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  1. Hi there, just looking for abit of advice here, i have no idea why i didn't know anything about this at the time/how i didnt clock on or what have you but the following is this - in 2011-2012 ish i took out the following loans with TXTLoan (now MyJar) which all paid back as you can see which is attached to this post . Confuses me here, the dates of when the loans were paid and taken out seem to be weird and it doesn't add up, i kept paying them back more than i ever borrowed in such short space of time, i.e £51 interest over a day?! in one case i apparently seem to have paid £196.20p in a few days interest alone! in total it seems i have paid out £1,896 from a total of £1,400 over the course of 6 months, that's alot of interest. Looking back in my emails / bank statements, all i have are correspondence from the very date i first took out the loan with txtloan (26th July 2011) till the last payment was taken, then in 2012/2013/2015 i had threatening emails trying to get me to pay, there were no further loans from txtloan after i repaid £496. this email in particular i find amusing how does one loan go from £300 to £692 within 15 days? not to mention the fact that it looks like they already took a payment of £496 in January! they defaulted me in April 2012 which still exists on my credit file and it had affected my ability to get credit and eventually spiralled me into another payday loan hell circle in 2013 as i was unable to gain any affordable credit (another story i guess) a few things this looks to me like is 1. unaffordable lending to the extreme 2. unfair default charges 3. extortionate interest rates 4. taking money without me apparently realising (not sure if this is one?) i've lodged a complaint against MyJar now with the FOS but i've yet to include all this information which i found today.. . the only reason i looked into it again today was that MyJar replied to a complaint letter i did to them (and many other payday loan lenders) What are my options here along with the complaint to the FOS, what do i reply to Myjar? Thanks for the help.
  2. well i complained to the Financial Ombudsmen and told Minicredit of their behavior, said i wasnt happy to pay £700 from a £100 loan, they took off the charges down to £200 including one months late fee and interest, said i would pay £20 a month till it's finished (they can wait it out) and they agreed. They were pretty much very scared at the thought of me complaining that i kept asking if i would drop it.
  3. Hi there, i took out (ages ago when i was taking payday loans out) a loan with Wonga and was on a DMP, however they offered me a payment plan of £140 a month which i thought i would be in a good position to do, so i agreed to pay £140 a month, however they "failed" to take the payment twice on the 20th and 21st so i was told and so on the 22nd they decided "i" broke the payment plan and just thought they'd take £500 out of my account without me even agreeing to the plan? i mean what... the... hell...? just take what you want now and clear me out in the process? surely they are in breach of OFT direct debit warning?
  4. Hi there, i have a dispute with Minicredit, i took a £100 loan out with Minicredit on the 19th April missed my loan date as i was paid 2 weeks late (contractor and timesheets sent in late) and was unable to pay the loan, i was unable to pay on the website as they removed the option to send in payments and thus i sent emails to them which they claim i never made contact till the 9th may (20 days later) and so i disputed the charges with them that they added on and coming to no arrangement (pay up in full or else!) it was still ongoing, i received a letter today claiming i now owe them £714... that is just absurd and now purely profit making. the letter i received is as f ollows surely this is not legal? how can they justify such high fees? what can i do about this? any help would be appreciated.
  5. I took out Insurance last May with a company called Express Insurance, the premium was £1,500 with a deposit of £200, i paid them every month on time and everything was fine. However i lost my licence in the following October and thus cancelled my insurance policy thinking that after reading my agreement it only said a £50 cancellation fee because well obviously i dont need to pay for insurance on a car that i can no longer drive. Thinking that it was done now i have now recently i got a phone call from a debt collector wanting the full and final fee of £800 (the rest of the insurance for the year) and they have explained to me that unbeknown to me that a company called Close Premium Finance were actually the one's that gave me the insurance and took it out as a "loan" for the full fee of £1,500 so i seemed liable for the whole money whether i liked it or not! I refuse to pay this, i have never had a problem or ever heard of anyone else that had a problem if they cancelled their insurance and having to pay for the whole remaining amount in my case near enough a year! I am on a Debt Management plan and thus cannot take anymore loans out and my financial situation is dire as it is without taking on a extra £800! What can i do about this? help please!
  6. Hi there, my name is Adam and i'm 20, I'm totally fed up with Abbey's crap service and do they nothing to help me only help put me further into debt and continue to crap on my credit record, this month i have to pay them £56 for going £10 over my overdraft Can i accuse Abbey of negligence? they awarded me with a £1,000 overdraft when i was 19 which i only had to increase because they kept spanking me for charges, so in order for me to accommodate these charges i had to increase my overdraft just so i could pay abbey So i'm constantly in the red and - £126 or whatever when i'm paid, They do nothing to help me when i ask them and insulted me greatly when the "help" they did give me was knocking off £60 from a £150 charge, so yippe i still have to pay them £90 Another example of how crap they are, in the last week they said i had £50 on my bank account when really i didnt luckily i didnt spend it and to confirm what i thought, the next day it went back to my original balance of £11, on Friday they said i had £11 but on Saturday they said i had £40, i had to use £5 of that £40 and on Monday they now said i was -£4 so i had to borrow £27 from my mate and pay that in before i get hit with a £30 charge When explaining this to Abbey, i was told to sign up for Internet banking of which i am already registered with and proceded to tell them the internet banking is what told me this information! They then went onto say i should keep track of it all myself i.e write it down on a piece of paper, so if that's the case, why the hell do i have internet banking or with abbey to begin with if they cant do all this for me? i mean after all they are my bank who i choose to be with and SHOULD trust my finances with, unfortunaly i do not trust them at all and when i tell them about this £1,000 overdraft they go on and tell me i should save up, well after bills i tend to have £350 left though that's before being spanked by a whopping great charge because i went £2 overdrawn and even then i got paid the next day, they tell me i should save and get myself out of the overdraft Well if i took Abbey's "Advice" then that would mean i would not have to spend a penny between now and the next 2 - 4 months, do they expect me to work but magically fly there or something? Now someone out there cant tell me that it's sensible banking for Abbey to give me a £1,000 overdraft for someone who only earns £886 a month and then spank me for charges and then expect me not go over my overdraft limit when they are quite clearly not helping me After all a Overdraft should only be there so you have something to fall back on when you overspend but with me i'm constantly in mine and so when i do go over my overdraft, i dont have the safety net that i should have so instead i'm attacked by the sharks What can i do about this? i'm fed up with not being treated with any sort of respect as a customer, all they want from me is my money which i can ill afford to do
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