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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I had a mortgage with Abbey between 2004 and 2007. In that time I lost my job and subsequently our home. I borrowed £50,000 but by the time the house was sold I owed them almost £55,000 with missed payments, charges, interest and suchlike most of which were accumulated in the space of only 6 months. I have absolutely none of my statements or paperwork as it all seems to have been lost when we moved. Can I claim back the charges and if so, how far back can I go? Obviously some of them will be outside the 6 year limit. What do I have to request from them as all I have is my name, address and t
  3. I sent the originals to the Finance and Leasing Association as I was told they HAD to have the originals, as I said when I requested the originals back they had sent them to GE Money after only copying one side of the insurance document even though it states clearly on the front that the terms and conditions are on the reverse. My parents never had an original copy of the loan agreement as the guy took everything with him after is was signed. They took the loan through Midland and General and the paperwork we have all says First National. It was GE Money I tried to claim through, they said I
  4. My parents took out a loan in 1996 and were told they HAD to take PPI with it. They were both sold individual single premium policies that were entirely useless to them. We went through the entire process and were told we had to contact the Finance and Leasing Association when all else failed. We were told "Tough luck, there were no laws then to stop them ripping you off and they did, nothing we can do." My father was self employed, my mother only worked part time. We sent them the original copies of the paperwork they asked for and when we asked for them back,
  5. I spoke to a young chap on the NatWest telephone banking line today. The first question I asked him was "When I use my debit card is the transaction amount deducted from my AVAILABLE balance immediately?" "Yes." He replied, categorically. "So how when I paid £39.04 on April 5th did it not come off my available balance immediately when authorisation was requested as it has done in 55 out of 57 cases and you are now sticking me for £66 in charges?" "Ah well, it doesn't all the time." "Why not?" He then put me through to a woman who told me several times that "The company you're paying
  6. In case anyone else needs to know the Rock's MO. I signed their form and returned it to say I would accept their charges until I could sort out another account, which I did. As soon as I began transferring stuff to the other account I got a letter from the Rock saying I had not returned their form agreeing to their charges within the required 30 days and so they were reducing my account to basic status, ie no £35 fee free buffer zone. So, as I now have a letter saying I did not agree to their charges I am reclaiming a further £84 in unauthorised OD charges and £14 in charges for an autho
  7. I didn't think anyone else would touch me with the proverbial ten foot one. I've applied for other accounts and been knocked back before. Thanks for the info dear heart.
  8. My parents took out a loan in desperation in 1997. They saw an ad in Exchange and Mart for a company called Midland and General who were offering a loan of £15,000 with insurance over 7 years for £285 a month or thereabouts. They called the UNSECURED loan number in the ad and a visit was arranged. A young man came out, the first thing my mother said was if it was a loan where they took your house if you couldn't meet the payment at some point she didn't want it. He assured her it wasn't. The forms were signed in my mother's house in the presence of me, my mother and the agent from M&G, m
  9. Well, I had the neck for owt but soap and wrote to the Northern Rock informing them that almost £300 had disappeared into thin air. Just to be sure I also put in a claim at the court for the missing sum. They sent the cheque before they were even informed of the claim so I told the court and the matter is now closed. OR IS IT? I heard nothing from them after they settled the rest of the claim on August 29th. They did not threaten to close my account. I tried very hard to not go over my £35 buffer zone limit, but due to a cock up at work concerning my wages I wound up being unable not to. I
  10. Soz that I've not posted for yonks dudes, deaded computer, now nice and speedy courtesy of the nice folks at Capital One Bank (Europe)plc. Northern Rock sent me a cheque this morning for £1155.56. According to their letter this represents the total amount claimed plus 29 days interest at 0.29 p. However the total amount claimed was actually £1440.48, they seem to have 'lost' £300 quid.
  11. Well, I got a letter this morning to say that they have acknowledged my claim and now we wait some more...........
  12. Well I submitted my claim, no word as yet but as we seem to have ascertained the Northern Rock like to take the long way around things!
  13. Everyone else seems to have been great, except for the arrogant tit of a consultant. They are currently doing the throwing every type of chemo at her known to man thing. She is into the alternative therapies anyway, so she's trying all that as well, even if it don't help it can't hurt. She's pretty much too knackered to do much at the moment. I have a nasty feeling it will turn out that the lump she found after her chemo in 2002 will mysteriously not appear in any of her records until the consultant finally got the plastic surgeon to a biopsy 19 months after she first found it. We just hav
  14. My sister went to a number of doctors in late 2001 with an anomaly in her breast, she was 38. She was told a number of things, it didn't feel like cancer, it didn't look like cancer and my personal favourite 'girls your age don't get it'. Finally someone took her seriously and sent her for a biopsy. On December 11th they said it was nothing to worry about, a week later they said it was cancer. She had a double mastectomy at her own insistence and the reconstruction at the same time. 5 months after her first lot of chemo ended she found a lump exactly where the first was. Her consultant said
  15. I suppose the LBA did say I would start court proceedings without further warning. I shall get to grips witht the court forms today and let you know how things pan out.
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