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  1. Hi all, I am currently helping my step daughter sort out her pdl with The Money Shop. We became aware of the problem in July 2013 when she moved back in with us. She received a default notice dated 16/07/13 claiming she owed £582.83. I sent TMS a letter, recorded delivery, on the 23/07/13 explaining she was currently unemployed, applying for JSA, could they freeze interest, provide their account details so payments could be made when her financial situation improved, and also included a SAR. I simultaneously obtained all 3 CRA reports. I changed her bank account as well. Received SA
  2. Evening uhtbk, firstly I'm sorry to hear you and your son are going through this, but please bear in mind this is all sortable ! Bazooka Boo's advice is all good and I would add the following... Plan of action is key, firstly I would suggest changing bank accounts regardless, and if possible change your son's mobile number but retain the old sim in an old phone so you can keep a log of calls made to it. This should ease his mind about answering calls, and hopefully yours too. Whilst it sounds like p2p have been grossly negligent, you need to find out exactly what has gone o
  3. Evening, the following went to MyLoan.co.uk today, My loan 5300 Lakeside Cheadle Royal Business Park Manchester SK8 3GP THIS IS A FORMAL COMPLAINT Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for your swift response to my letter dated 24th July 2013. I am however disappointed that you either didn’t understand what I said, or chose to ignore it. Whilst I did enter my debit card details into your website, I was under the impression this was for credit checking purposes, and not explicit authorisation to take a fee of £69.99 for a brokerage service or membership of your company
  4. Received letter from Lloyds on 2nd August, dated 31st July in response to above letter, their reply reads ; Thank you for letting us know your concerns about your debit card dispute. We always welcome customer comments as it helps us to put things right for you. As you mentioned, two payments to My Loan caused your account to be overdrawn and our Debit Card Disputes department refused to raise a chargeback. A member of staff informed your stepfather that her decision was based on her experience. We appreciate how this situation has made you feel, however, our review shows no mis
  5. Evening, sent this today, and received "cancellation form" from myloan. Letter to myloan will be drafted tonight and sent tomorrow, any comments greatly received ta Xxxxx name xxxxxX xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Address XXXX XXX 30th July 2013 Lloyds Banking Group Customer Services BX1 1LT THIS IS A FORMAL COMPLAINT Acc. No: xxxxxxxx Sort Code: xx-xx-xx Dear Sir/Madam This relates to two entries on the above account, dated on the enclosed copied statement as the 3rd and 10th June 2013. I recently attended the xxxxxxx branch, 87-34-xx, on
  6. I have searched the forum extensively re myloans, and yes I could hang around for a while and collect £64-99, but that doesn't answer all the questions.
  7. Now a dog with a bone, here are extracts from myloan t's&c's 5. Fees We charge a fee for providing a service of acting as a finance broker. We specify the fee as part of our communications with You. If You do not enter into a loan offered by lender or financier within the 6 months that we act for You. We will refund the fee less than the £5 brokerage fee provided for by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Refunds must be requested in writing to avoid repayments being sent to a wrong address. To facilitate Us processing payments and repayments You authorise Us to retain your charge, cr
  8. This is from the OFT's guide to Unfair Contracts Group 6(a): Unequal cancellation rights Schedule 2, paragraph 1, states that terms may be unfair if they have the object or effect of: (f) authorising the seller or supplier to dissolve the contract on a discretionary basis where the same facility is not granted to the consumer … 6.1.1 Fairness and balance require that consumers and suppliers should be on an equal footing as regards rights to end or withdraw from the contract. The supplier's rights should not be excessive, nor should the consumer's be over-restric
  9. Thanks RI, but Lloyds are insistent this is not a CPA. I would beg to differ, myloans t's&c's state they will attempt to take "their fee" of £69-99 first, if this fails they will attempt a £1-00 transaction to validate the card, then try for a further 60 days to collect the balance of £68-99, and as I see it that is so they can catch anyone's payday regardless. I would have thought as they are selling a service, brokering, if they failed to collect at the first attempt then they don't provide the service, simples ?! This raises questions in my mind which I'll list briefly; Do their t's
  10. ok, am I complaining about lack of compliance with FCA chargeback guidelines, allowing transactions to process therefore maybe invoking breach of BCOBS, was looking for the best line of attack ...
  11. Oh well, this is going to get messy methinks. Lloyds TSB Scotland Visa Debit Disputes simply refuse to chargeback, as they know that by clicking on myloan's website, my sd complied with their t's&c's and agreed to pay £69-99. The "experienced" call centre "agent" actually said as I was trying to explain the FCA position on chargeback, "I don't want to talk to you anymore, pass me back to the Branch Manager" In fairness to him, he filed a complaint against her handling of the situation, whilst I was there with him, and apologised that he couldn't do more. He also couldn't ans
  12. Am I barking up the wrong tree, or do we have a case for unfair treatment under BCOB ? With an opening balance of £0-29, if my sd had used her card to buy a £1-00 item at asda, the branch manager yesterday agreed that the transaction would have been declined. She has no od facility. So by allowing a transaction to take her into an unauthorised od situation could it be argued this was unfair treatment ? Surely fair treatment would be any and all transactions declined ?
  13. That is tomorrow's mission, I have an official appointment at 14.00. Forgot to mention in 1st post, the account balance before the £1-00 transaction, stood at £0.29 credit, absolutely woeful of Lloyds to authorise that payment, let alone the subsequent £68-99.
  14. Evening all, brief background, my step daughter obviously got herself into financial difficulties, and hid letters in drawers rather than tell her mum and me. She has over this last weekend fessed up, and so here I am back on CAG (my how it's grown), my once second home ! Amongst numerous issues was her Lloyds TSB account, which was in arrears due to two transactions from myloan. After half an hour on here I had the picture, thanks go to all unfortunate CAGgers who have crossed their path and posted about it. I went to see the bank with her today, and met with a pretty clued up
  15. Evening, it's been awhile Just a heads up in case it helps, apologies if posted before, but I was dealing with Lloyds today near Aberdeen. Having explained the problem my step daughter was having with a certain "my loan", to the branch manager, he very diligently rang Lloyds TSB Visa Debit Disputes. He waited patiently for the next agent to become available (25 mins), explained the problem and then let them speak to my step daughter who was present. The phone call then ended after approx. 1 min, so he asked what had been said, she told him and he uttered an expletive and immediately
  16. thanks andydd for your prompt response, i assume the max fee of £10 still applies ?
  17. I have a friend who has been landed with a £7k+ bill, with Scottish Gas insisting that this be repaid over 10 months. He cannot remember when he started paying by direct debit and has had more than one current bank account in that time, so my thinking was an SAR to Scottish Gas would be quicker and simpler than separate SAR's to the various banks..... Any thoughts ? Regards vselym
  18. Unless i'm mistaken, you can only buy a lottery ticket with a DEBIT card, so where does a CREDIT reference agency obtain any rights ?
  19. Rebchappers the defaults will more than likely remain for six years from the month you pay off the accounts, it does depend on the company involved. i would doubt very much that your credit score would improve at all. what are the accounts ? current account/credit card/loan ? are there any reclaimable charges ? are they with dca's ? you may want to consider sar'ing the accounts and seeing whether they have followed the correct procedures in dealing with your defaults and trying to apply leverage to get the defaults removed as part of the settlements
  20. stevieb52 in the first instance is there any chance of scanning in the letter explaining why a CCA isnt required ?
  21. WL1888 PT2537 OTT ????!!!!!!?????!?!!?!?!??!?!? Never, just concise and to the point, i totally agree with what he says ! In terms of "finding yourself", towards the top of each page you should see the following User CP FAQ Calendar New Posts Search Quick Links Reviews Log Out just click on User CP and scroll down, any thread you have posted on will appear
  22. Evening pipin A CCA request costs £1.00, i would pay by Postal Order, dont sign your name print it and send it recorded/special delivery so it has to be signed for at the other end. By all means add the harrassment letter to the CCA request and just pay one postage. As for what to pay them, do an income/expenditure sheet (available on here), and pay them what you can afford. If they do fail to comply with your CCA request, you would no longer be obliged to pay them, for as long as they remain in default.
  23. pt2537 nice letter, is there any validity though in including an element of "write the debt off AND REMOVE ANY DEFAULT MARKERS" ? many people on here seem to think of it after the event, and we all know just how difficult the cra's make it to remove such markers
  24. Notcher Do it now, as they have 40 days to reply to that one ! I would also stipulate "ALL" data they hold on you, not limited to the last 6 years Sorry i thought youd done them both at the same time
  25. Hi Notcher Quel surprise, all 3 CCA requests in default, well i never ! Whilst they remain in default of a CCA request, they are not entitled to chase or enforce the alledged debt, and the lack of one would provide a total defence should they atempt to take you to court. If they have replied with the SAR's then calculate any charges that could be reclaimed whilst you wait another 30 days for them to commit an offence. I wouldnt at this stage communicate with them either on the default of the CCA request, or any reclaimable charges. However if they completely fail on th
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