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  1. Received a letter today - accompanied by a notice of discontinuance!!! So hopefully all dealt with - although they do add in the letter "We confirm that your account has been closed, however, please note that this does not mean the debt is written off, purely that we have made the decision not to proceed with the claim. The debt still remains due and owing and we will continue to record the default on your credit record until such time as the debt has been settled or paid in full" Bit confused by this bit as there is no default on my credit record (due to age if debt) Mus
  2. Perfect - Thanks for the input and I shall get this sent tomorrow.
  3. Hi there - I just wanted confirmation that my suggested letter in post 37 was suitable to send back to Arrow. Would appreciated feedback Thanks
  4. I am aware that Tessera are a DCA - so I fail to see how they can obtain any form of judgement with such poor information and no proof at all. Shocking really - that just anyone could make a claim and if you do not respond judgement is issued by default.
  5. Hi - feedback needed please. I have drafted the following letter to send to Arrow and will enclose copies of the two letters (CPR & CCA) sent to their former solicitor. *** Dear Sir or Madam Ref: XXXXXXX Thank you for your letter dated 02/07/14, the contents of which are noted. Following the information provided in you letter I still remain unable to identify this account – having never held a Tessera Credit Card or entered into any credit agreement with them. I refer to my two letters sent to your former solicitor Drysden FairFax (copies of which are enclos
  6. I think the card may be Egg Statute Barred? Having done some research (in fact looking at some old posts on here) I last made a payment back in 2008 - but I cannot be sure of the exact date so it is on the cusp. In terms of their response - clearly a standard tosh letter (not even checked it would seem). I want to know if I should respond to them? they have still not complied with the CCA or the CPR and supplied the statements, dates of defaults - intact they have not supplied anything I asked for. I am happy to put together a letter to send to arrow later this evening and p
  7. As if by magic - when I got home there was a letter waiting for me.. enclosing a court document to change solicitor - they also claim to have answered my questions. However, I have NEVER had a Tessera credit card - I also find interesting that this seems to be a mail merged letter as it states my last payment was for 'no payments to this account' on [blank]. So is it best for me to write back to Arrow now and resend the CPR & CCA requests - would appreciate input. Letter attached
  8. By time line I meant the time to respond to my defence before the claim becoming stayed In terms of getting it struck out - I would prefer this did not get resurrected and catch me out later hence I asked if I should get it struck out? If I have no grounds under which to do so - other than their failure to substantiate the claim by proving the debt was owed and the fact it is statute barred then that is the answer I was looking for.
  9. My defence was submitted on 2nd June - we are now well past the 28 days - plus some additional days. I have not heard a thing.. should I call the court or just accept as per the letter that this claim is stayed? They are outside the timeline to take action. Oddly enough, I found an unopened letter the other day that was from Arrow Global, sent in April. It was a notice of assignment saying they had passed the debt to Drysden - which seems odd as Drysden FairFax have stated they are the solicitor and when responding to my requests for info said they were trying to obtain this informa
  10. Well... defence was submitted on 2nd June and still have not heard anything. I believe they have until 30th (28 days?) Do I need to call and find out or just wait to see what happens on Monday. If they do not respond what are my next steps? Many thanks
  11. Thanks Andy. I will submit the following today: Particulars of Claim: 1. The claim is for £1186 in respect of monies owed by the defendant on a credit agreement held by the defendant with Tessera under account number 5XXX XXXX XXXX XXXX upon which the defendant failed to maintain payments. 2.A default notice was served upon the defendant and has not been complied with 3. By virtue of a sale agreement between Tessera and the claimant, the claim vested in the claimant who has a genuine commercial interest . The defendant has been notified of the assignment by letter.
  12. I don't know when the last payment was made - having looked on here I found a post mentioning a possible payment, furthermore I found a letter confirming a standing order payment arrangement from late 2008 I honestly cannot remember what may or may not have been paid. Would the above therefore be a better way to proceed?
  13. Thanks I will be at work but fortunately have a job that will enable me to work on this at the same time
  14. I used a credit card defence from here for what was written above Is the only bit I need to alter the first point in relation to Tessara?
  15. Still not heard any feedback on my defence - do I need to make a donation to the site before I get a response - please let me know what I need to do Many thanks
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