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  1. Got my ££ back.. so for a coat that was £80 on Xmas eve I got for £20 ! They were reslly good to be fair I felt quite bad !
  2. Thanks allot.. I have actually called the store & they have agreed to refund the £20 ! I got lucky - thanks allot - Hapyy New Year
  3. Hi guys Went to the Next Sale this morning .. Got a coat that I had got my eye on.. it was £80.. I paid £40 but when I got home the tag on it said ' 'was £80 Now £20' ??????????? Am I now able to go back to the shop & state they overcharged me by £20 ??? cheers
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    Shouldnt be too long now, They Acknowledged mine on 04.04.07... Cheque in the post for full amount on 19.04.07
  5. Its been a battle but have now been informed a cheque for the full amount claimed has been issued !
  6. Well Guys.... Argos Just Called Me Now (2 Days Late) There Was Me Expecting Them To Be On The Phone For Hours Going Through Each & Every Charge To Explain Where The Discrepancy Was From What They Said They Charged Me & What I Told Them They Had Charged Me... She Said I Am Pleased To Let You Know That The Cheque For The Full Amount Of Your Claim & Interest & Court Charge Was Sent Out Recorded Post Yesterday ! so There Was No Discrepancy In The 1st Place...and They Defended Part Of The Claim On Moneyclaim... They Are Sooooo Sly. Im Overjoyed Tho !!!!
  7. Thanks.. I contacted Argos last night & they are calling me back this mornng to go throgh it all with me... wish me luck !
  8. Whats the worst that can happen now ? Say If I am wrong ? I know I have all the statements but now im worrying there could of been a system error or some other c0ck up where they have given me wrong info on statements ? Help !
  9. Hi Im here now !! Argos wrote back to me after my 1st letter to them to inform me the amount I was claiming was wrong.. I then wrote to them asking where the discrepencies were & they never responded. All copies of statements have been sent to them 3 times now & I highlighted every charge on every statement. They have failed to respond to my letter which requested a full explanation as to why they had a totally different amount ! So I went onto send LBA & Now Moneyclaim has been issued they have written to me again to say "as stated before the amount is different" I called them strait away & asked them if they could explain over the phone as to why they were coming up with a totally different amount & she said I would have to write in ?? I havewnt written in as I have asked them previously for an explanation which they failed to do & also with the MoneyClaim ball already rolling & nearly up -they would never of responded in time anyway ?
  10. Well my Moneyclaim was issued on 5th April...Same with Egg - Egg have agreed to pay up but havent heard a peep from Argos ! Reckon they are gonna be a tough one
  11. Some Company have written to me on behalf of Egg saying basically I can have my ££ back.. Havent got the letter to hand to know the Name. I have to sign something & send it back within 8 days.. has anyone else had this ??? Cheers
  12. Well you have tried at the end of the day.. I cant believe your Landlord doesnt know ? If it was through a Lettings agent they should of given you all the details..did you not chave to call anyone to give them the metre readings when you 1st moved in ?
  13. sorry my memory is bad..i didnt realise I had already posted the 1st stage of this mess..please feel free to merge threads..but please put updates one at bottom - thanks
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