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  1. thanks i rang them last night and spoke to a very rude girl, who said she woud send me an appeal form, i will also get in touch with mp.
  2. around 5 years ago my son who is severly autistic was awarded dla, when i did my yearly application for child tax credits i informed them that my son was getting dla, and they told me this made no impact on my child tax credits, so i left it at that. then a conversation with a friend last year happened and she told me she got extra money from tax credits due to being in receipt of dla, i actually told her she was wrong. so out of curiousity i called tax credits and was told yes i was entitled to an extra payment due to my sons dla, so explained that i told them this 4 years ago, so they sent it to be investigated to see if i could get any back payments. got a letter saying they would not back pay because the decision for those tax years had already been decided. so basically i have missed out on 4 years extra payments due to no fault of my own, and there staff being incompetent? where do i go from here, it does not seem fair.
  3. i signed up for sky on monday and was told i had make a payment upfront of £49 so gave my card details etc woman at sky said computer had flagged up an error and could take my deatisl agin, so gave card details, she sais she would call me back as there was a system problem. so she called again said the fault had been sorted and took my card details agin told me it had gone through etc so tuesday rang my bank who told me they had taken the payment 9 times and gave me the authorisation codes. spoke to sky who cannot find 2 of the payments practically called me a liar, then eventually was told they would pass to another dept and i would hvae the money within 48 hours. rand today and spoke to the rudist man who told me that no record of yesterdays conversation, had to explain the whole thing again, he said it would be looked into, i told him i needed the money back as they had emptied my account, he was not interested, just said did not know when would be resolved. so i asked to speak with a manager, and was told the manager would not come to the phone and would tell me the same thing, asked for managers name was told Ross? asked for surname refused to give it to me. told him i would be making a complaint to ofcom and he just said well they wont help you? real charmer so now they have my money and i have none till i get paid in 2 weeks, total morons.
  4. hiya all well my boy still not in school the education say they are struggling to find him a school, there have tried to push me into sending him to a really rubbish school miles away which i refused. they have had a meeting about him going to a special school for the next 12 months as he will be year 6 in september but they have decided he does not fit the criteria, so back to them trying to get him into a mainstream school. i have a meeting on thursday with the governers and the head about whether his exclusion was justified they were supposed to send me a copy of his records they have only provided me with the last 2 years, there was also a letter to chams i had not seen before sayin they did not restrain my boy, what a bunch of liars one teacher had him by the throat i went in and threatened to call the police. they are all sticking together and denying my boy was being bullied.
  5. hiya all, well got the phone call yesterday from the deputy head to say my boy had been permamently excluded ended up giving her a mouth full i was so angry, the education have rang me today and told me where they had places available in other schools so i shall be lookin round a few of them.
  6. they put exactly the same as the first five day exclusion, that he swore at staff member threatened another child and kicked the bushes outside school??? absolute idiots they are trying to add as many days on as possible so that it gets to 45 days.
  7. they just gave the same reason as the first exclusion, i cannot believe they have done this. i will write a letter tomorrow and send it to the governers the head and the education. will keep you all posted.
  8. hiya all not been on for a while, anyway my boy did great in his sats second from the top yipee but hes got new headteacher who has taken an instant dislike to him, he immediatly permamently excluded two other kids with adhd, and was gunning for my boy. my boy has been bullied by another child for 2 years i have been into school on several occasions complaining about thos, school says its not happening??? so my son last his temper and threatened him with a rounders bat and was very upset when the staff tried to calm him down and told one to p**s off, he never touched anyone, so the head excluded him for 5 days and said he was thinkin of making it permament, then i got another letter sayin they had given him another 5 days on top of the first five days?? is this allowed seems very odd.
  9. my mum who is elderly bought something from a tv shopping channel, the adviser wasing selling other products and asked my mum if she would like a free trial for 28 days, and if she did not like it could cancel, so my mum agreed. she was sent an entertainment which included 2 cinema tickets so my mum used them. she was then billed £28.50. my mum rang up and complained and she was told as she has used the tickets she was not in a contract to purchase the item, she tried to explain that she was told to use the pack to see if she liked it, the adviser was very rude and left my mum in tears. so my mum wrote them a letter, they have responded with a letter saying as a gesture of goodwill they will refund, but they have the conversation on tape and it has been passed to another office? at no time was my mum told the conversation was being recorded she is also worried as the conversation would have contained her bank details and personnal details. i have told her to write again and ask for a copy of the tape? what should she do now???
  10. yes i am still keeping a diary, he does seem like a differant boy when at home. as soon as half term is over i will start the ball rolling, ipsea have been ace, i was struggling to come to a decission about whether to take him out off school, but they have helped me come to the right one. i feel like a weight has been lifted.
  11. hi all, well feeling a little better at the moment. my boy was excluded agin last thursday for 5 days, his sna went home ill and nobody bothered to tell him, so went mad. took him to chams last monday as he has started to self harm again, and threatening to kill himself, the docter and chams was very shocked at what i told him about teachers and dinner ladys dragging him round and screaming in his face. he spoke to my boy also on his own. the docter said he would speak to school as he thinks my boy is suffering from severe stress brought on by the school. i rang ipsea today, and they have been brilliant, they advised me to take him out of school on medical grounds and find another school and ask for an emergancy placement. i have a school in mind its a smaller school with less kids, my friend whos son goes there has special needs and from what she says they have been brilliant.
  12. sorry to hear about your loss, hope u are ok? really hope u get the statement your boy deserves. its disgusting the the dla have reduced your money, definatly appeal. its awful having no sleep, or broken sleep, i have often cried from being so tired, i also have a teething baby so that doesnt help lol good luck
  13. hiya all, had the annual reveiw yesterday and the lady who comes in from behaviour support had never even seen his statement lol everybody agreed that his statement needs to be changed to they are putting in a request for that to happen. we also talked about the possibility of changing his school, according the the behaviour woman it can really help in some cases and not in others? she could not advise me and told me it was my decision to make. so need to do some thinking over the weekend.
  14. hi maybelline, i have printed off stuff from nas and showed them and its just been ignored. just wrote another letter the the school governers not as nice as the one lol thanks for your support
  15. hiya all, my boy been excluded again today for half a day, a support teacher grabbed him by the arm the he swore at her. school knows that my boy deplores physical contact. they have not investigated why he swore and straight away rang me at work. i have hold the school i was looking for another school and the head told me that all schools would exclude him for swearing???
  16. hi all, thanks for the replys it really helps. he is not allowed at breakfast club because apparanly the lady who goes in to see him every now and again says so??? according to the head she says its not a good idea as they have to use lots of stratagys to settle him? they rang up twice today and told my partner to calm him down over the telephone or they would exclude him again today. they are also trying to stop him going swimming? rang the education today and told them the exclusions were very frequant and something needs to give, lady on the phone did not seem bothered and said she would speak to school? went in school today and said i was not happy and they basically said if my boy sweras they need to exclude him, otherwise hes getting away with it?? his schoolwork has really improved the only problem they have is that when he is worked up he swears and crys. i have got his annual review this thursday and i am gonna give them what for, think theyve something sneaky up there sleeve because the head today said they will discuss some new things with me then but was very reluctant to tell me today? i shall also be taking my digital camera to show the people from the education the photos of my sons neck after one of the support staff had gripped him by his collar and scratched all his neck. dont think i can take any more,feel like they are grinding me down.
  17. thanks will call the council first thing, i had my boys re intergration interveiw today and the head said she had read the letter i sent to governers...so why no reply? plus it was not addressed to her. they have now decided he cannot go the breakfast club in the mornings no notice given to me?? i am really fed up with them, i am now desperatly trying to rearange my plans for him in the morning, as school know full well that i have to work.
  18. hiya all, feeling really down today. my boy got excluded again on friday for one day, he was apparantly running aroung school with another child with special needs and then swore at his teacher. still had no response from the school governer regarding the letter i sent in november. i am at work all day yet school think its ok to call the number i gave them for emergancys (my managers number at work) to call about silly little things like he has mud on his pants can i bring some clean ones. feeling like i am not coping well at the moment and snapping at my boy, which makes me feel even worse.
  19. thanks maybelline will do the adjustments and send off this week.
  20. hi everyone, here is the draft letter let me know what you think... thankyou for your letter dated xxxxxx the contents of which have been noted. however, this complaint has been going on for over 12 months, and you have oviously not reviewed all the outstanding issues, as you have stated in your letter. on 26/03/07, i received a letter from assistant manager xxxx xxxx, with regard to the illegal ccj you had obtained against me, his answer in response to my letter was ' it has been raised a training issue and passed to her manager to resolve. we apologise for the inconveniance caused by incorrect information you were given'. i then received a letter from area manager xxxx xxxx dated 02/05/07, in the letter he agreed to refund the ppi as it was mis sold, and refund all the 'fees' as a gesture of good will and to help resolve the complaint. on 22/08/07, your company had the illegal ccj set aside and the interim charging order discharged . i also wrote to your company on june 07, to inform you that the loan agreement xxxxxxx , was not properly executed, this was confirmed by trading standards, this letter as with many others has gone unanswered and ignored. as such, i must ask you to take notice that you must cease all collection activity with imediate effect. you have failed to produce a properly executed credit agreement and as such i dispute the entire balance of the alleged debt. as there is no agreement between us, you also do not have permission to continue to contact me regarding this account, either by post or by personal contact, be that by telephone or visits to my property. i also deem any further collection activity, of any nature that involves contacting me in relation to this account, an act of personal harrassment, for the reasons outlined in this letter. please ensure that your systems are updated to reflect this, as i will bring any further letters to the attention of the police, to whom i will make a formal statement regarding your conduct given i have already warned you your behaviour causes me to feel harrassed. i am of the veiw that your continued harrasssment of me puts you in breach of section 40 of the administration of justice act 1970 and the protection from harrassment act 1997. i lso reserve the right to report your action to any such regulatory authorities as i see fit. i would now like you to make a business decision and close this matter once and for all. *furthermore i will not be making any further paymnts to your organisation *any further from you will be sent back unopened and stamped 'junk mail'. *take me to court. you have no case as the agreement is unenforcable, and i'll make a counter claim. i await your response and due dilligence in this matter. your next letter will be the last one that i open. as stated above, all letters will be returned unopened and stamped 'junk mail'. is it ok to send?
  21. i took a loan out on 2001, i was only 22 and it was my first loan, when i went into the office and my local branch i was harrassed into taking the ppi and i was freightened they would refuse the loan if i did not. i have insurance through the employee benefits at work so did not need it. anyway the loan has settled early in 2005. i have just been on moneysaving expert and copied there template letter to send to lloyds as i believe i was missold the ppi. so will get it posted off tomorrow and see what happens.
  22. i did a cca request last january and they sent back a bad photocopy one sided. we also requested a copy of the insurnace policys as they have never provided anything for these. the loan agreement has the wrong adress, no date when it was signed and the admin fee has been added into the loan amount. i wrote to them in telling them it was unenforceable and they have totally ignored the letter i know they got it because i sent it recorded delivery?
  23. morning all and thanks for the posts. the ccj was also set asisde with the interim charging oreder so there is no ccj on file now. they did not send a default notice but its on the credit file. the first we heard that they were going for ccj is when a letter arrives from there soliciters, we rang welcome and they told us to ignore the letter as it was a mistake. i also have this in writting saying it was a staff training issue?
  24. thanks i shall write to them in the next few days and post it on here. in the letter they have also threatened to have the charging order put back on if we do not comply? can they do this?
  25. hi all, well i have had a reply from welcome today here goes. thank you for bring to our attention your complaint in regards to the charging order we applied to your property. i have now reveiwed all outstanding issues and thank you for remaining patient while this matter was under investigation. (it has taken them 13 months to get to this stage) after looking into your complaints i have found that we have suspended the charging order against your property, whilst we investigated your complaints in order to resolve these issues. however it is vital that we resolve the arrears issues on your account to prevent this being re-applied. the proposal that i offer to resolve the matter is as follows hpi agreement balance £1245.59 short settlement will be accepted of £400 personal loan balance £5902.72 reversal of £1000 interest and rewritten into new agreement which will clear the arrears in full and reduce monthly payments. the interest will remain frozen on the new agreement. i hope u are satisfies with the outcome of the investigation. they have totally ignored the fact that they have not fully complied with cca request, i wrote to them around 7 months ago to tell them the agreement was unenforcale because the copy of the agreement they have sent has a lot wrong with it. the ppi was mis-sold as my other half was self employed he has never even seen a policy for this? the personal loan was for £2000 he paid off £780 before he had an accident and he could not work. they requested the interim charging order and ccj be set aside in august 07 due to not dealing with complaint in a timely manner. i have a letter from there area manager saying as a gesture of goodwill they will knock off over £1500 in charges and the ppi but they seem to have forgotten about this? it also seems that while the account has been in dispute they have still added interest? what should my next move be? i am getting fed up of them ignoring my requests..
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