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  1. FS try here https://mercury.glentruim.com/cag/servlet/actionrequest
  2. FS I would not worry about what you did or didnt promise them on the phone, just let it be a lesson, and only use written communication in future ! I would write to them offering a monthly payment, that you can comfortably afford, include the first instalment by postal order, and request a paying in book/their account details, PRINT dont sign your name, and send it recorded delivery so you have proof, and await their response. They cant make you pay it in one go, and i find it very difficult to believe that any judge would order as much ! I would under seperate cover send a
  3. FS Who instigated the phonecall, them or you ? regards vselym
  4. fluffysammy dont panic, am i right in thinking this was for a current account ? If so then a CCA request is pointless, and a SAR will be required as regards talking to them on the phone, just dont do it ! Let us know some detail and someone will advise the best course of action regards vselym
  5. ivetried...... for the sake of clarity, what actions and against who, have you taken so far ? regards vselym
  6. tamjo0 letter looks fine, remember print your name DONT SIGN ! Recorded/Special delivery so you have proof of receipt You would need to SAR Robinson Way seperately, i take it youve had no contact from them ? regards vselym
  7. Hi StevieB52 Although im no expert, as far as im aware, providing they are in default of the cca request, it provides a complete defence against enforcement. To apply for a set aside you need form N244 from your local court, and i think id be right in saying you also would want to challenge the fast track element of the claim Im sure if im wrong someone else will redirect you regards vselym
  8. tamjo0 a sar should include all communications regarding the account, including statements, any letters sent to you, including default notices if issued, wouldnt one of them be nice eh ? im pretty sure they wouldnt alter any info, as they cant be sure what info you may have kept, which if produced in court would blow them outta the water, so they wont risk it. what they may well do is delay things or send incomplete data, be sure to point out that yhou require ALL activity on the account, not just the last six years, which is another trick they try regards vselym
  9. Tamjo0 all valid points, The Information Commissioners Office may speak with forked tongue though, http://www.ico.gov.uk/upload/documents/library/data_protection/practical_application/credit_%20agreements%20-%20data_%20sharing.pdf i would get an sar off asap aswell, it starts the clock ticking while your waiting for the cca request back, and writing letters, the information will then be to hand when this starts to get interesting, rather than having to wait another possible40 days i should point out i totally agree with you, just trying to show you possible hurdles reg
  10. tamjo0 there is no statute which allows dca's/cra's to process defaults for 6 years, its supposedley industry agreed/standard but the ICO seems to believe that processing can continue insofar as it enables other potential lenders to see what a good/bad boy/girl youve been, and that that outweighs your right to remove the data you could challenge L&S on the grounds that your contract with them is terminated, and with it their right to process your data, but it will likely be a protracted affair, and you need to be aware that it may end up in court, and with that comes the ris
  11. manc1976 id get it off now, the timescales are fairly similar regards vselym
  12. hi manc1976 have u sar'd Lloyds for any possible reclaimable charges otherwise keep us updated regards vselym
  13. Sussex1 that may depend on why you cca'd them in the first place regards vselym
  14. hi toofiegap try looking here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/99376-telephone-harassment-action-plan.html
  15. tamjo0 have a read through this thread, may get some ideas from it http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legalities/20118-default-hell.html?highlight=surlybonds
  16. hi broken arrow do you know what it could be they're chasing ?
  17. bell3c was this a current account, or a loan ? Do not reply to them at the mo, but do not just ignore it. Chances are by the sounds of it, its statute barred, ie unenforceable, but you'll need to find out exactly when the last payment/written confirmation from you was made im sure an SAR will turn up the details you require regards vselym
  18. have you considered setting up a standing order for an amount you can reasonably afford
  19. Monkey 08 i would have said the same, apply for the CCJ to be set aside, there are plenty of threads on here that have had to do the same. I'm sure that if you ring your local court, they will be able to advise what form you need and send it to you. Once you;ve got that underway you can start to dig on here for help in getting the judgement set aside and then prove as its statute barred, unenforceable keep us posted regards vselym
  20. Monkey 08 Firstly dont admit in any way shape or form to this alledged debt. Is the CCJ a threat or has it been to court ? if so when ? When do u last recall paying anything towards this loan ? sounds like it could well be statute barred, therefore unenforceable and Global are just chancing their arm regards vselym
  21. Notcher if ur going to send SAR's aswell, one letter to Lloyds will cover both the overdraft and the credit card regards vselym
  22. Notcher no problem, keep us posted, and refer back if u get stuck ! btw it will be a long drawn out process, so you'll have plenty of time to read around the site and pick up loads of useful info ! regards vselym
  23. Hi Notcher sorry to hear of your recent troubles, sounds not disimilar to my recent past ! Although no expert, i'd put a CCA request into the 3 original creditors for the loans, not the Lloyds overdraft, its not governed by the CCA. Templates available in the library. This will asscertain whether the debt is enforceable, not that im advocating debt avoidance ! Then SAR all 3 again, which will see whether there are any charges you can reclaim. Do each request under separate cover so as not to confuse the poor institutions, all recorded/special delivery. Dont sign anything,
  24. Lottiex Please don't speak to them on the phone again ! They don't know/care about your problems, and will do whatever they can to get any amount of money out of you, and as you've stated it doesn't help your health one iota ! How long ago did this happen ? Firstly make sure your other half knows, no point having that worry aswell, then contact your bank and cancel any DD in favour of C*apquest. How long have you been paying the debt ? Are there any charges you can claim back ? Any insurance you could use given your incapacity ? Regards vselym
  25. If 2001 debt, by end of 2007 wasnt it Statute Barred any way? regards vselym
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