterwards. This was ignored. So far I've written to them, requesting the default notice, and
  14. OK - silly question time, the section you've referenced refers specifically to the magistrates act so why would it have meaning in a county court setting? I'm sure what they're getting at is an option to use bailiffs but why the terminology
  15. No idea what a warrant of control is, TBH at a guess I'd say they're making it up. If they issue a claim in Cardiff, and you defend the case will automatically be transfered to your local county court. They still have to issue a summons as normal, and you have to defend should they do so, but this would be by post. Anything from there on in would be local to you
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