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  1. They are supplying the CCA Request without any fee as I did it via email and followed up with a phone call - they have "put the account on hold" but state that its five weeks from reaching Statute Barring
  2. Hi folks, I have received a CCJ Threatogram from the above regarding a Capital One "Secured" Credit Card (It was secured by a £250 deposit I believe). This was back in 2008 - I made a couple of payments and then fell into some money troubles so couldnt keep it up The debt is marked as defaulted on my credit report since 2010, in fact theres about a month to go until its fully statute barred. They have said that the debt is statute barred six years after the default date. I have said to MC that this debt is statute barred. I have also asked them for a copy of my CCA, which is going to be interesting as I legally changed my name a couple of years after that. Any advice? J
  3. Hi there I recently screwed up at work, and ended up with a disciplinary from a manager who has been waiting for this I made a change to a live system without an appropriate Change Control in place (That being said, I wrote the Change Control Process and its been completely ignored since January this year). We never lost any data, and everything was back to normal in the morning. I got hauled to a meeting where I was told that "this will go on your permanent record", at which point I asked "will I lose my job", and the response was "no, but you will get a written warning".... fast forward to 16 days later, and the post arrives to tell me that I have a meeting this week. I already have evidence to prove that the disciplinary process isnt being applied fairly (someone else made a change recently and whilst it screwed with some systems it was completely ignored, and the manager that has raised the disciplinary has already managed to down some systems when he was upgrading things during the day without telling anyone), how do I proceed? Recently the manager thats raised the Disciplinary has been *really* and I mean extremely micromanaging me, and has also tagged on a complaint about a completely unrelated item which was only added right at the last second in the "investigatory" meeting - which I was not told was an investigatory meeting at all. I have the relevant parts of the ACAS Guidelines which state everything should be fair. Thanks in advance...... JA
  4. Hi There I have done as you said - and agreed a loan repayment that is affordable to me.... and they are instructed only to deal in email with me .... which they have been doing ... However - today I receive an emailed "Notice of Default Sums" to be applied to the account .... £60 .... HOW THE HECK does it cost £60 to write an email? I am NOT paying that ..... J
  5. Hi There I owe just under £900. The loan amount was £650 and the interest was 548% per annum or 24,376% APR. There has been a couple of charges on the account - but I have refused to pay these. Unfortunately the loan rolled over a couple of times J
  6. Hi All, I had recently taken out various loans with Mr Lender and paid them off all in good faith, now I have issues paying one back and they are being obtuse. I have changed my debit card and cancelled all direct debits with them, as such they cant take payments. I am speaking to them about a payment arrangement but they are unwilling to write off any interest etc, even though I could have already paid 50% of the loan off in rollovers. Any advice? J
  7. Hi ims, I had seen that, but wasnt too sure if it applied, the loan agreement is with GMAC and they are the ones taking the payment, I will see what I can write into a letter for them (unless theres a template somewhere). Thanks J
  8. Hi there A few years ago my wife took out Car Finance with GMAC, and was told she had to take PPI to get the loan - at that point she was also Self Employed so PPI wouldnt have been any use at all. I wrote to GMAC to complain about the PPI and we have received the following letter "GMAC UK Plc is sorry to receive your complaint ......" yadda yadda yadda - basically they are referring us back to the original dealership and they are ashing their hands of it. Any pointers or help - template letter or something? We are in the midst of a 5 year agreement (almost at the end - it ends next year) and whilst the PPI is only about £15 per month, it mounts up - but GMAC dont want to help at the moment. Help?
  9. Hi everyone - and thanks in advance I took out a loan with WDA in March 2010, and couldnt repay it - I was in email communication with them for a while, but that all stopped. Then I was passed onto a DCA - which I refused to deal with. Today I asked WDA for a copy of my Loan Agreement - which they (after some argument) have provided - though its not signed by me - its signed "Signature for (or on behalf of) Creditor" - theres NO digital signature or anything - just someone elses squiggly line. The document doesnt say what I have borrowed, just my credit limit (which is £150), but when I went to the DCA's website the debt stood at £700 (I think - cant remember - their link has now expired) (Motor Mile Finance). What should I do? John
  10. I have spoken to Mr K at the council - and brought to his attention the liability aspect into play, it didnt help that I had a panic attack shortly as the bailiff was leaving - but he has apologised and said that he shouldnt have arrived - he started the response with "oh god that shouldnt have happened"
  11. Yeah I had that this morning ...... 7am - rampant knocking at the door - this is Mr G of Chandlers - was sent away with a flea in his ear - he said that he had to check his "computer" (Mobile Phone!) and then said "Yeah its on hold" ........ About to call the Council and go absolutely ballistic at them.
  12. Yeah given that aspect its a semi win - and it gives me time to get them off my back (on a permanent basis) what bemuses me is that Bailiffs are meant to know the Law - but they dont seem to - isnt that a part of their license?
  13. I have called the council - and they said that their Mr K was speaking to Chandlers about all this at the moment and that I shouldnt worry about it all and please can I stop having panic attacks whilst I am on the phone to them (which I did and it wasnt meant!) Apparently they are talking to Chandlers and the Bailiff...... they will call me back shortly
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