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  1. This is because the ruling by the OFT mentioned £12 - the banks assume that means its ok to charge £12 now. HSBC likely decided to make it a tenner to seem like they are the "nicer" bank - its still a huge rip off since its all automated and likely costs them under £1 per transaction!
  2. Apparently, according to their Customer Services Representative whom I spoke to this morning (I returned her call to me) the Data Protection department at Halifax BOS don't believe that a man walking in off the street and gaining access to my personal information which was held in my name only is a breach of the data protection act! I've blogged my story - I'd like to have it passed around and bandied about as much as possible so heres a link if anyone is interested. I've put in a complaint with the Consumer complaints web page of the OFT suggesting that Halifax service is "not fit f
  3. haha I'd be hopping mad if they did that! Funny thing is this, when I was about Ooo 18 my mum persuaded one of my brothers to call my bank and ask them about my financial status. Anyway long story short bank read me the notes of his conversation with them over the phone to me - at the end the guy said "oh *&^% I wasnt supposed to tell you that" - back then there was no data protection act to protect me. Today there is - its bad enough when a family member does it but a complete stranger? I want their guts and his for garters. I'd like some new earrings made of some of their dangly
  4. Ooh good call re OFT.. hrmm I guess tonight I spend my evening doing more research and less knitting
  5. Yep thats exactly what I'd like to see happen - see them fined. I'd like to see that happen its like giving them a kick in the hoobajoobs via someone else. I dunno if I should accept the £150 and tell them I dont accept it as full and final settlement or just ignore it and hit up the information commissioners office and the ombudsman. Wondering if I should contact the FSA too
  6. Thanks for the reply! Not sure what I need the legal advice for tho? I mean clearly they aren't going to do anything about the breach and they have made it absolutely crystal clear that this is the final and full settlement they would be prepared to offer. Oddly its not really about the money its more about what the hell they are going to do to stop this happening again in the future. And today I read that the indian call centres that Halifax employed have been selling our data for a fiver a pop! Credit data stolen at Indian call centres - Sunday Times - Times Online
  7. I don't really know where to put this, so I've picked here if it is wrong, I apologise. I really want to make as many people as possible aware of my story: On Tuesday 8 August 2006 I went and had a jab for Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio. I was laid up for a couple of days after and returned to work on the Friday 11th August for half a day. When I got there, I called Halifax insurance division in relation to a problem I was having with a buildings insurance policy that was a block policy. They had not noted another property by address on the block policy which was taken out in 1997 (the
  8. I wrote to give them the 7 days as a gesture of goodwill and two days later a letter arrived apologising and telling me they had now ordered the other statements and that they couldn't possibly point out where manual intervention had taken place since that would be too much like hard work Bang on the 7th day the post arrived with copy statements. Now to squeeze in the time to work out the charges! In addition - I know this isn't the place for it but still its my thread ;P - Halifax BOS have made a major breach in the data protection act by giving information to a 3rd party (a man
  9. Tracey - have you had any luck with this? Wondered if they did comply with your SAR, they have partly complied with mine providing statements to October 2002 - there are still another two years of statements (and thats the time they hit me with the massive charges) to come...
  10. An update - I know it isn't the 40 days till tomorrow, however the documentation hasn't come and there has been no correspondence from them at all. Should I give them 7 days extra by letter as a gesture of goodwill?
  11. The local planning officer told me it was a matter for buildings control. Buildings control told me it was a matter for planning. Both shirked any involvement whatsoever and both told me that you don't ever need planning permission for anything, but that its there as a precaution should someone object to the works I told them both I'd like to object to the works and both said I couldn't :? She has refused to stop work. I guess I'm gonna have to go pay for legal advice on this matter too urgh. Already working on 3 other litigation matters to do with the tenant. I can see me havi
  12. Next Wednesday, 27th September, will be 40 days since my initial letter to Nat West (sent on 18 August 2006). I've still only received statements from October 2002 onwards. I did send a letter on 31 August reminding them they have 27 days left. If they fail to respond I guess they get a letter giving them 7 more days then we take it from there. I hope they do respond, I don't want to have to estimate costs.
  13. I am a freeholder of my property and the flat above me. My tenant wishes to sell and there has been inumerable shennanigans by him in this process (including him going into my bank and extracting information from them by deception - they have admitted that this has happened and accepted liability. He has also been withholding payment on buildings insurance). On 31 July he apparently signed a party wall agreement with my neighbour on the other side who wishes to put in a loft conversion. On 11 September he said to me he had done this. I contacted the neighbour and told her the party wa
  14. I agree! Taking it one at a time and as a challenge is a great outlook. I also wish I'd known long ago what I have learned here. I've been so excited and happy to find this place (found when looking for "action against other bank" on google for the DPA breach) I've emailled our whole office with the details! (thats only about 15 people but hey 15 more into the pot all helps!). My memory is horrid too, I'm glad we can come back here to find what we need and yes everyone here has been completely fantastic! Good luck with the procedure, can't wait to get my "stuart Higley" eventuall
  15. Urgh I should have researched you before replying as I did then! I'm so sorry that sounds like hell on earth! I'm dealing with another matter at the moment too - actually its a twofold matter; my other bank (the one I went to after nat west) gave some information about one of my accounts to an 'unnamed' 3rd party. The staff member said the bloke had a solicitors letter but still she shouldn't have given it out - I'm a woman with a girly name. I'd be in shock to ever meet a bloke with my forename! They are at the moment negotiating with me for a compensatory fee (and likely hush mone
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