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  1. Hi there, just looking for abit of advice here, i have no idea why i didn't know anything about this at the time/how i didnt clock on or what have you but the following is this - in 2011-2012 ish i took out the following loans with TXTLoan (now MyJar) which all paid back as you can see which is attached to this post . Confuses me here, the dates of when the loans were paid and taken out seem to be weird and it doesn't add up, i kept paying them back more than i ever borrowed in such short space of time, i.e £51 interest over a day?! in one case i apparently
  2. well i complained to the Financial Ombudsmen and told Minicredit of their behavior, said i wasnt happy to pay £700 from a £100 loan, they took off the charges down to £200 including one months late fee and interest, said i would pay £20 a month till it's finished (they can wait it out) and they agreed. They were pretty much very scared at the thought of me complaining that i kept asking if i would drop it.
  3. Hi there, i took out (ages ago when i was taking payday loans out) a loan with Wonga and was on a DMP, however they offered me a payment plan of £140 a month which i thought i would be in a good position to do, so i agreed to pay £140 a month, however they "failed" to take the payment twice on the 20th and 21st so i was told and so on the 22nd they decided "i" broke the payment plan and just thought they'd take £500 out of my account without me even agreeing to the plan? i mean what... the... hell...? just take what you want now and clear me out in the process? surely they are in breach
  4. Hi there, i have a dispute with Minicredit, i took a £100 loan out with Minicredit on the 19th April missed my loan date as i was paid 2 weeks late (contractor and timesheets sent in late) and was unable to pay the loan, i was unable to pay on the website as they removed the option to send in payments and thus i sent emails to them which they claim i never made contact till the 9th may (20 days later) and so i disputed the charges with them that they added on and coming to no arrangement (pay up in full or else!) it was still ongoing, i received a letter today claiming i now owe them £714
  5. I took out Insurance last May with a company called Express Insurance, the premium was £1,500 with a deposit of £200, i paid them every month on time and everything was fine. However i lost my licence in the following October and thus cancelled my insurance policy thinking that after reading my agreement it only said a £50 cancellation fee because well obviously i dont need to pay for insurance on a car that i can no longer drive. Thinking that it was done now i have now recently i got a phone call from a debt collector wanting the full and final fee of £800 (the rest of the insuranc
  6. Hi there, my name is Adam and i'm 20, I'm totally fed up with Abbey's crap service and do they nothing to help me only help put me further into debt and continue to crap on my credit record, this month i have to pay them £56 for going £10 over my overdraft Can i accuse Abbey of negligence? they awarded me with a £1,000 overdraft when i was 19 which i only had to increase because they kept spanking me for charges, so in order for me to accommodate these charges i had to increase my overdraft just so i could pay abbey So i'm constantly in the red and - £126 or whatever when i'm paid,
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