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  1. Yeah I was thinking that, lol, thank you again.
  2. Thank you. I will do what you have suggested.
  3. Thank you for your advice. I will do what you have suggested and let you know how I get on. Will they still have statements for this account though as it is over six years old? I don't think a payment has been made on it in over six years? I have certainly not made payment on it.
  4. My husband had an argos card over 6 years ago, last year cabot financial got in contact and I started paying back his debt at £5 a week but the balance was over £1600 even though he says the credit limit wasn't that high, it must be interest and charges over the six years. Since I started paying it I have found out that the date of birth on this account is actually my father in laws not my husbands they have the same name. My father in law went bankrupt last year due to credit cards, store cards and loans he had now what do I do, should I wrote to cabot sending a copy of my husbands birth certificate showing that he is not the person this card belonged too and point them in the direction of my father in law, or leave my father in law out of it and let them find the right Mr John Byrne or what I don't know what to do. My husband is worried that his dad will not accept this debt is his when it is and add it to his bankrupts but I don't see why we should be struggling to pay off his debt when he bailed otu ont he rest. Please help me.
  5. My husband had a barcleycard before we got together so over six years ago now. He had a £2500 limit on it. One month the statement has things on it that he hadn't bought so he reported this to barcleycard and waiting but he got nothing back from them so never paid and never spent on the card again. We got together and we have moved a number of times then last year a debt company called Cabot got in contact saying that he owed over £6000 now with there interest they are chasing for just over £7200. What do we do, where do we stand on sorting this out? Please any advice welcome.
  6. I started the claim against the bank late last year and they were very rude and very agressive so would rather not the hassle with everything else I have going on. I would rather loss a little of the money to a company doing the claim for me that go through the stress again whilst at the end of my pregnancy.
  7. I am looking for a company who will reclaim my bank charges for me as I am currently pregnant and can do with out the stress of it all but I have searched the internet and can not decide what company to use. Does anyone know of a good reliable one that will really push for as much of my money back as possible? Thank you.
  8. I think the same thing happened with me at bg as I have an outstanding bill for over £700 where I never recieved a bill for over two years as they were sure I had a prepayment key meter, once they finally realised I never had one they sent a bill and expected the whole ammoutn paid at once. I have received letters from debt recovery companies etc conserning this and when I started writing letters questioning it I have never heard from them again. How do I find out if there is this out standing amount is hanging over my name or address with them?
  9. I have my gas with powergen and have the same problem. An £800+ bill. On Friday they sent someone out who changed our meter to a card one which we were told we could never have before as we live in a flat and the meter is out the back of the block. They have put the bill on the meter and is we want £10 we have to put £20 a week on or whatever as they are taking £10 a week from the meter everytime we put the card in. They told my dh this will clear the bill within 10 months which I can not work out how at £10 a week. Powergen are a rip off.
  10. I sent my letters att he beginning of January stating that I will accept the money as a gogw but will contiune my claim for the rest of my money. Today I have received a letter from the Abbey which is a copy of the letter I receieved in December with a cover letter saying that a full response was sentt o my home on the 22nd January but as it does not appear to have been delievered they are resending it and hope that is of assistance. Basically are they stalling for time trying to close this after only giving me a quater of the money they took in charges?? What would you do next?
  11. Thank you very much for all your replys. I will send a copy of the letter above and hopefully will be able to put an end to this matter. 2007 is a year for getting our finances in order so here goes.
  12. I hope this is the right place to post this. I read somewhere on here about a lady who was contacted from a company who said she owed money from back in 1997. She was given some great advise on what to do. Now my problem is many years ago my husband had a kwick fit card. He got a bill in and refused to pay it as he believed that they had added things on that he had never had such as wheels etc. Now recently he has received a letter about this from a debt recovery company and I have told him not to contact them yet let me see what I can find out first as he believes that this debt is from over six years ago and that it is not fully his away. Is there a letter I can send them asking for details of what the charges are for and from what dates such as statements and then if these are from over six years ago and not things my husband had can we do anything about it as this is the first time we have heard from them since he stopped using the card. Thank you in advance for all your help and fantastic advice
  13. Okay my question is nothing to do with the owner ship of the car but whether there is any help with the fines. Can they really charge nearly £2000 in charges for no road tax on a 1.6 picasso. I thought the maximum was something like five times the ammount of a years tax or something like that. Also I feel that I was all to blame as I was told that the parking bay was fine by two different people (police/council etc) as long as I did a sworn declaration which I did. Hope this makes more sense. Sorry for the cross wires.
  14. Yes when I first got the balief letter was about the time I sold the car but the dates on this went back to ages before when I did own the car. I just never got any court letters or anything before the baliefs turned up and handed my brother some letters as I was on holiday at the time. Our post round here is awful, our road name is practically the same as the road next to us other than for road and close and it has the same numbers and nearly the same post code so half our letters get lost round there and they do not have the decent manner to pop the letters through our door like we do theres or stick them back in the post box.
  15. Thank you so much Michael. That is a big help.
  16. I no longer have the car actually. I taxed it, used it for about a month then sold it on.
  17. Well I am quite shocked. I recieved a letter saying they were looking into my complaint and would get back to me. I though I would give them the Christmas period then send the third letter but yesterday morning I got aletter from them offering me £448 which I said to my husband we would accept as a part offer like I have read on here to do but to make clear that i would still be persueing with the rest of the claim for the outstanding ammount. I went to the bank yesterday afternoon and already the money is there. If there a template for a letter to say that I accept this money as only part payment and will continue with my claim for the outstanding amount as I can not seem to find it in the library anywhere. Any help at this point would be much thankfully for.
  18. Yeah i did send off the sworn which is one of the reasons I am so annoyed about it all. Ill advised by the police, council and the dvla and left with this massive fines and I do not know where I stand or what to do about it.
  19. Thank you so much Soldiergirl for your reply. It has been very helpful. I will do as you have suggested with studio and continue to following the others lines with each of the others. Littlewoods do put £10 each time but I have received many a £10 charges in one month. Also my account has been passed to a balieff company who keep changing the goal posts. I was told to pay £40 a month on no certain date which I did then I got a phone call to say I have been chargd as I never did as asked which I did so they set up a new plan saying £50 on the 27th of each month and I recieved a letter this week to say they have not recieved payment yet so have charged me again. Sorry but unless I have lost Christmas and everything the 27th isn't actually here yet. Also I was told that that as long as I paid this money by the date for six months straight with no problems they would take the default notice away from my name but with them changes things they are now saying this is not the case so have kept a mark next to my name. What would you do about that? Thank you again.
  20. I will try dig out what info I have but I was on holidaya nd a balieff come round and left a letter with my brother informing us of the charges but had only one letter before that so don't think I really have anything with break down of the charges, which is one of the reasons I am so confused.
  21. Thank you for your replys. I have read and reread but can not find the answers I am looking for. Never mind I understand there is another website just like this one who will be happy to answer by questions with proper answers so I will ask there.
  22. I have started the process against the Abbey and received my letter this morning saying they are looking into my complaint so from what I have read this is standard from them so I should give them 14 days even though they have asked for 30 and send the next letter. I would now like to start the process for charges against premierman catalogue, littlewoods, barcleycard, studio catclogue, argos card and capital one. Do I start with the same letter as with the bank to find out the ammount of charges I have actually occured on my amount? Is it six years on these too that you can claim? and do you have to pay £10 for eahc to find out the information that I require to start the process. I am finding the bank one okay but everything else I am struggling with no matter how much I read. Pretty please somebody help me.
  23. I am hoping someone can help me here as I really am stuck on this one. I had a car which ran out of tax. I live in a flat and we have private parking bays to the front of the block. I asked someone from my local council and two police officers, one being motorway police what the thing was for people who live in flats and have cars parked in these bays without tax. I was told as long as they were declared offroad by scorn then it was okay, so I did this. Now over the past couple of roads I have been receiving letters from the court saying that I owe over £1500 on charges for parking my car on a road for months without tax. I have paid £480 when the baliefs turned up trying to take my belongings but I really can not afford this on wokring tax credit and low wages. Is there anything I can do to protest these charges?
  24. Sent my second letter today. Got all my past statements, worked through it wrote a schedule of charges and worked out what that added up to which is £1488. Look forward to hearing what they have to say next.
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