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  1. I Think they 33 days in which to give a responce back to the court from my defence other wise its stayed? is this correct. Mark
  2. Hi Paul everyone this is the responce i got to my defence, direct from halifax. any suggestions on what to do next? Mark http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc90/bandyandstrange/responcefromhalifax.jpg
  3. Hi this cca was recieved today from bank of scotland, the front was the origonal image as in the first post photo , the reverse was terms and conditions photo copied onto the rear to look like 1 document crafty the form numbers at the bottom do not match also the fatal floor is where it reads at the top "this is a copy of your agrrement to keep. it includes a notice about your cancellation rightswhich you should read" whats it doing on the back of the application form? can any one help? http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc90/bandyandstrange/ccahalifax.jpg regards mark
  4. Defence now sorted and was filed sunday bos now have 33 days in which to reply to it will let everyone know what happens. Gwyther i have asked 3 times now for my CCA they sent me back the same copy of application everytime, i know they have no more as i filled in that application in at airport to get some free debenhams vouchers there and then, thought no more of it and as if by magic the card arrived that was it. Mark
  5. this is what ive managed to find out so far which means the document is unenforcable need help in setting it out. S59(1) consumer Credit Act 1974 comes into play here as its an application to enter into future credit and as such is void in addition s60 & 61 of CCA 1974 are relevant as they set out that the document must include the prescribed terms and signed in the prescribed manner which this document doesn't contain any of. S127(3) would prevent a court from enforcing this document. Mark
  6. Hi i have been taken to court and need some help in filing my Defence From halifax HBOS they say that they have a valid Credit agreement i have CCA'd them and all they have returned to me is an application form as per link below the terms and conditions are missing and this is not a valid credit agreement is there any one that can help me file a defence as the moderator that was helpin me has gone away for a few days my defence needs to be in by monday comming but i am away from tonight until then so ideally i need to get it filed today. any help would be greatly appreciated Mark Image of halifax cca - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  7. Hi paul, sorry to be a pain would it be possible to sort a defrnce by thursday evening as i have to go away away thursday night untill monday 9th june pm when defence is due by, Regards Mark
  8. Hi paul, it needs to be filed by the 9th of june confirmed by the court. Mark
  9. hi paul i will check with the court in the morning and let you know many thanks for getting back to me. Mark
  10. Does anyone have any ideas on how i can write my defence on this one? regards Mark
  11. Hi paul, sent your letter and i have a responce from Hbos dated 20th may still waiting for copy of credit agreement and as for charges they have said they have ordered copy statements which will provide me with details of any charges incurred so far these along with the credit agrreement have not arrived i sent my requests 13th may! I will need to file my defence within the next few days can you help me with this? Regards Mark
  12. hi Paul, many thanks i will mail that to them only the claim form and responce pack no other documents, claimant is bank of scotland plc. should i send back the acknowledgement of service back before defence? Mark
  13. Hi Paul / everybody who has been following this, all has been quiet from halifax untill now have recieved a moneyclaim court summons here are the particulars of claim the claimanets claim is for £ xxxxx presently due pusuant to a credit agrrement entered into by the parties full particulars have been supplied hiherto, by an agreement dated xxxxx the defendent has an account number xxxxxxxx with the claimant, the defendant has failed to or delayed to adhere to the terms of the default notice issued by the claimant under the terms of the consumer credit act 1974 the balance due at 0// on said account is £xxxxx I would appreciate any help on a defence as there is no credit aggreement regards mark
  14. just a question how much would an 8k debt be brought by a Dca for? m
  15. Just recieved another letter from blair oliver scott today looked like a payslip with tear off edgesetc saying important do not ignore this please contact us as a matter of urgency!!! dated 5 days after the origional letter im firing off the letter from CB to them today. M
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