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  1. Bumping merely adds activity to a thread, and "bumps" you to page 1 again, so that more people get to see your thread, and then hopefully someone with detailed knowledge can advise regards vselym
  2. SupermanX Im by no means an expert, but from experience i would try and flesh this thread out with some details, so that the real experts can give concise answers straight away. eg, what constitutes the alledged debt ? were you aware of it ? who was the original creditor ? were the papers served correctly ? that sort of thing ? Best of Luck anyway regards vselym
  3. Thanks Slick123 All points made are valid, but i'm gonna take a punt on £10's worth of SAR letter, can't see it doing any harm Will post with results Regards vselym
  4. Thanks Slick123 I understand what you say, but the Limitations Act is 6 years, and is there to protect the individual as much as allow unscrupulous DCA's to keep alive "debts" and update the CRA's addinfinitum ! Whilst this happened 4 years ago, at the time I wasn't mentally in a place to do anything about it, or as i thought at the time, financially in a position to instruct a solicitor to deal with it. It is only with the help recently of this site that i would feel confident in bringing a case myself. And believe me this bankruptcy cost me far more than £10500.00 !!
  5. Slick I was only aware of the senior charges after i had contacted Shaw & Co about a month after the anullment was granted. I wrote to them requesting the return of the £1000.00 powergen hadn't been paid, to which i was informed that that had been swallowed by costs. I requested a breakdown of costs which is where the "senior" costs first appeared regards vselym
  6. Hi Slick123 the anullment order was granted in May 2002, approx 2 years from the original bankruptcy order, which incidentally was ammended twice before i was made aware of it. The first two bankruptcy orders had incorrect details on them. Regards vselym
  7. Hi all, just putting this out there to see if anyone can catorgorically state "leave it alone, you've no chance !" Potted History As Follows : In 2002 i was made bankrupt for the sum of £3500.00 by CEF (City Electrical Factors). In 1998 I had opened an account as a Sole Trader, with CEF, which had run without problem for approx 2 yrs. In 2000, my company became "Ltd" upon the advice of my accountant, and traded for 18 months with CEF without issue. (BTW all purchase orders and payments were made by "Ltd" company headed paper and cheques) Late 2001, the "Ltd" company was folded
  8. Personally speaking, i wouldn't opt for bankruptcy, a year looks good as a headline, but trust me the ramifications are far more reaching ! Have you contacted one of the FREE debt helplines ? Do a search and give them a call. Bottom line is that if you do owe the money, they can only have what you can afford, even if thats a small amount monthly ! Do some reading on here for other peoples experiences, it probably isn't the lost cause you currently see it as regards vselym
  9. Thanx but don't think i've finished with them yet ! regards vselym
  10. Evening letter received from Experian today, file will be deleted in the next 7 days ! They also advise me to contact the other cra's and give me their address' , how considerate My SAR is also being collated and should be with me shortly, we'll see regards vselym
  11. Update Final phonecall with IS confirms no record should show on the cra's. So letter sent special delivery 04/12/07, 21 days and counting regards vselym
  12. Hi I agree that the cra's can process bankruptcies, but not once annulled. An annullment is in effect a reversal of time, it means that the bankruptcy never was. If asked on an application form, "have you ever been declared bankrupt ?", i can legally answer "NO" It is completely different to a discharge. I have had many discussions with the IS about this, as I wanted to be sure before I took the cra's on regards vselym
  13. Intend to defend in full, deja vu, didn't they say that over your charges then offer no defence ? When will a court sort these banks out ? Best of luck regards vselym
  14. Hi lookinforinfo thanks for replying I think i've confused you with the London Gazette part of the letter. I can find their search engines without problem. The issue is that Experian claim that was their source for their data records regarding my annulled bankruptcy. The Insolvency Service do not advertise annulments, that is down to the individual, ie me. I didn't choose to advertise mu annulment, and as such no record exists with the Gazette ! So Experian for want of a better expression, are telling porky pies ! The other part of an annulment, is to "dismiss" the original bankruptc
  15. Thanks car but 06.44am, note to self req'd methinks ! regards vselym
  16. 2nd draft of letter to Experian any thoughts gratefully received Experian Ltd PO Box 8000 Nottingham NG80 7WF 26th November 2007 Our Ref : FAO Data Controller Letter 3 Dear Sir/Madam Upon conducting an audit of my personal financial affairs, I was dismayed to find on my Experian credit file, reference number XXXXXXXX, under entry J1, a reference to a “satisfied” bankruptcy, which I can only assume refers to my “annulled bankruptcy”. As a data controller you are obliged to adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998, and I would draw your atte
  17. Hi tomterm8, thanks for reply 6. — (1) The processing is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by the data controller or by the third party or parties to whom the data are disclosed, except where the processing is unwarranted in any particular case by reason of prejudice to the rights and freedoms or legitimate interests of the data subject. ok, i agree that this is the only part they can rely on, but is it not the case that signing tandc's is a tri-agreement ? Me, the institution who's tandc's i sign and the cra piggybacking ? Most tandc's go o
  18. Thanks car2403 was gonna pad it slightly..........honest injun ! Forgot to mention aswell that part of the annulment is to "dismiss" the original bankruptcy petition. Surely if a judge has done this once there is no reason they wouldn't take the same approach if i ended up in court over this ? The bankruptcy effectively never happened ! Another point is having searched the IS (Insolvency Service) website, the term "satisfied" doesn't appear anywhere, you just don't satisfy a bankruptcy, you're either annulled or discharged thanks for input regards vselym
  19. i think i've read that before, who pays the ICO's wages one asks ? I'm not gonna rant now 'cos time is short ! Here's a draft of my letter to Experian, if any one has pointers/advice, would be much appreciated Experian Ltd PO Box 8000 Nottingham NG80 7WF 26th November 2007 Our Ref : FAO Data Controller Letter 3 Dear Sir/Madam NOTICE PURSUANT TO S.10&S.12 DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 As a data controller I would draw your attention to the following Data Protection Act 1998 Schedule 1 Part 1 The Principles 4
  20. tomterm8 thanks for all your support the reason i only have 1 bank account, no credit cards, no utility bills(all on tokens) pay as u go mobile phone, is ......... you guessed it...........not a good credit file ! It's catch 22, they put you there then won't let you out regards vselym
  21. car2403 Help please, im stuck ! i hope this works, agree was way off topic, but am also gonna sar the cra's so will keep looking here for info. Any help greatly appreciated regards vselym
  22. car2403 read your default thread last night, and see now why you advised a lengthy process was inevitable, however, although i may be over simplifieing my case, there is no issue of agreements being un/enforceable. i have an annulment and their data is wrong, simple as ! i have also now got in my head an argument that says i have never given them (cra's) implied or otherwise, authority to process such data as a bankruptcy regards vselym
  23. dx100uk do you mean they can share data with anyone else signed upto the cra ? ie another financial institution And the agencies you refer to being the Insolvency Service for example ? I'm only asking for some clarification, as the Insolvency Service stipulate that they do NOT inform cra's of court orders. I understand the argument that my signing tandc's with say a bank allows them to contact the cra's and that allows the cra to process my data, but as has been discussed here many times, no agreement = no right to process. I dont have any agreement with a court, nor they with a cr
  24. Have read dpa as many times as i can without going doolally ! Question is where do CRA's obtain the right to record Bankruptcies, IVA's and CCJ's ? As far as i can see i've never signed any t&c's which allow them to process my information that is in the public domain ? and i certainly never signed an agreement with them ? It may have been said before, so apologies and a signpost to thread would be appreciated thanks vselym
  25. Again thanks car2403, please don't misunderstand me, i am fully aware of the game the cra's are playing ! We're bigger than you and can type longer letters etc. I'm not coming from a standpoint of trying to beat the system, merely cover all my bases in the first letter such that the clock starts ticking the moment the letter lands on their desk. That gives them less room for manouevre on the delaying tactics they employ with us, the "unwashed masses" (i'm sure Surlybonds has that copyrighted by now !) Am just throwing this out there so as to be sure i haven't missed something vital
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