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  1. thanks i rang them last night and spoke to a very rude girl, who said she woud send me an appeal form, i will also get in touch with mp.
  2. around 5 years ago my son who is severly autistic was awarded dla, when i did my yearly application for child tax credits i informed them that my son was getting dla, and they told me this made no impact on my child tax credits, so i left it at that. then a conversation with a friend last year happened and she told me she got extra money from tax credits due to being in receipt of dla, i actually told her she was wrong. so out of curiousity i called tax credits and was told yes i was entitled to an extra payment due to my sons dla, so explained that i told them this 4 years ago, so they se
  3. i signed up for sky on monday and was told i had make a payment upfront of £49 so gave my card details etc woman at sky said computer had flagged up an error and could take my deatisl agin, so gave card details, she sais she would call me back as there was a system problem. so she called again said the fault had been sorted and took my card details agin told me it had gone through etc so tuesday rang my bank who told me they had taken the payment 9 times and gave me the authorisation codes. spoke to sky who cannot find 2 of the payments practically called me a liar, then eventually was tol
  4. hiya all well my boy still not in school the education say they are struggling to find him a school, there have tried to push me into sending him to a really rubbish school miles away which i refused. they have had a meeting about him going to a special school for the next 12 months as he will be year 6 in september but they have decided he does not fit the criteria, so back to them trying to get him into a mainstream school. i have a meeting on thursday with the governers and the head about whether his exclusion was justified they were supposed to send me a copy of his records they have onl
  5. hiya all, well got the phone call yesterday from the deputy head to say my boy had been permamently excluded ended up giving her a mouth full i was so angry, the education have rang me today and told me where they had places available in other schools so i shall be lookin round a few of them.
  6. they put exactly the same as the first five day exclusion, that he swore at staff member threatened another child and kicked the bushes outside school??? absolute idiots they are trying to add as many days on as possible so that it gets to 45 days.
  7. they just gave the same reason as the first exclusion, i cannot believe they have done this. i will write a letter tomorrow and send it to the governers the head and the education. will keep you all posted.
  8. hiya all not been on for a while, anyway my boy did great in his sats second from the top yipee but hes got new headteacher who has taken an instant dislike to him, he immediatly permamently excluded two other kids with adhd, and was gunning for my boy. my boy has been bullied by another child for 2 years i have been into school on several occasions complaining about thos, school says its not happening??? so my son last his temper and threatened him with a rounders bat and was very upset when the staff tried to calm him down and told one to p**s off, he never touched anyone, so the head excl
  9. my mum who is elderly bought something from a tv shopping channel, the adviser wasing selling other products and asked my mum if she would like a free trial for 28 days, and if she did not like it could cancel, so my mum agreed. she was sent an entertainment which included 2 cinema tickets so my mum used them. she was then billed £28.50. my mum rang up and complained and she was told as she has used the tickets she was not in a contract to purchase the item, she tried to explain that she was told to use the pack to see if she liked it, the adviser was very rude and left my mum in tears. so m
  10. yes i am still keeping a diary, he does seem like a differant boy when at home. as soon as half term is over i will start the ball rolling, ipsea have been ace, i was struggling to come to a decission about whether to take him out off school, but they have helped me come to the right one. i feel like a weight has been lifted.
  11. hi all, well feeling a little better at the moment. my boy was excluded agin last thursday for 5 days, his sna went home ill and nobody bothered to tell him, so went mad. took him to chams last monday as he has started to self harm again, and threatening to kill himself, the docter and chams was very shocked at what i told him about teachers and dinner ladys dragging him round and screaming in his face. he spoke to my boy also on his own. the docter said he would speak to school as he thinks my boy is suffering from severe stress brought on by the school. i rang ipsea today, and they have
  12. sorry to hear about your loss, hope u are ok? really hope u get the statement your boy deserves. its disgusting the the dla have reduced your money, definatly appeal. its awful having no sleep, or broken sleep, i have often cried from being so tired, i also have a teething baby so that doesnt help lol good luck
  13. hiya all, had the annual reveiw yesterday and the lady who comes in from behaviour support had never even seen his statement lol everybody agreed that his statement needs to be changed to they are putting in a request for that to happen. we also talked about the possibility of changing his school, according the the behaviour woman it can really help in some cases and not in others? she could not advise me and told me it was my decision to make. so need to do some thinking over the weekend.
  14. hi maybelline, i have printed off stuff from nas and showed them and its just been ignored. just wrote another letter the the school governers not as nice as the one lol thanks for your support
  15. hiya all, my boy been excluded again today for half a day, a support teacher grabbed him by the arm the he swore at her. school knows that my boy deplores physical contact. they have not investigated why he swore and straight away rang me at work. i have hold the school i was looking for another school and the head told me that all schools would exclude him for swearing???
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